Fram Vs Mobil 1 Oil Filter? Which One Is Better For Your Engine?

What is the difference between Fram and Mobil1 oil filters? The main noticeable difference is the number of media filter pleats, where Mobil1 wins in most cases. However, both are high-quality oil filters and work great.

In this article, we discuss Fram VS Mobil 1 oil filter for your marvelous car engine! Moreover, we are going to point out all the important differences that you should know between these two brands. And then, it would be easy for you to choose the most suitable one for your car.

Fram Vs Mobil 1 Oil Filter

First of all, we’d start by adding a table that depicts the differences between Fram synthetic oil filter vs Mobil 1.

FactsFram Oil FilterMobil 1 Oil Filter
O-ringIt has small indentations but it is not that strong.It has bigger indentations, and it is quite strong to hold and fit.
LouversNo louvers but holesLouvers included in the metal core
Inlet holesThe inlet holes are bigger.The inlet holes are smaller.
Media pleats31 pleats with a metal crimp seam.67 pleats with a glute seam.
Filtration number20 microns30 microns

Both  Fram and Mobil have a protection period of up to 1 year or 20,000 miles. And whether it is Fram Tough guard Vs Mobil 1 oil filter, they claim to have dirt removal efficiency of up to 99%. Let’s talk about the differences in detail:


Fram comes with an O-ring containing four threads. Besides, it has small indentations to fit in. However, the O-ring is not quite strong to hold and fit. It might get sloppy or fall apart.

On the other hand, the O-ring of Mobil is comparatively better with a lot more indentations in a bigger size.


Fram includes eight oval-shaped holes as well as an internal metal core inside with holes. Mobil also has 8 inlet holes on a silicon drain valve. But this one includes metalcore with louvers.


The Mobile filter weighs 11.8 ounces. In comparison, Fram weighs 11.2 ounces which is a little lighter. However, the weight doesn’t affect the performance, so rest assured.

Base Plate

The base plate of Mobil weighs 6.4 ounces, and Fram weighs 3.9 ounces. This is because the Mobil is thicker so its weight is heavier. Plus, there are extra threads compared to the Fram.

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Moreover, the inside of Mobil has a silicon drain back valve that is comparatively bigger, and the design is different from Mobil.


The bypass is set for 16 to 28 psi. The design is basically a round circle that prevents it from collapsing. The bypass for Mobil is round, too but Fram has a slightly higher or beefier one. In that case, Mobil might collapse before Fram.

Media Filter Pleats

As for Mobil, there are 67 pleats on the glute seam. There is a synthetic blend media. Again, Fram has cellulose synthetic blend media with 31 pleats filter media and crimp metal seam.

If you compare the pleats of both, you’d see Fram has got beefier and larger ones, whereas Mobil got more pleats. Thus it gets to cover a lot of lengths. It also has got wire backing it up.

We also measured the pleats. The Mobil is 51 inches long, whereas Fram is 36 inches long. Fram has wire backing on it to the pleats, so it is shorter in terms of length.

Filtration Numbers

The filtration numbers are down to 20 microns. And in Mobil, it is down to 30 microns. That means Fram ultra will filter oil better than Mobil.

Outer Look & Price

There is a sticker on the Fram, whereas Mobil has no stickers. It uses paint on the bottle. And Fram costs around $10.97 while mobile costs around $9.97.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Mobil 1 oil filters good?

Definitely, why not?! Mobil 1 oil filters are great as they are able to remove bacteria up to 99%. Moreover, it claims to last for a year or 20,000 miles at most. Overall, it is very durable and very efficient in terms of filtering.

Are Mobil 1 oil filters worth the money?

If you are looking for an oil filter with top-notch/high-end quality. That efficiently filters dirt and bacteria from oil, then definitely Mobil 1 oil filters is worth every penny.

Are Fram oil filters good quality?

There is no doubt about the quality of Fram oil. It is able to filter oil successfully down to 20 microns. And the percentage is around 90% which is awesome.

Are FRAM Ultra synthetic oil filters good?

Definitely! Its users consider it as the best oil filter in the market. It is also durable so it leaves no question on the top-notch quality.

Where are mobil1 oil filters made?

Mobil1 oil filters are generally made in two stations. One is in Albion in Illinois and the other in Shelby Township in Michigan.

What Is For You?

Hope you have made up your mind whether Fram vs Mobil1 oil filter is important for your engine. If you are looking for a durable oil filter, go for Mobil 1 oil filter.

And if you are looking for an oil filter that gives you adequate oil flow, then the Fram would be the right one for you. Overall, both are effectively good for filtering oil and the performance is great overall.

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