P0345 Ford F150 Meaning, Reasons with Fixes- A Complete Package!

If your scanner shows the code p0345 ford f150, you must be wondering what it actually means? Well, this code shows that there is a problem in the Camshaft Position Sensor A on Bank 2. That makes it difficult for the driver to start the engine. And the engine power decreases to a greater extent over a longer period of time.

There are possible reasons why this code shows up. Besides, some symptoms can help you understand this problem earlier.

This article is gonna cover everything related to the p0345 ford. So if you are new to this problem and looking for solutions- consider reading this article till the end.

P0345 Ford F150

We will start with a table that gives you a short idea of the causes and symptoms, and you will also get an idea of p0345 ford 2004 f150 truck.

We will add a detailed description later on, which will help you learn the causes of this code and the solutions.

Damaged wireGets difficult to start or doesn’t start at all
Faulty CPSBad quality
Damaged PCMPoor fuel economy
Shorted or failed harness connectorLess engine power while driving
Dead/low batteryGets rough while operating/misfiring
Broken Reluctor ring on the camshaftEngine Light ON

Damaged Wire

More than anything, the Camshaft Position Wire is more likely to encounter shortening or damage. As a result of which, the harness connector gets either loose or completely damaged.

If you are guessing the wiring is the reason why this p0345 ford f150 5.41 code shows up, inspect for short in your car engine. It is really easy to diagnose a short in a p0345 ford truck. There are plenty of videos on youtube that would help you do that. Take a close look at all the wires and check if there is any burnt, pushed out, corroded or damaged wire.

Also, make sure that all the connections between the CPS and PCM are tight and firm. Often, they end up getting loose, and the contact points get weak. As for the circuit wiring, check if the continuity persists.

Faulty CPS

Sometimes the wiring seems alright, but the Camshaft Position Sensor itself turns out to be defective. Carefully inspect the ground and signal reading values with the multimeter. You need to diagnose it, and for that, you need to use a multimeter. Additionally, check the Camshaft Position voltage as well as the circuit. Again, don’t forget to check all the connectors as they tend to get broken or defective.

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On this note, you can drive a continuity test on the Camshaft Position Sensor as well as on the circuits. If they turn out to be faulty, replace them. A CPS is affordable, so you can change it anytime instantly.

Damaged PCM

This is not a random cause, yet it is better to inspect and check. The PCM, or in other words, the Crank Sensor, turns defective or damaged. If that’s the case, check the voltage of the Camshaft Sensor. There could be internal damage or possibilities of damaged timing components.

In this case, you need to replace the PCM asap.

Dead/Low Battery

The battery of the Ford engine might wear off and drain its power. In that case, replacing it with a new one helps to get rid of this problem.

Shorted Or Failed Harness Connector

The harness connector of the CPS is very likely to get frayed or damaged. It is also more prone to short and thereby fails to operate. Check the connector pins and look for any damaged parts to fix this. Replace it and see if this can fix or not.

Broken Reluctor Ring On The Camshaft

Sometimes the Camshaft Sensor fails to produce enough voltage, and a bad reluctor ring could be its only reason. If the same happens in your case, you need to remove the Camshaft Sensor and check if the ring is open to damage or any misplacement. If it turns out to be defective, consider replacing it.

ECM Software

Another cause that might result in the p0345 ord f150 5.0 code is the ECM issue. Either the problem could lie internally due to damaged timing components. Or it could be due to an update of the software. So to fix this instantly, just update your ECM software and get rid of this code-related issue for good.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What causes a p0345 code?

A defective or damaged Camshaft Position Sensor causes a p0345 ford expedition. This basically takes place when the PCM identifies a bad signal from the CMP sensor that detects the position and speed of the Camshaft Sensor.

How do I fix code p0345?

To fix code p0345, check the Camshaft Sensor, including its voltage, circuit, any damaged or broken wire, reluctor ring, and timing components. If any of these parts turn defective, replace them with a new one.

Where is Camshaft position Sensor bank 2 located?

You will get the Camshaft Position Sensor right behind the engine adjacent to the firewall.


Hope you are clear with all your queries regarding the p0345 ford f150. We also hope that you tried all our solution methods and they worked out perfectly in your case. These solutions are easy so you can give it a try yourself at home.

However, if you try these solutions yet are unable to fix this code issue, kindly seek the help of a mechanic because you wouldn’t know if there are internal issues. So make a call to your nearest professional and get rid of this code issue for good.

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