AC Delco Vs Wagner Brake Pads- Find The Best One

What is the difference between ACDelco and Wagner brake pads? The main difference between is in riding performance in weather changes. AC Delco and Wagner are some of the other most reputed companies for brake pads. AC Delco and Wagner have more unique features.

We have researched and compared Ac Delco vs Wagner. This would help in understanding all the pros and cons beforehand.

 Let’s stop beating around the bush and commence the comparison in detail.

Comparing Key Points of AC Delco Vs Wagner Brake Pads

Key PointsAC DelcoWagner
Build QualityPremature wear & corrosion resistant, High QualityStops premature wear, braking power strong
DesignPremium partsSimple installation process
Durability75,000 miles or above24,000 miles to 75,000 miles
LongevityLast longer and has 24 months warrantyLasts long from 12 to 24 months on average
Dusting EqualityLower DustingLow Dusting
NoiseLow NoiseAlmost noise-free
CostBit expensiveBudget-friendly
Riding PerformanceBraking power in cold weather is a bit lowGreat Braking Power in any weather

Build Quality

AC Delco or Wagner brake pads both have a good build quality. For bond integrity, the friction material is molded at the backplate. This helps in less friction. All the organic formulas, ceramic and semi-metallic, are used for some vehicles to provide reliability and safety.

Wagner ceramic brake pads have a single-piece design. They use IMI technology to integrate the friction material. This helps in resisting friction.

And there is a backing plate and insulator just on the brake pad. This is made for selecting applications. 


AC Delco and Wagner brake pads both have front pads set. And both used OE products. Again, AC Delco uses premium shims to make it noiseless. Also, premium chamfers and slots are used to reduce braking harshness and vibration.

On the other hand, Wagner uses premium hardware. For selected applications, they use stainless steel. They also use zero copper formulation. This features OE25 friction formulation


Normally brake pads can wear out easily. But both the AC Delco and Wagner brands have guaranteed durability. AC Delco can run up to 75 thousand miles or above, and Wagner can run 24,000 to 75,000 miles. Ceramic brake pads are more durable than other types. They are extremely stable for use.

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AC Delco tested the SAE J2784 for durability. Wagner ThermoQuiet helped in enhancing durability and superior stopping power.


 Both last long compared to other brands. 24-month warranty AC Delco tested its brake pad to D3EA and SAE J2784 for its wear testing. This ensured ACDelco brake pads quality and longevity.

Wagner has a superior design formulation that removes heat to reduce friction. This helps in reducing brake fade. Also, this helps in stopping premature wear out and gives the product long life.

Dusting Equality

AC Delco is well known for its lower dusting feature. They have a ceramic formulation for low dusting.

However, Wagner is not behind in the dusting issue. They also created a lower dust feature.

Wagner brake pads have proprietary formulations to provide superior brake performance. Alongside, it helps in reducing brake dust and rotor wear. This makes the wheels cleaner. However, among both, Wagner has a better low dusting feature.


Both brands don’t have noise issues. On AC Delco, brake pads have stamped backplates. The backplates allow proper movement of the brake pad with the caliper to reduce noise as much as possible.

 Wagner also has a quieter operation. Friction in laser shape spreads the heat out. This heat helps with vibration and sound to dismiss noise. ThermoQuiet also helps in silent performance.

Riding Performance

AC Delco has a good riding performance. They are mostly noise and dust-free. They can do heavy-duty without wearing off fast. It can easily be installed, too.

Moreover, it lasts longer than other brands. But their braking power doesn’t work well in cold weather.

On the flip side, Wagner pads have fewer initial pads compared to other brake pads. And it helps in easy modulation in traffic. It has great braking power, especially in cold weather.

Moreover, it feels smooth because usually, no sound is created. The dust formation is really less so the wheel remains clean.


The cost difference between ACDelco brake pads vs Wagner is a lot.

ACDelco is a bit expensive. Wagner is much more budget-friendly compared to AC Delco. Though according to all the features their cost is definitely perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Wagner brake pads good quality?

Yes, Wagner brake pads are a good quality brand. Wagner is known as one of the best brake pads for its good performance on a low budget. They produce low dusting and noise with a longer lifespan. Wagner has the easiest installation process.

What brand of brake pads is best?

AC Delco, Wagner, power stop, and Bosch are the best brake pads brands. They give good performance compared to other brands. Also, these brands have low noise and dust production products. However, the best brand should be chosen according to your car’s needs.

Are AC Delco pads good?

Yes, AC Delco pads are really good. They are built to stop premature wear and corrosion. Ac Delco also tested with the AMP3 standard for ensuring its features. It is noise-free and produces low dusting. Also, it contains premium parts for smooth power.

Are Wagner ceramic brake pads good?

Yes, Wagner ceramic brake pads are good. Among all types of brake pads, the ceramic brake pad is the most comfortable to use. Ceramic brakes have a longer lifespan. Wagner ceramic brake pads are indeed good.


In a nutshell, among AC Delco Vs Wagner brake pads, choosing the best brand is difficult. Both of them are almost the same quality. However, there you should choose one according to your own preference and comforter.

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