P0087 Duramax Fixing with Reasons Explained

Do you know what p0087 Duramax error codes mean and their common issue? Well, a p0087 Duramax indicates low rail or fuel problems in an engine. Its most common cause is a bad fuel line or pump.

Usually, a bad fuel pump or crimp causes low rail pressure. We would like to briefly discuss its symptoms, cause, and solutions for your easy troubleshooting.

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P0087 Duramax Meaning

First, check this quick table to gather all the ideas at once.

Weak Or Bad Fuel PumpRough running
Clogged Fuel FilterBad Acceleration
Bad Fuel Pressure Sensor
Kinked Or Collapsed Fuel Line
No Engine Power

Let’s discuss each important p0087 Duramax error code cause and their easy solutions.

Weak Or Bad Fuel Pump

The fuel pump is an important part that helps with inner engine combustion. A weak or bad fuel pump causes rough running or engine splutter. Noise can come out of the engine when the fuel pump is weaker.

A bad fuel pump is commonly found in 2007 duramax engine code p0087. There is no permanent solution to try at home, but you can try these three in case of emergency.

Firstly, check for a faulty fuel pump location. According to the model, it can be located outside or inside the fuel tank. For a temporary solution, you can use a fuel pressure gauge. Simply just connect it to the car engine. This will allow the car to start for a short period.

You can also try applying external pressure to increase the fuel pump’s pressure. This method is not 100% guaranteed. But many have benefited from doing so.

Lastly, you can try maintaining a cool engine temperature. When the engine cools down, the fuel pump tries to reset on its own. Take it to a professional for replacing the malfunctioned fuel pump.

Clogged Fuel Filter

Dirt or debris builds clogs in the fuel filter. Bad acceleration can be a cause of a clogged fuel filter.

Moreover, when bad odor spreads or the engine doesn’t start properly can be symptoms of fuel filter clogging. It can be solved easily. You can use fuel or diesel rescue to liquefy the gelled fuel in p0087 Duramax cold weather.

First, disconnect the battery to release the pressure of the fuel system. Gently remove the filter and clean it with a solvent cleaner.

Let the fuel filter dry for at least one hour. Finally, put it back and connect the battery.

Cleaning clogged fuel filter cleaning sometimes doesn’t help with the engine to start. Because there might be other malfunctioned parts that only professionals can find out. Don’t delay to fix it.

Bad Fuel Pressure Sensor

The fuel sensor helps in checking the fuel pressure or fuel rail system. The bad sensor collects the information and sends it to the engine. Immediately engine light goes on to alert you.

Sometimes the engine light doesn’t light up on the dashboard. Stalling, weak acceleration, and abnormally reduced fuel economy all indicate a bad fuel pressure sensor. It can’t be fixed without the hand of a professional.

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However, you can clean the dirt built on the head of the sensor. A bad fuel pressure sensor can be seen in p0087 Duramax lmm generation.

Kinked Or Collapsed Fuel Line

Fuel lines can get kinked or collapse due to restrictions on the fuel system. A rubber part in the fuel line collapses for heavy usage or improper installation.

To fix the rubber part, first cut off the OEM crimp from the flexible hose. Carefully split or cut the OEM crimp into two equal parts and remove it from the fuel line.

At last, put the new crimp around the line. This needs a lot of attention and patience because one slight mistake can damage the fuel system.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What causes P0087?

Leaks or damage in the fuel line can cause P0087. Aside from that bad fuel pump and the regulator can also cause p0087 fuel rail/system pressure too low. Dirt build-up in the fuel filter also causes low fuel pressure. Basically, when the fuel pressure becomes low, it causes error code P0087.

What is code P0087?

Code P0087 means the low fuel rail pressure code. It indicates a low fuel problem. P0087 is a Duramax error code through which fuel problems are indicated. P0087 duramax lbz generation mostly happens due to clogged fuel lines.

How do you fix code P0087?

To fix code p0087 Duramax first indicate all the problems for replacing. Remove the bad fuel screen or fuel filter and replace it. After that, replace the malfunctioned fuel pump, kinked fuel system, and fuel pressure sensor. Mostly it doesn’t have a permanent solution at home. So it is recommended to fix code P0087 from a professional.


We hope now you are clear about the error code p0087 Duramax. Low fuel or rail pressure needs immediate attention. Otherwise, it can harm other parts. If the p0087 Duramax no start issue doesn’t solve, then take it to fix.

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