The Ford Headlight Switch Wiring Diagram That You’re Looking For

Ford Headlight Switch Wiring Diagram

Diagrams are hard to find and even if you do, it seems too confusing to even look at sometimes. And that is why we have started to work on the visual representation in such a way that it just delivers the idea as simply as possible.

Today we are here to show you the ford headlight switch wiring diagram. Keep in mind that not all models come with the same color wires, but it’s roughly for a similar purpose.

So, let’s not make it any further and jump right into the context.

Here’s the Ford Headlight Switch Wiring Diagram

Below you can see a rough presentation of all the available pins for this particular diagram.

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Ford Headlight Switch Wiring Diagram

Ford Headlight Switch Wire Explanation

  1. B1 pin is black in color with an orange stripe and it’s for battery (+).
  2. B2 pin is light brown (almost tan) in color with a white stripe meant for battery (+).
  3. D1 pin is green in color with a yellow stripe and it’s for interior lamps positive power.
  4. D2 pin is black in color with a violet-pink stripe and it’s for all the interior lamps.
  5. H pin is red in color with a yellow stripe and it’s meant for the headlight dimmer switch.
  6. I pin is blue in color with a red stripe and it’s for instrument panel lamps.
  7. IGN pin comes in yellow color with black stripe and it’s meant for the positive battery.
  8. R is brown in color and is to exterior lamps.
  9. DN is orange in color with a black stripe and it’s to radio illumination lamps.

Ford Headlight Switch Wire Location

Some might be confused about where exactly is the Ford Headlight Switch located. And so, the ford headlight switch wiring diagram could feel off.

Well, it is close to the steering column, mounted on a lever. A few times it also comes in buttons or knobs format and stays mounted within the vehicle’s interior.

Keep In Mind – The ford headlight wire color code could be slightly different depending on which model particularly you are talking about. However, the pin description is the same so you can work that out from the headlight switch wiring diagram easily.

To Test the Headlight Switch, Follow These

  • You want to refer to the ford headlight switch wiring while testing the switch.
  • Make sure that certain circuits maintain the continuity as they should.
  • You will require a multimeter that can take measurements in Ohms.
  • And then use the probs for both terminals that are available on the headlight switch for testing the continuity.
  • In case there’s no continuity noticeable in the circuit, it has been the circuit has gone bad. And you need to replace the headlight switch for getting things back to normal.
  • Testing the headlight switch simply involves testing the continuity of certain circuits.

For Your Information – To test the headlight switch, removal of the part is necessary.

What Are the Headlights Circuit Completing Two Pins?

This is something people often confuse with park lamp circuit completion. It’s not pinned B2 and pin R, these are for the park lamp circuit.

The two pins that would work for the headlights circuit completion are H and B1. You should be able to find both on the ford headlight wiring diagram. 

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Can you wire headlights to a toggle switch?

You should be able to find these at an electronic shop in your locality, and if you have a decent idea of how wiring works, then it is possible but not a recommended thing. Referring to the ford headlight wiring diagram will help you understand the wire connection.
This is one cheap solution that people try instead of going with the headlight switch. They use the simple toggle switch and make it controls the driving lights.

How do you check a headlight switch and park lights?

You will require a meter to measure while making sure the switch for the parking light setting is on. If there’s a little to no ohm’s resistance noticeable, then things are fine.
You can have the negative lead go towards the headlight relay output wire. And then work for the headlight setting by turning the switch to check with the meter the same way.

How do I know if my headlight switch is bad?

There are several bad headlight switch symptoms but the most common one would be not being able to easily switch modes. It often means the switch has failed or worn out already.
And so, it cannot operate the same way it used to before. You can also check the ford headlight switch wires and see if there are any issues.  

What is a headlight module?

The headlight module is basically the module meant for lighting control means. It has to work for all the lighting system functions that exist.
And this includes the daytime running lamps, the automatic headlamps, and even turn signal operation. You can find associating wires of ford headlight switch here as well.

What causes both headlights to stop working?

There are several reasons that can lead to a failed headlight situation. However, mostly it’s because of not replacing the bulb as its starts to flicker or show signs of damage.
Also, fuse-related faults can lead to a failure of headlights, you’ll need to replace the fuse if that’s the case. Keeping them on for too long is another common reason.

Is it hard to rewire headlights?

It’s not hard to rewire the headlights. However, you must check the owner manual first to confirm there’s no specific warning to this process. If you think it can cause harm because you have less idea, then take the job to a professional.

Wrapping Up

And that was all about the ford headlight switch wiring diagram as well as its explanation. We also gathered some of the most asked queries and tried to answer them for you.

Now if you still feel like there’s a need for further research, go for it without hesitation. It’s best to be completely sure of the wiring before trying anything, or else more damages will come in the way.

And possibly you’ll have to bear a cost for the repair. So, give this thing some time before proceeding.

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