Ford Sync Black Screen Of Death Fix Like a Pro

The ford sync black screen of death fix is not so tuff. The function may have fused for some reason. Replacement, software update, or may need to be reset.

If you can diagnose the exact cause, it can be fixed easily. Selecting the main issue is better right now, so check out our discussed fixing ways.

Let’s see which the reason for taking away your peace is.

My Ford Sync Black Screen Of Death Fix: Possible Reasons With Solution

There are 4 common reasons for the quick fixing method mentioned here in the table. Let’s decide which reason can solve the problem.

Possible ReasonsSimple fixes
Bad cablesTighten the wire or replace it.
Frozen conditionReboot.
Problematic displayRecover or replace
Zero power unitReduce defects or reset

Ford sync screen can enhance the power & performance of the vehicle in drive. It helps control the voice command like audible text messages, videos, music, checking the map, and more.

Unfortunately, if you fall into any trouble the car helpfully sends a notification of a 911 number. That’s why some can face sync function issues.

Bad Cables

Ford sync black screen has gone out or shown upon death. The cables also link to the four conductors that control the connection & protocol interface for generating power. The APIM can create its flaws.

Wrong LVDS cables can make a low voltage or loose connection that falls into a signal receiving problem. So be aware of these options of software malfunction.

You can see the burn or worn fuse, and you should replace it without delay. After attaching a new one, you will get the actual sync screen.

When you upgrade all of the options, it helps fix a lot of bugs. It is important to tighten these cables or change them. Otherwise, Go to the Dealership.

Frozen Condition

The ford edge black screen of death may be while moving or off mode of the vehicle. Climate, nave, and radio are likely to go away when the sync turns black. The touch screens are responsible for the frozen condition in some critical situations.

You may forget to charge it unconsciously in that case. So the plugin takes almost 6 hours to animate. The vehicle’s audio system may expect a factory reboot.

PWR and “next track” buttons can be updated simultaneously for a 5-second reboot if you see this unsuccessful attempt wait 5 minutes to again “Reboot”.

Problematic Display

One user was complaining,

“My front display module has no views because of a bad display that shows a dead black screen. How to fix black screen on ford edge?”

Are you facing the same?

The display module is also known as FDIM. If you run the old model ford truck, FDIM may not normally connect to the CAN network. The system can conduct communication and play a good role in the transferring period.

Sync display turns on black, blue, or blank features when it fails in notifications. It may occur for many defects, so first, check the possible complex fault options or replace them.

Zero Unit Power

Is your 2021 Ford Edge screen went black? The system may not lead properly. The Sync screen unit is completely dead if it gets zero power from USB ports.

It is not a common issue, you can check the fuse box. Please wait for some minutes to get it correct for the run in this step. It will be perfect in drive instead of the automotive reset procedure.

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So rechecking all linking options with reset is also essential in this case. The alternative is easy to press the power button with preface seek in the meantime that is again refreshing mode for a start.

The process also takes 10 to 15 seconds. It will work like a miracle if you are lucky.

How To Reset Ford Sync When Screen Is Black?

After checking, you will get some parts that seem unusable. That’s why we will reset to stabilize the power. The method will be completed before taking it to the dealership.

Surprisingly you can also get a new look to make it work. Okay! Let’s start…

Sync 3 Reset

Disconnect the battery for minutes to get it in new condition before rebooting the system. Now, it needs to take a factory reset step to improve the improper function & menus.

Sync 3 reset option is in the main menu so try to update from this. If you do not get the expected result, repeat the process that brings a better outcome.

The procedure also upgraded & recovered the sync feature but did not delete the previous data from the collector in the operation period.

Master Reset

You can also take another reset step for recovering it differently. But in this step, you will lose the previous collecting data, although it gets a usable one. Be aware of the vehicle’s whole controlling system.

  • Start to press the setting from the menu option, then go to the master reset. Then reset on the factory default.
  • The sync display will open & off for some minutes in this situation.
  • Disable the Bluetooth options that are helping to protect from failure all data from your phone.
  • Identify the phone button on the center stack to make it easier to navigate the main menus with a quick tuning dial.
  • Then enable the Bluetooth option for adding the device feature.
  • Now scroll down to get the settings option, then click OK. Search the “advance” of the same way for OK.
  • Select the “master reset” to confirm reset.
  • The sync system now dows factory reset in this way.
  • Then back up your device, and press OK.
  • Wait before you get out of the car to get the needed option properly.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I unfreeze my Ford SYNC?

The unfreeze condition can get back by rebooting or soft resetting. You can now press the power knob & next truck button to restart again. That’s enough! If it is not ok to wait 5 minutes to reboot again.

Why is my SYNC screen black?

An insufficient electrical connection mainly creates trouble. Otherwise, it may cause loose wire issues, zero power unit, previous screen issues, faulty fuse, and loss of ignition status.

Why is my touch screen black in my car?

The touch screen black defines a problematic screen on your car. If the faulty electric link-up is engaged on display, it will go black. It is at risk of exploding, so it is best to reboot & communicate with an expert in that case.

Wrap Up

Sync screen blacking is not pleasant as it harms the car’s performance. It will stop or turn off the radio, media, and notifications as soon as it turns black. We should be aware of the ford sync black screen of death fix.

You will reset, reboot, and apply generously. It’s better to avoid connection in this case. It will interrupt pedal or driving with reduced function power & speed in the drive.

So it would be best if you were alert during such an issue. If the results are not promising, then it is better taken to the dealerships.

However, when buying or attaching it be careful whether it is an old model or not. The awareness will serve as a bonus in the running car.

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