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Ford Explorer Door Latch/Lock Diagram

Before giving you the ford explorer door lock diagram, we’d like to point out where the things are located. The ford explorer door latch location is right inside the door on the driver’s side. Now without wasting any time, let’s just dive into the latch assembly ford explorer door lock diagram.

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Ford Explorer Door Latch/Lock Diagram

The ford explorer door latch diagram won’t be enough. Understating the parts and their purpose is necessary, so here comes that next.

A Refers to Exterior Door Handle 

The part stays for both functional and aesthetic reasons. You see the external door handles have a mechanism quite similar to any hinge. It helps for opening as well as closing doors.

B Refers to Handle Outside Cap 

This is a plastic-made cover that stays over the outside handle. So that users can enjoy easy hold and grip.

C Refers to Door Lock Cylinder 

This is the body of the lock. And it needs to hold the key that gets inserted. Also known as a key cylinder. To engage or disengage the lock, the pins get adjustments through it. the key turns inside of the lock cylinder whenever the user unlocks the front door. And that’s how it works.

D Refers to Handle Base

The car cabin enters and existing happens through this part, door handles. And the base is just to keep the handle secured on it.

E Refers to Door Latch Assembly

The ford explorer door lock spring-loaded bolt is what we call latch assembly. And it goes without saying that the ford explorer door latch assembly is basically the heart of the doorknob. There is a spring clip that the latch bolt or the spring bolt uses.

So that the bolt can get pushed outward. And it enters a doorframe situated hole that way. This whole mechanism helps in holding the door closed. The door is there for opening whenever the bolt completely retracts from the doorframe.

F Refers to Door Lock Actuator Motor

This part of the ford explorer door lock is an electric motor that is necessary for another behind the scene mechanism. It is in charge of locking or unlocking the doors. And this happens through a simple push of a button. The part is a power door-lock actuator.

G Refers To Lock Cylinder

The lock cylinder rises a valuable part of the entire locking mechanism of the vehicle. This just does not protect you and your family when inside the vehicle.

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But also, the part has the responsibility of keeping the vehicle safe. The driver or passenger side door receiving a turning key basically will lock or unlock the latch mechanism where this part also participates.

H Refers To Door Lock Actuator Motor Seal

Another cruel part of the door lock of ford explorer. This is for keeping the door lock actuator motor sealed. And this is to make sure the ford explorer door lock actuator works with the most security backing it up. The sealer stays inside the door frame bolted by the door latch.

I Refers to Door Cylinder Operating Rod

A sleek metal door is necessary for the cylinder’s locking mechanism to work fine. And this is basically called the door cylinder operating rod, referred to as I in the diagram.

J Refers To Door Handle Link

It’s a part that connects with the door handles and it looks like the alphabet ‘J’. This is a metal-made mechanism and it’s pretty small in size.

K Refers to Door Lock Operating Rod

This is a spindle-like part of the door latch of ford explorer. It connects both the doorknobs or door handles residing on either side of the door. The latch tongue or latch bolt is retracted by it so that the door can be opened.

L Refers to Door Lock Striker Plate 

The striker plate is for the door strikers and it prevents any wear on the door when one shuts it or opens it several times every day. It is made of hardened metal. And another job of striker plates making sure the vehicle door is held in place with the hinge pins worn.

M Refers to Door Lock Striker Plate Screw

There are some screws that need to be there for the door lock Stricker plate. These are the M referred screws.

N Refers to Door Hinge Upper

The door needs to connect with the upper frame. And upper hinges are necessary for that purpose. It is hardware that plays the pivot point for both opening and closing doors. This is a very important part of all types of doors.

O Refers to Upper Door Hinge Bolt 

The bolts for the upper door hinge come with a specific design that avoids the door from getting lifted on the upper side of the hinges. It can prevent hacksawing with hardened-steel construction. Hinge bolts are super essential for any outward opening door.

P Refers to Door Hinge Lower

To attach the door to the lower frame, the lower hinges are used. And this one also plays the pivot point for closing and opening doors. It’s again a very important part of the whole structure.

Q Refers to Lower Door Hinge Bolt 

Similar to the upper door hinge bolt, this one also prevents any lifting of the door from the lower side hinges. It also avoids hacksawing for similar construction like the upper door hinge bolt. And works for outward opening doors.

R Refers to Door Hinge Pin and Bushing Kit

The hinge pin stays right in the middle of the hinge. And it works for allowing any sort of shutting or opening motion.

It is a cylindrical metal piece that makes user both arms of the hinge are held together. And the holding must be in such a way that free pivoting around the pin is possible for the arms.

The latch holds the door close. But to lock them in place there is a rubber bushing that allows sliding over with a bracket.

S Refers to Door Check 

To avoid forceful opening and slam shutting there’s a mechanism, people call it door check, door stays, or even door brake. This part will slow down once you shut the door.

And that way there’s no hard bang against the frame causing any damage. The opening distance of the vehicle also faces limitations by the part to some extent.

T Refers to Door Check Bolt 

The door check bolt stays on the door and it is a connecting device. This will let the vehicle stop and hold the door for a specific interval when you are trying to open it.

U Refers to Keyless Entry Keypad 

It is a part that stays on the driver’s side door. This lets the user use a code as a key for unlocking the vehicle. And the whole keyless entry becomes available due to this part.

V Refers to Door Wiring Harness 

To provide a consistent power supply for the sliding door this wire harness is used. And it attaches to the sliding door.

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The connection between the sliding door and The vehicle is maintained at all times through the wire. And this is true for even door-open scenes.

How To Turn the Ford Explorer Automatic Door Lock On/Off?

As you start to accelerate the vehicle, it will automatically lock all the doors. That’s what the Ford vehicle autoblock feature is all about and it’s great for the most part.

This works specifically for the time when the vehicle has reached a certain speed. As soon as the vehicle gets to speed, the doors are automatically locked and the whole ride becomes super safe.

This setting can also allow auto unlocking of the door as soon as the engine is off. And you open the door on the driver’s side.

It’s definitely a safety feature that is super convenient for a number of reasons. However, if you need to reset the feature, there are a few steps for that.

  • You need to start with accessing the programming mode. Press on the unlock door to the button of your vehicle a total of three times. Make sure the vehicle is on before that.
  • Then you need to turn the vehicle off. And again, press three times the same unlock button.
  • Now if your turn the vehicle on, there should be a beeping noise or in some cases a chirp-like sound. This indicates the programming mode was successfully accessed.
  • Now you are ready to run the auto-locking feature on or off. For that, you again have to press the unlock button of the door and then install press the lock button.
  • A horn-like sound shall come out which indicates turning off the auto-locking feature. However, with double honk sounds, the auto-lock feature will be turned on.
  • To change the auto-lock feature on or off, press the lock button and then the unlock button. And again, you can determine if it’s on or off through the honking sound that we just were talking about.

Some people consider not being able to turn on or off the auto-lock as one of the ford explorer door lock problems but it’s really not. You just need to know the relatively simple steps for customizing the feature for your preference.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you get into a locked Ford Explorer?

You could be facing one of the common ford explorer door lock problems of not being able to unlock it but needing to instantly. One way is using a string end to slide through the corner and try moving it in a back-and-forth motion.
So that the knot can slide over the doorknob. As it gets in place, get the string out by pulling it and this shall tighten as well as pull up for an unlocked position. Now, this is not a way that guarantees to work. You better consider getting help from an expert who can quickly come and get it unlocked for you.

Why do my automatic door locks stop working?

There can be several reasons for it happening. But mostly power door lock fails to function due to a linkage issue, wiring problem, bad solenoid, or failed switch that has affected the door. Fuse box inspection can lead to a more specific reason behind the door lock’s failure. The circuit residing fuse could be blown.

How do you set the lock on a Ford Explorer?

If you have to reprogram a keyless entry pad for the Ford Explorer then first find out the factory code from the manual that was given by the manufacturer.
Within 5 seconds, you need to press the 1-2 button and then instantly enter the code (which should be a 5 digit, something you won’t forget soon) and it will get stored by the Explorer.

Wrapping Up

So, we are finally done giving you a whole guide including the ford explorer door lock diagram, discussion on the parts, and the process of manipulating the auto-lock feature along with answering some of the common questions.

Hope It Helped!

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