Rancho 5000 Vs 9000 | Key Differences You Shouldn’t Miss

What is the difference between Rancho 5000 and 9000 series shocks? Both types of shocks let your vehicle run smoothly; the most significant difference is the Rancho RS 9000 is more adjustable than the RS 5000, which is an essential OEM replacement shock in most cases.

Therefore, you shouldn’t consider only one factor regarding Rancho 5000 vs 9000. There are also some factors where you need to concentrate. However, we will explore more factors and some key differences of these ironic shock absorbers so that you can make a better choice while buying anyone for you.

Rancho 5000 Vs 9000 Table Comparision

FactorsRancho 5000Rancho 9000
PerformanceAppropriate for typical zones.Comparatively better performance containing smoother adjustment.
PriceAffordable price compared to other types of shocks absorbers.A bit more expensive compared to the RS 5000.
Size & LengthComparatively smaller length.A far better length compared to RS 5000.
Best UsagePerfect for towing and ensures comfortable highway rides.Usable on both on and off-road trucks pretty consistently.
WarrantyProvides you with the warranty on purchase.Ensures lifetime warranty.

We believe the column we have shown above makes sense to you regarding rancho 5000 vs 9000 shocks. These shock absorbers are essential to ensure the better movement of your car, truck, or other vehicles. Therefore, you have to choose the best shock for your vehicle to perform better.

Rancho is a well-known manufacturer that produces the best suspension for cars. Besides, the company has been continuing its operation for a long time. Choosing the best shock will be simpler if you briefly know the differences.

So, let’s explore the in-depth discussion between these two types of shocks.

Performance Comparison Between Rancho RS 5000 and 9000

It’s always important to know whether you are getting better performance from the shock absorber or not. The Rancho RS 5000 is pretty satisfying in this regard. It ensures a twin-tube body that properly allows the hydraulic force to move through the valve.

You will probably have comfortable highway rides with the help of the Rancho RS 5000 model of shock.

Besides, if we talk about off-road driving, the Rancho 5000 will provide you with the best performance in almost every environment.

As mentioned above, you will have a much better performance with the Rancho RS 9000. The reason behind this is the Rancho 9000 is more adjustable and smoother than the RS 5000. The Rancho shocks 9000 has some essential features like; 9 positions turning technology and stuff, making the shocks even more beneficial.

Size & Length Of Rancho RS 5000 and 9000

Piston length is one of the most prominent shocks. However, you will probably have a measurement of 35 mm diameter with the Rancho 5000, which is pretty satisfying. On the contrary, you will have a longer diameter of about 60 mm with the Rancho 9000 regarding the piston.

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Here we can see the daylight difference between the two types of shocks regarding piston length. If we look at the dimensions, the Rancho 9000 also defeats the 5000. You will get a dimension length of 21 inches with the Rancho 5000. It will be pretty good for your vehicle if you have a good shock length.

However, the Rancho 9000 will provide you with a dimension length of 24×3.3×3.3 inches. This is one of the exact reasons why the Rancho RS 9000 is more adjustable and smoother.

Best Usage Between Rancho 5000 vs 9000 Shocks

If you are not satisfied with the product you intend to buy, you should avoid that. However, you will perform better with the rancho shocks 5000 because of reasonable towing. It will provide you with a twin-tube body essential for better flexibility.

But if we talk about the off-road situation, you may go with the Rancho RS 9000 because it has a pretty good adjustment knock. We are not saying that the Rancho RS 5000 is terrible as we have access to the shock.

It doesn’t matter what horrible track you choose to drive your jeep; the Rancho RS 9000 will provide you with the best results. It will be able to adjust the setting according to the roads.

Warranty of Rancho RS 5000 vs 9000

You will get a limited warranty with the Rancho RS 5000 whereas a lifetime warranty with the Rancho 9000. The warranty issue is one of the most significant factors choosing one from these suspensions. You will get a limited 1-year warranty of purchase with RS 5000.

Price Difference of Rancho 5000 vs 9000 Shocks

There is a significant price difference between the Rachco 5000 and the 9000 shocks. However, there are some valid cases too why the Rancho 9000 is much more expensive than the 5000.

You will probably get some additional benefits regarding the 9000 shock. Most of these are; manually adjustable ride control, suitable for both on and off-road conditions, Polyurethane bumper rebounding, and stuff.

If you want to purchase the Rachoo 5000, you have to pay around $60. On the other hand, if you’re going to go with the 9000 series, you have to pay much more, and the amount will be nearly $120. Now, it’s entirely up to you whether you are willing to pay a lot considering that budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between Rancho RS5000 and RS5000X?

There are some internal differences between the Rancho 5000 and Rancho 5000x. However, the most significant difference is you will have almost double piston length with the Rancho RS 5000x. Besides, you will find comparatively smoother up and down cycling with RS 5000x. You can consider the Rancho RS 5000x is an upgraded version of Rs 5000 with gas-charged.

How good are Rancho 9000 shocks?

Satisfying and the Rancho shocks have been very popular among users for a long time. A wide length and the adjustment feature make it even more effective for the users. Though the price is a bit expensive, you will probably get the best services.

Is Bilstein shocks better than Rancho?

There are a lot of controversies out there. But we don’t think the Bilstein is better than the Rancho. Though both the shocks will provide you with the best performance, you will lower gas pressure with the Rancho. It makes the Racho so effective. Besides, if you have concerns with the budget, you should choose Rancho.

Final Words

Now, you have concluded, and you may be wondering about the last time regarding Rancho 5000 vs 9000. However, we have presented all the possible factors in front of you here. If you are not willing to pay much, you must go with the Rancho 5000.

On the other hand, if you are very concerned about the different horrible tracks, you should choose the Rancho 9000. The Rancho 9000 will beat the 5000 for a more robust frame if we talk about durability. What are you thinking now?

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