Service Trailer Brake System Pops Up? Know-How To Fix

Why does your truck keep saying service trailer brake system? Well, this indicates the damage to the wire harness between the body control modules.

On top of it, the service message frequently rings, which is a great distraction and keeps the driver away from doing his job peacefully. And it is not safe to drive the vehicle in those circumstances.

So, how do you fix the failed brake system issue? We have pointed out the probable reasons for a trailer brake system failure. Also, we have tried to give the solution for this particular problem. And lastly, we have linked the NHTSA complaint form below.

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Service Trailer Brake System Message: Easy Methods To Fix It

A trailer brake system of your pickup truck may fail when you have a defective electric brake. This is a common problem for the models like Silverado, Sierra, Tahoe, and Yukon as well.

The trailer brakes of a pickup truck help to brake smoothly. However, it is definitely not an alternative to your truck’s original brake system. When the trailer brake system warning pops up, your vehicle may have the following issues-

Possible ReasonsSolutions
The trailer brake control switch may have some issueYou may need to replace the control switch
Dust and dirt build up under the truck moduleYou may need to clean up the dirt
The trailer brake  relay may have some issueYou may need to replace the relay with a new one

So, what are the signs that indicate a faulty trailer brake system? When the trailer brake system warning pops up, it may show the following traits or signs-

2 Possible Solutions to the Trailer Brake Servicing Problem

Now, what could be the possible solution to these problems? As we proceed to fix the brake system failure, the given quick fixes can be the resolution for your trailer brake system problem-

Solution 1: Replace The Trailer Brake Control System

First, check on the trailer brake control system to see if it’s functioning properly or not. On the side panel of your truck, you will see the towing dashboard, which basically controls the trailer brake, also known as the trailer brake control system. If it is broken, replace it with a new one.

It is easy to replace the controller. Open the side panel. Then remove the broken controller. Replace it with the new one. And close the panel.

Solution 2: Clean And Replace The Trailer Brake Control Module Of 2014 Silverado

If you want to service trailer brake system Chevy Silverado 2014, you need to find where the problem actually is.

Note: Do not push yourself too much to turn off service trailer brake system. This could be a manufacturing issue as well, for which the producer of the vehicle is responsible. Therefore, you can take legal action against the manufacturer.

What Legal Actions To Take When You Get A “Service Trailer Brake System” Message?

When you get the trailer brake system warning on Tahoe or on any of your trailer vehicles, and you know that it is not a functional issue, know that it could be a manufacturing thing.

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It is important to file a complaint to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) against the faulty vehicle company. To do so, document the issue by taking pictures and videos. Then go to the NHTSA website and make a written complaint along with the documentation.

Since this might happen due to a defective wire harness, complaining to the NHTSA would make it easier to notify the GM authority about this issue and fix it with a priority. Moreover, GM may pay us back for their defective system. You can report  for the safety of trailer brake system to the NHTSA. You should also make a BBB complaint if you have some spare time and feel the urgency like us.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Reset Service Trailer Brake System?

To reset your trailer brake system, you need to follow a series of steps. First of all, plug in the trailer wiring harness and the brake controller to calibrate. On the dashboard, go to Personal Settings and set it to Maximum Output. Then adjust the trailer sensitivity stage as per your need and activate the brake manually. I hope this helps to reset your trailer brake system.

What Does A Service Trailer Brake System Mean?

“Service Trailer Brake System” when this message appears on your car dashboard, it means you need to repair the electric brake system of your pickup truck.

What Would Cause My Trailer Brakes To Stop Working?

The reasons your trailer brake system may not be working can be many. However, the most common reasons are- low amperage and voltage, open wire, burned fuse, broken or misplaced wires, broken connection, poorly functioning controllers, cables, or resistors, etc.


“Service Trailer Brake System” message shows up on the screen when there is a breach in the trailer brake system. It could be a functional problem or a manufacturing problem. It could be a little difficult to figure out what and where the problem is.

Therefore, use your instinct to understand the problem, find the right place, and fix that one first. We would suggest checking out both solutions one by one. Also, check the wires and fuses if there is a bad connection.

And lastly, contact your dealer. If it is a new car, it may be covered under a servicing warranty which may save you a lot of bucks plus hassle.

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