265 Vs 285 Tires- Which One To Choose & Why?

Are you surfing for the best tire on the internet? That’s the reason you have come here. The most noticeable difference between the 265 and 285 tires is the height. You will probably get a slightly taller sidewall height with the 285 tires than 265.

However, there are also some differences when discussing the two types of tires. Besides, there are some stages where you will have some similarities too. Therefore, we will cover the facts you need regarding 265 vs 285 tires here. Let’s see!

265 Vs 285 tires Table Comparison

Key Points265 tires285 tires
SizeShorter diameter length than 285 tiresA bit longer diameter length.
PerformanceBetter performance with a higher load capacitySatisfying performance for on and off-road
DurabilityA strong tire with high durabilityPretty good durability too
Load CapacityGood load capacity suitable for almost all types of truckHigh load capacity
PriceRelatively low price than the 285 tiresExpensive compared to the 265

There are some controversies about choosing one of these two types of tires. However, we hope you start getting some ideas from the column. But, we want to present the comparison facts with an in-depth discussion here. Some of the physical appearances will be pretty much noticeable.

Furthermore, you can take a scale to measure some of the sizes (not necessary now). There are some differences in performance regarding 265 vs 285 truck tires.

Size Differences Between 265 vs 285 tires

Measuring tire sizes consist of many essential factors. However, there are some distinct differences that you will discover comparing the 265 and the 285 tires.

The first change that you will notice is the height. You will get a comparatively longer width size in millimeters with the 285. To be more specific, as you can see, there are around 20 millimeters gaps between these two tires.

Therefore, it will be better to identify the differences if we talk about the 265/75-17 and the 285/75-17. With the 265, you will have 32.65 diameter inches. On the other hand, 33.83 diameter inches with the 285.

Performance Compare to 265 vs 285 tires

Both two types of tires are well-known regarding performance. Besides, the 265 and the 285 are pretty familiar as well. However, some of the factors genuinely come into play when talking about performance.

Off-road Performance

The most significant benefit of having broader and longer tires is, it reduces the risk of touching the suspension of the road. If you pick the 285 over the 265, you will have a comparatively greater height. Besides, it will also help your vehicle keep enough distance from the mud and dust. You will be able to drive pretty consistently with the hill track.

Besides, you also can’t neglect the performance of 265 tires. It will provide you with the best performance even if the roads are pretty bad. But, the one thing that may inspire you to buy the smaller tires is you probably won’t find any sort of lack while driving. You may lose a bit of engine power driving with the 285.

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There are no significant differences in 265 vs 285 tires in snow. But, the narrower tires perform better than the wider tires. Hence, the 265 will win the race here.

Moreover, users have positive opinions when comparing these two types of tires in the snow.

265 vs 285 Tires MPG

Your tires have to be pretty economical in terms of fuel economy. The simple formula is that heavier tires reduce the fuel economy. As the 285 tires are heavier than the 265 tires, you may lose some MPG. Therefore, it also depends on the type of tire you are using. So, if you intend to upgrade your tire from 265 to 285, there will be some issues with MPG.

The durability of 265 vs 285 tires Silverado

When it comes to durability, you will have a favorable view of both types of tire sizes. However, size doesn’t have a pretty profound impact on durability. Instead, it depends on the quality of the tires. But, you should use the 265 with comparatively smaller vehicles. On the other hand, the 285 tires are suitable for all.

If you have concerns with the rainy seasons, the 285 tires will be a better choice for you. However, it ultimately depends on the type of grip the tire contains.

Load Capacity of 265 and 285 Tires

You will get enough satisfaction when it comes to the load capacity of these two types of tires. Both these tires are high performance regarding load capacity. However, the 265/70/R17  tires take around 3195 pounds. On the other hand,  the 285/70/R17 tires take 3195 pounds. So, there isn’t much difference in the load capacity.

But, you will feel a lot of ease while driving with the 285 regarding load capacity as the tires are a little bit bigger.

Price of 265 Vs 278 tires

The prices of these tires largely depend on the model. As we have seen a bit earlier, tires come in several sizes, and you have to pay different amounts of money for each tire. Besides, price ranges will also vary based on the manufacturer.

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However, because of the height, width, and stuff, you have to pay comparatively more for the 285 tires because of the height, width, and property. The amount will be around $299. The price will be a bit less if you choose the 265 tires.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are 33-inch tires the same as 285?

Yes, the 33-inch tires are the same as the 286 entirely. But, you have to know what the numbers mean. Well, the 33 inch is the diameter of the tires, whereas the 285 is the tire’s tread width in diameter. So, there’s no issue of feeling confused.

Are 265 tires the same as 33s?

The first thing you need to know is that both 265 and 33’s are different matrics. Here, 265 means the tire’s width in millimeters, and 33’s defines the overall diameter inch of the tires. If we talk about the 265/75/17, where 75 is the aspect ratio, and 17 is the rim diameter in inches, the 33s (32.65) will nearly be the same as 265.

What size tire is a 265?

It is a size code on the tires. Therefore, the 265 usually means the width of the tires in millimeters. On the other hand, if you have 265 or 285 tires, this means the width of the tires is 265 and 285 millimeters. Besides, you can simply measure the width using a scale or meter tape.

Final Words

You have been through the journey regarding 265 vs 285 tires. We know you badly want to upgrade your tires, and that’s why we have presented almost all the essential factors related to these two types of tires. Now, the choice is up to you!

If you have a comparatively bigger vehicle or truck, you may choose the 285. On the contrary, if you have concerns about the budget, make sure you go with the 265 tires. Therefore, when it comes to performance, there are no huge differences. So, which one will you prefer now?

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