P2599 Duramax: Know Your Duramax Engine Problems!

What do you mean by the P2599 Duramax error code? It certainly means that there is a problem associated with the position of the turbocharger vane.

Is it serious? Well, the answer mainly depends on the gravity of the causes or symptoms. In this article, we will elaborate on this particular error code and provide you with possible solutions to fixing the P2599 Chevy Duramax error, too.

Therefore, without further ado, let’s start by understanding how this error occurs. After finishing the article, you’ll also have a clear idea about how to get rid of this trouble code.

Possible Reasons and Solutions Regarding P2599 Error Code

All car models contain an Engine Car Module known as ECM. This ECM controls the position of the turbocharger vane.

What is a turbocharger vane? There are two vanes installed in this operation, and they’ll open and close to match the desired signal voltage to provide the necessary load required by the car engine.

If the difference between the desired and the practical value is greater than 15 percent for more than 10 sec, your ECM module will pop up a message entitled, “P2599 fault code.”

Now there are many symptoms to identify this type of error. The table below summarizes the possible causes for each of them.

Turbocharger control solenoid valve may be faultyThe Check Engine Light will be ON
The connection between the valves may have shorted or openedThe car will take time to start
Poor electrical connection in the turbocharger circuitNot enough torque to turn the wheels  
Turbocharger vane position sensor may be faultyNot having accurate signal voltage reading

After learning about all the reasons and symptoms for the P2599 code Duramax, let us look at the solutions.

Faulty Turbocharger Valve

Suppose you’re driving a car under strong and extended acceleration and your turbocharger valve certainly starts to malfunction. Then the engine light will flash.

Usually, this does not happen if the car is driven at a reasonably constant speed. The main reason behind this valve malfunction could be some problems regarding the vehicle software.

Solution: The only solution to this cause is to replace the turbocharger solenoid installed in your car. First, make sure that the solenoid doesn’t carry any Earthing connection. Then remove the upper screw very gently.

After you’re done removing the solenoid, install the new model bought from the local store to the exact same location in the exact same way as before.

Open or Short Connection Between the Valves

Turbocharger contains a complex electrical network underneath its construction. Therefore, it’s fair that some of the connections may have gone open or short.

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Solution: After removing the solenoid, make sure to check all the connections with an ammeter and observe some readings at each terminal. Based on the ammeter clicking, you’ll have to figure out if there is any short or open connection in the circuit.

Are you not skilled in doing this operation? Feel free to call an expert!

Poor Electrical Connection in the Turbocharger Circuit

Due to loose connections, the output terminal may not get the theoretical voltage as a signal. And for this reason, the car will result in Duramax trouble code p2599, and it may not have enough torque to start the wheels.

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Solution: Sometimes, tightly fitting the solenoid case might be an excellent way to start. If the problem is still not solved, we’d suggest replacing the model or calling a mechanic to repair the old solenoid.

Faulty Turbocharger Sensor

As this has been already mentioned, the sensors will detect the position difference of the vane. If that value is greater than 15% for more than 10 seconds, your engine will encounter chevy Duramax code p2599.

Solution: The ECM of your Chevrolet controls the sensor position and working. So, the main problem might arise in the module, which can be fixed if you apply a software update in your ECM.

After the update has been completed, reboot the whole system and check if the sensors are giving you appropriate readings or not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is P2599?

P2599 is an error code that mainly warns you that the turbocharger vanes of a car are malfunctioning. This operation is primarily controlled by ECM, which determines the position.

How do you fix the engine code p2559?

First, to fix this particular error, you need to figure out the symptoms and the possible causes. According to different symptoms, there will be different causes, and some of the reasons are explained above; a solution has been provided individually.


You are on your vacation, and having a long drive with your friends can be refreshing. On the other hand, your whole vacation is ruined if you suddenly notice a P2599 Duramax error code.

That is why it’ll be a good practice to be aware of all the symptoms your car engine is throwing at you. Because now you know what the symptoms are, what the causes are, and what can be the respective solutions for each reason.

We hope this article will be of great help to you. If it does, which we’re sure it most certainly will. Do not forget to mention it to your other friends.


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