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Pick One Between Ford Rapid Red Metallic Vs Ruby Red

Ford Rapid Red Metallic Vs Ruby Red

Getting stressed over the sort-of bad look of your old ford truck? Or, perhaps want a new change in colors by painting something reddish and bold?

Everything is cool until you can’t decide on one color. Most truck enthusiasts struggle to pick one when it comes to ford Rapid Red Metallic vs Ruby Red. Who doesn’t love the red tone of these paints as they give a stunning vibe to the truck?

Similar to Star White vs Oxford White, people feel it’s hard to decide as both colors are quite alike. But they look different in sunlight, rainy, or normal climates due to their glossiness.

To put it simply, the Rapid Red Metallic is similar to the color burgundy-like shade due to its nice warmth and dark tone. In contrast, your truck will look shiny and classy with an orange-red shade if applying ruby red.  

After seeing a lot of ford owner’s questions, we finally want to give our thoughts on these two shades so that you can easily tell the difference to select color easily. Let’s Get into That!

Actual Comparison of Ford Rapid Red Metallic Vs Ruby Red Color

From the tone to the color contrast, both of them are completely different shades of the ford. The Rapid Red Metallic is a darker shade and has less lightness compared to the Ruby Red.  

Color InformationColor CodeHEX CodeRedGreenBlue
Rapid Red MetallicD4, M7444#7b001c123%0%28%
Ruby RedRR, M7283A#9b111e155%17%30%

At first glance on old to latest ford color options, you will surely ask “is Rapid Red the same as Ruby Red”. Well, the right answer is no. You see, both of these colors have a red main tone with a layer of purple or orange that makes the whole difference.

image 9

Diagram of ford Rapid Red Metallic and Ruby Red shades

If you observe them closely, the shades do differ visibly. Besides that, you will see the difference between them if looking into the ford Rapid Red Metallic and Ruby Red shade side by side. Their contrast level, RGB, hue, lightness, and other factors pole them apart.

In the latest models, ford has added the Rapid Red replacing some old colors including the Ruby Red on 2020. Now, you might have thought why did ford discontinue Ruby Red. Well, this color isn’t officially replaced but the brand doesn’t show on the paint options.   

And also, the Ruby Red has awesome color contrast that has 34% lightness and hues at 354° degrees. It not only helps to increase your truck’s beauty on a sunny day but also looks cool on gloomy weather.

Then again, the Rapid Red Metallic color gives a luxurious vibe and provides nice reflection as well as shines. But, it would cost you around $295 or more which makes the color expensive. This shade also looks dull in dark or rainy climates.

The Rapid Red Metallic Is an Elegant Shade But Costs a Huge Price to getting

In the latest ford series, the Rapid Red Metallic was added to improve your truck’s look. As it has a deep and shady tone, this color rocks in visual. Let’s see its benefits and disbenefits:


  • Due to its passionate dusky reddish shades, people love it to impress others or have a good impression.
  • The Rapid Red looks stunning under direct sunlight thanks to its metallic texture.
  • It gives extra warmth to the truck on the exterior as the color changes depending on the lighting which gives a new feel every day.
  • The shade helps your truck to keep away from harmful UV-ray due to the direct contact with the sun.


  • Even though your truck will sparkle beautifully under the sun, it doesn’t look good in the rainy seasons due to its dark vibe.
  • Unlike its competitor, it is expensive.

The Ruby Red Looks Like Red Pearl & Cost Less but Won’t Protect From UVR

Blend of orange and blood red, this color is an old member of ford’s paint option. Also, it is added on 2013 year and comes at a low price. Here are a few good sides and downsides of it:


  • This shade looks rich and classy to give your truck a luxurious appearance.
  • It would cost a few bucks.
  • This exterior color is very easy to apply or paint better than Raptor Red Metallic.
  • A lot of people love it as this color mightn’t show dirt easily.


  • It has no strong base coat that gives heat problems to absorb the sunlight. And this may cause rust or peel.
  • This exterior shade is not shiny or metallic at all.
  • It needs a few layers to cover the previous darker color.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the difference between Race Red and Rapid Red?

Both colors have a similar tone but the Rapid Red is darker and deeper (looks like wine-red) compared to the Race Red shade. This color looks bold and hot on the truck which increases the warmth but not in the other seasons.
On the other hand, Race Red has a bright-orange red tone that would go on summer, winter, and rainy seasons. One thing that makes Rapid Red better is that it has a metallic shine that ensures a sparkle feel on the exterior.

Is red car paint more expensive?

Most brands usually think of looks, brightness, pigmentation, and hue while making different colors. And, in the process, the cost raises higher which is the root reason why red car paint costs a lot.
Apart from that, the premium quality and special dyes also cause the red car paint cost to raise. And, red has a high demand in automaker’s paint options compared to others.

Why does Rapid Red cost more?

It’s pretty clear that the Rapid Red is a highly pigmented and dark shade. Ford or other automakers has to use a premium tinted base and coat to make a color more metallic, glossy, or dry-petal type.
And, the metallic form of color requires a base coat that’s why the cost of Rapid Red is higher compared to other shades. Plus, the up-charge of this color needs the latest technology to make the paint layer darker or lighter.

Is Rapid Red a tri-coat?

Definitely no! The Rapid Red is a metallic color that has a darker tone with no tri-coat meaning 3 layers of the extra base color. But, if you want to have a tri-coat, perhaps using 3-layer coated colors like Ruby Red would work best.

Is ford Ruby Red paint metallic?

No! The Ruby Red is a tri-coat base color that is rated as RR in the color code. It has a shine similar to pearl but not in a metallic form. That’s the reason why it’s quite easy to apply on trucks, unlike other shades.

Final Words

Still, not sure which color to select as your final choice between ford Rapid Red Metallic vs Ruby Red? Hope not. We have given all the facts so that you can choose the best for your truck. Well, who’s the winner according to us?

Both colors rock in ford’s exterior to give different moods to truck fanatics. While your truck will look exciting, aggressive, and of course passionate wearing the Raptor Red Metallic, it’s also true that the Ruby Red will give extra elegance.

However, you should know in the latest truck models ford doesn’t have the Ruby Red color option. So, based on that, we would like to suggest choosing Rapid Red Metallic. Hope you find this guide helpful and worth reading to know the comparison of these 2 shades. Good Bye!

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