P00AF Cummins Code- We Explained 5 Causes+Fixing!

What is code P00AF? The code basically means issues with the turbocharger boost control module. This troubleshooting code may cause a lot of trouble for your vehicle. In particular, the code may occur on comparatively newer vehicles like Cummins.

First, however, we want to take you through some of the causes behind the P00AF code for Cummins and some highly noticeable symptoms. Then, we will dive into the section of the solutions so that you can get a complete package.

P00AF Cummins- Causes, Symptoms & Easy Fixes

Wait a bit and have a glance over all the possible problems first so that you can define what the exact issue is.

Defective boost control solenoidCheck the engine light turns on.
Wiring problemsLoss of engine power
Defective vacuum actuatorDifficulty shifting the car
Clogged catalytic converterExcessive oil consumption  
Failed turbochargerReduced engine performance.

Now, you have a short idea regarding the P00AF Cummins fix. You may notice different types of problems at a time. So, there may be several issues that cause the code to occur. The best job will be to diagnose the actual cause and move towards fixing the troubleshooting code.

Boost Control Solenoid Fault

If there is even a single issue with the boost control solenoid, you will get the code P00AF 6.7 Cummins. What the boost control solenoid does is measure the amount of boost pressure. So, if there is any defect, it can’t perform its task properly.

Therefore, it is essential to ensure the P00AF turbocharger boost control module performance. If you allow this problem to happen continuously with the turbocharger, it may damage the motor and the turbo.

Solution: You need to fix the defective boost control solenoid in this regard. So, we recommend you clean the boost control solenoid first in this regard to get the trouble code fixed. If the problem still remains the same, you need to replace the boost control solenoid vehicle.

Wiring Problems

Sometimes, it happens that there are some issues with the wiring. The wire may be burnt, damaged, or shorted for issues. Therefore, you may notice a bad smell if the wire is burned. Besides, problems with the wires may reduce the engine power of your vehicle.

You will get to hear a leakage sound if the wire is damaged only if the engine of your vehicle stays on.

Solution: The most sustainable solution to this issue is to change the wire or cable. Yes, you can repair the pipe as well, but replacing the pipe will benefit you a lot.

A Defective Vacuum Actuator

It is common for a defective vacuum cleaner to cause problems regarding the P00AF code in your vehicle. If the vacuum actuator doesn’t work properly, the turbocharger will also not run. Therefore, it has a severe impact on the whole turbocharger boost control module performance.

Solutions: The best solution here will be to replace the defective or leaky vacuum actuator. Sometimes, there may be problems with the vacuum as well. Hence, you need to fix the issue too.

Clogged Catalytic Converters

If you notice excessive oil consumption in your vehicle, the clogged catalytic converter may be the cause. The actual duty of a catalytic actuator is to reduce the emissions from the engine. Therefore, it’s important to run the converter smoothly.

This problem may even cause the engine to misfire as well. So it needs to be solved ASAP. You may never want your vehicle’s engine to start hard, right? So, you need to fix the issue.

Solutions: One of the best things that you can do here is to remove and clean the clogged catalytic converter. Once it becomes clear, it will control the emissions properly and you will be able to resolve P00AF Cummins.

Failed Turbocharger

You can’t just deny the importance of a good turbocharger in your vehicle. So, if the turbocharger fails, It will irritate your engine and the overall car a lot. However, the turbocharger of your Cummins vehicle effectively powers up the combustion of the engine. Lack of oil is the most probable reason why the turbocharger goes bad.

Solutions: Once they make sure of the issue with the turbocharger, it’s time to fix it. You should take the steps based on the condition of the turbocharger. However, we recommend that you not change it directly. Instead, it will be better if you repair this with the help of the mechanics.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Does Code P00AF Mean?

Simply put, if there is some sort of problem with the Boost Control Module, If the boost control module identifies an error, it communicates with the PCM. Then the PCM stores the code, and you get to see it. Here, the “A” within the code refers to issues in the system circuit.

How Does A Turbo Electronic Actuator Work?

The main job of a turbo electronic actuator is to release the pressure of the boost module in turbochargers. Therefore, it diverts the gases away from the turbine wheel. It also regulates the speed of the compressor. The actuator’s spring plays a preeminent role, especially in controlling the boost pressure by allowing the gas to escape.

What is a boost control solenoid?

Generally, a boost control solenoid monitors the amount of pressure on the turbocharger or manifold. It’s essential to measure the amount of boost in a turbocharger. Therefore, the boost control solenoid plays a decent role here. It affects the air pressure delivered to the wastegate actuator. Hard acceleration is caused by the failure of the boost control solenoid.

Final Words

Here are all for you about the P00AF Cummins. You can’t just let the code go. Instead, you should try to fix the issues so that you can have a better driving experience. It will be one of the worst decisions of your life if you continuously drive your vehicle without fixing the issues.

The first and foremost thing anyone like you needs to do is to identify the actual causes of the code. Once you know the causes, like any other fault code, you will be able to resolve the problem properly.

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