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Ford F150 Starter Bolt Size: The Right One To Prevent Your Starter Walk!

What’s all the fuss about Ford F150 starter bolt size? Generally, Ford F-150 generations use a random bolt pattern of 6 x 135-mm, a middle point bore of 87.1-mm, long nuts, and a thread size of M14 x 2.0 that requires 204 Nm of force to tighten.

But, that isn’t the whole story. Here, we’ll discuss the bolt size of the Ford F150 and other related questions extensively. 

Ford F150 Bolt Starter Size

American, Asian, GM, or Chrysler manufacturers use different bolt sizes categories. For example, American manufacturers usually launch some random bolt sizes within 13-mm to 19-mm. Similarly, Ford manufacturers apply American regular bolt sizes in their starters.

Take a glance at the table to learn about the bolt sizes:

Ford Starter BoltBolt Size
1995 Ford F150 Starter Bolt Size6x135mm x 87.1mm x M14x2.0
1990 Ford F150 Starter Bolt Size5×5.5 x 87.1mm x 1/ 2”
2000 Ford F150 Starter Bolt Size5×135 x 87.1mm x M14x2.0
1998 Ford F150 Starter Bolt Size5×135 x 87.1mm x M12x1.75
2005 F150 Starter Bolt Size6×135 x 87.1mm x M14x2.0
2004 F150 Starter Bolt SizeM8- 1.25 X 40 mm
2001 Ford F150 Starter Bolt Size5x135mm x 87.1mm x M14x2.0mm
2008 Ford F150 Starter Bolt Size7x150mm x 87.1mm x M14x2.0mm
Ford 289 Starter Bolt Size9.52mm X 38.1mm  X 50.8mm

Tricks To Find The Right Size Starter Bolt

Undoubtedly, the starter is one of the essential parts of your Ford F150. But, people often end up with the wrong bolt’s size. If you use the wrong bolt, it’ll eventually fall out.

Keep in mind the following tips while selecting the starter bolts for your vehicle-

  • You may find the correct bolt size, but the bolt’s threads don’t fit the hole it moves in. The cables will be permanently damaged, though you can get them in the spot after giving enough force. Stay away from this type of bolt.
  • Choose the one that easily fits into the starter. Avoid any bolt that needs to place forcefully. Otherwise, no other bolts will be able to move back in.
  • Check out if the bolt is cross-threaded. You don’t want it to fall back anyway.
  • Don’t fall in love with the larger bolts, as they won’t even match.
  • Make sure the bolts match the thread pitch, diameter, and length of the original bolts’ grade.

Though the bolt size varies for different models’ years, a standard bolt size is available in maximum speed shops or parts stores. And that is 3/ 8” – 16 X 1-1/ 2” using a 1/ 2” wrench.

Where is the Starter Ford F150 Location?

A starter’s primary role is to start your vehicle. It interconnects the flywheel to turn over the engine on the transmission.

You’ll find the starter located at the lower engine blocks of the passenger side beneath the truck. It remains tied with the battery towards the bell housing transmission. Also, you can find it by tracing the red cable that connects the battery with the starter.

How Much Is A Starter For Ford F150?

The price range of a starter is based on several factors such as model, make, and whether it’s a new one or rebuilt. Also, there’ll be extra labor charges with the estimated price if you take the help of a professional mechanic.

If you’re looking for a new F150 starter, you have to pay between $100 and $300. And the approximate cost of replacing a Ford f150 starter is somewhat between $350 and $370.

Plus, related parts prices are from $243 to $268, and estimated labor costs are between $80 and $ 90. However, all these price ranges don’t influence your location or specific year model and don’t include fees and taxes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What size are the bolts on a starter?

All Ford F150 generations follow a standard bolt figure of 6×531” x 3.42” x M14x2.0mm. And, you would need a 150lb-ft of force to tighten the bolts. However, this size pattern may change according to Ford’s generation.

What size bolts are on a 2006 f150 starter?

On Ford F-150 2006, you can use bolts of 6x135mm, with a center bore of 87.1mm and thread size of m14x2.0. This is the common bolt size range that you’ll find in maximum aftermarket shops.

What size bolts does Ford use?

Ford uses regular American sizes of bolts on all generations. They like to throw a random bolt size between 16mm and 17mm and lug nuts within 19mm and 21mm.


Whether the bolt is long or short, both sizes will create problems with the starter. If they’re excessively long, they won’t tighten well or may end up falling out of place. On the other hand, you won’t be able to install the cut-short bolts on a starter.

Generally, a 6×5.31-inch bolt pattern with a 3.42-inch center bore and M14x2.0 thread size is the standard Ford F150 starter bolt size. Still, check out your specific generation’s size from our chart if you have confusion.

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