P0012 Ford F150: We Have Explained The Causes+ Easy Fixing!

What does p0012 Ford F150 mean? It indicates an issue with the incorrect camshaft valve timing. Well, the problem lies in the Intake Camshaft Position’s Bank 1, and there might be several reasons for this error code to pop up.

If the above conditions sound the same to you, stay with us till the end. We will share its causes and the symptoms that will let you determine the presence of this code, along with the suggested fixes.

P0012 Ford F150

We will start with a table showing the meaning, causes, and symptoms of p0012 code ford f150 5.0.

Don’t worry, and this table will be short and straightforward. Later, we will discuss the causes and how to fix this code for good.

Defective Camshaft Variable Timing SolenoidEngine Light remains on
Defective Camshaft Oil Control ValveFails to adopt idle speed
Engine TimingDecreased fuel economy
Low-level engine oilLoss of power at a noticeable rate
Dirty engine oilGets difficult to start the motor/engine
Wiring problemRattling/annoying sound coming from engine

Faulty Camshaft Variable Timing Solenoid

This is probably one of the main causes for the p0012 ford f150 5.41 code to show up in your scanner. Your car observes a major difference between its expected camshaft position and the actual camshaft position.

Either it remains in the retarded position or moves a step ahead of the maximum retard value. You need to replace it for the engine to operate smoothly.

Faulty Camshaft Oil Control Valve

In order to take a closer look at the Bank 1 Intake Camshaft Oil Control Valve to detect issues, remove the valve, supply power, and ground to the solenoid directly. Some jumper wires would make this task easier.

However, make sure not to leave the power for more than a couple of seconds. If the valve operates well enough, it will click, and you’d be able to notice that.

And if it fails to click, it means the valve is defective and needs replacement. You can check some repair shops to replace and fix this valve instantly.

Camshaft Engine Timing

If this camshaft position angle fails to sync with the crank, the engine timing gets inappropriate, and this code pops up. The Actuator Solenoid is likely to wear off over time.

However, if the engine timing is not properly synced with the camshaft position angle, you can rarely blame it all on the solenoid.

You need a proper diagnosis to detect the engine timing accurately, and this is where we’d recommend you seek professional help.

Low Engine Oil

If the engine oil is lower than the manufacturer’s estimated level for the engine, it might affect the operation of the actuator. It might fail to function smoothly.

Moreover, lower engine oil level leads to lower oil viscosity sometimes. In that case, it is crucial to check the oil level. If it turns out to be very low, you should adjust it to spec. Once you are done, have a test drive to check if it works all good.

Dirty Oil

Additionally, the same symptoms you may get when the oil is dirty First, check and ensure the reason.

The engine oil should not be entirely back but a slight tan color. Besides, it should be translucent and have a runny consistency instead of being sludgy.

If you notice that the oil turns back and has a thick slimy consistency, you need to replace it. Start with removing the oil cap/valve cover and ensure the presence of sludge in the valve train. If there is sludge that can lead clogs inside, you have to change the oil. In the worst cases, may need to change the oil tank totally.

Wiring Problem

The wiring that starts from the solenoid and goes all through to the ECM might get loose or even damaged due to short. If that happens, the engine will drive a poor performance to respond and connect. Thereby you get this code P0012.

In that case, find and fix the open or short wire. If needed, replace the wires.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to fix P0012?

If you take your ford engine to a repair shop, they might charge for diagnosis. In that case, it might cost you around $60-$150. However, some repair shops are generous enough, and they don’t charge for the diagnosis of the code. Repairing in those shops would cost you less.

What causes a p0012 code?

When the intake camshaft position on Bank 1 is over retarded than its set or determined value, it causes a p0012 code.

How do I fix the code P0012 on my Ford f150?

To fix the p0012 code on the ford f150, you can change the engine oil if it gets contaminated. You could also switch the engine timing and replace the intake camshaft solenoid as well as the oil control valve.


Hope you are clear by now about the p0012 ford f150 code. If the above solutions don’t work out in your case, don’t panic. Instead, call a professional and seek his repair. This is a common problem, so hopefully, a technician will be able to crack and fix this code easily.

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