P2112 Ford F150 Error Code (Know Cause, Symptom, And Solution)

Do you understand why the p2112 ford f150 error code happens? It happens due to several causes like the failure of the throttle actuator or position sensor or open or short wiring harness. Some other internal faults are responsible for causing these issues.

Most commonly p2112 error code occurs for faulty throttle actuator control systems. This control system is used to control airflow regulation to maintain the engine power. It’s essential to understand the causes and their symptoms to decide its fixing process.

Let’s dive in.

P2112 Ford F150

Check out why this code can trigger-

Open Or Short Wiring HarnessEngine Shows no or less power
Failed Throttle ActuatorStalling Or Stopped Engine
Bad Throttle Actuator Electrical ConnectionMisfire Or Stalling Engine
Throttle Position Sensor FailureOn Engine Light
Throttle Plate Stuck Or ClosedEngine Can Stop

Open Or Short out Wiring Harness

When the engine shows less power or does not show any power, it indicates a wiring harness issue. The first thing that needs checking is for an open or short wiring harness.

All the wire of the throttle actuator control is inside the harness together. Metal brackets in the engine can come in contact with the wiring harness. This can result in shorting out the harness.

 If the harness is melted or burned, then it needs replacing. Open the harness and fix short or open wires using electrical tape. Take the help of a professional if more than two wires are problematic.

Failed Throttle Actuator

The most common symptom of a failed throttle actuator is a stopped engine. This can also be responsible for poor fuel economy for code p2112 ford f150 Ecoboost. Internal contamination is the main reason for a failed throttle actuator. It causes the throttle valve to stop moving and harms the air supply.

Dirt and debris stored inside the actuator need deep cleaning. To fix it, open the throttle body and clean it properly. Make sure to check the inflow of air after putting everything back in place.

Bad Throttle Actuator Electrical Connection

When the engine misfires or stalling happens it reflects a bad electrical connection in the throttle actuator. This can send wrong information and cause a faulty air-fuel mixture.

It’s a bit critical to fix a bad throttle electrical connection point yourself. Take it to a professional as it’s necessary to fix the point soon. 

Throttle Position Sensor Failure

Turning on the engine light on the dashboard indicates throttle position failure. When the car computer identifies sensor failure, it signals the driver. However, lights on can indicate other issues too.

When fuel consumption is high, rough acceleration speed and the engine can result when the throttle position sensor fails.

Don’t fix the position sensor if there are other issues with your vehicle. So, it is best to immediately replace the whole sensor to avoid future issues.

Throttle Plate Stuck Or Closed

The malfunctioned throttle body can result in a stuck or closed throttle plate. Also, its common symptom is a stopped engine, or the engine is running slowly.

When the throttle plate is stuck, it will intake excess air inflow disrupting other parts. And a closed throttle plate won’t even allow the needed air to flow inside. In both cases, the engine won’t run.

Inp2112 ford f150, 5.4 throttle plate can be stuck or closed due to an incorrect angle. This can also happen for debris or dirt build-up on the throttle plate. So to fix it, clean the plate from all sides properly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I fix error code P2112?

You can fix error code P2112 by repairing or replacing the failed parts. P2112 means an issue within the throttle actuator. First, replace or fix the wiring harness, body actuator, and position sensor. Then check for the electrical connection point. If its condition is bad then replace the point. Lastly, check for the throttle body plate. If it is sticking to the side, make sure to unstick it to fix the p2112 ford code.

How do you reset the throttle body on a Ford F150?

For resetting the throttle body on a Ford F150 you need to turn on and off the key. To fix the p2112 ford f150 code throttle body needs restarting. Firstly, turn off the engine and depress the gas pedal slowly. Make sure to depress it all the way down. And release the pad as soon as possible. At last turn on the engine. Repeat this process at least 3 to 4 times for a proper reset of the throttle body.

How much does it cost to replace a throttle actuator control system?

It cost around $489 to $600 to replace a throttle actuator control system. The throttle actuator parts are mainly expensive. It costs around $400 to $500 max. And the labor cost to replace it depends on the area you are fixing it from. However, it is around $85 to $110 on average. This range can exceed according to your location’s vehicle model, current tax, and fee rate.


In a nutshell, every common issue and symptom of the P2112 Ford f150 is discussed all here. After discovering your problems, you can make a better decision on how to fix the issue. If you don’t have much experience, it is recommended to seek help from a professional.

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