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[Easy Talk] How to Remove Ford Tailgate With Backup Camera

How to Remove Ford Tailgate With Backup Camera

F150 has a really well-designed tailgate that is functional in so many ways by helping with certain chores. The very recent one even comes with included tablet stands as well as pencil holders.

Today we are focusing on a circumstance that might make you a bit confused with the f-150 tailgate. You are trying to remove it but cannot. Simply because there’s a camera to interrupt the removal process. And in that case, you are clearly not able to carry on with the usual tailgate removal method.

There are some specific steps that can sort things out. What exactly are those steps? Well, you are going to know in this piece of writing. So, make sure you stick till the very end as we describe how to remove ford tailgate with camera step by step. Moreover, we will be answering some of the most requested questions on the tailgate to keep things interesting. Enjoy!

How to Remove F150 Tailgate With Backup Camera

Removing the F150 tailgate is not a hard job if you know the right method. It only requires good tools and location to remove at ease. Try to work in an open area to avoid bad lighting. The given method is suitable for previous and latest models of F150 trucks. 

To be honest, it is tricky to take out the F150 tailgate with the camera. However, here we have given a detailed description of how exactly you can remove the F150 tailgate.

Gather Necessary Supplies

Before going into the steps, you will need tools to continue. Wear safety glasses and gloves to remove the tailgate safely. Apart from these, grab the 3 given tools:

  • Safety Gloves
  • Screwdriver
  • Truck Lift Jack

The Tricky Part – Because There’s a Camera!

Holding a camera while taking out the tailgate from F150 is really a challenge. It would be better if you set the camera in one position to do your task faster.

If not, then you need to use a lift jack to go under your truck. After you are done, find out the wiring clip near to the tire.

Be sure to check the plug as there are many wires. You need to unclip it from your truck. To remove it safely, you should click on the clip wire using little pressure.

And then, take out the plug. This way you can easily unplug it. Once you are done, leave the gate up and avoid dropping it. Now, you can take out the F150 tailgate with a camera with no hassle.

Carry On with The Usual Tailgate Removal Method – Here’s How

Step-1: Get the tailgate removal kit on the glove box. Next, locate the frame connections to the left side.

Step-2: Take out the frame connections using your hand.

Most F150 trucks have up to three frame connections.

Step-3: Attach the caps to remove the in-line connectors. It may cause a mishap if you don’t attach the caps to the connectors.

Step-4: Now, lower the tailgate slowly. Then, put the tailgate harness on the bumper to detach without causing a mess. Take a screwdriver to gently remove the spring clip on both connectors. Next, take out the left and right cables.

Step-5: Next, lift the tailgate matching the bolts in 45 degrees. Try to hold it in a horizontal position. Then, take out the right side of the tailgate.

Step-6: Afterward, pull out the left side of the tailgate at 80 degrees angle. Keep it horizontal and remove the tailgate to fully detach.

Warning: Be sure to secure your cargo bed to stop shifting loads or items stored from falling. It may also cause serious mishaps or accidents due to the loads reaching other trucks when driving on road.

Are You Trying to Remove the Tailgate for Merely Replacing the Handle? (Don’t)

The handle is attached to the Ford F150 tailgate with the rod. So, if you detach the rod from the truck, the handle won’t work rightly. To replace the handle rightly from your truck, just keep the tailgate lower for easy access.

In fact, you don’t need to take out the tailgate from the truck when replacing the handle. Locate the panel of the tailgate that should be nearby. After that, grab a socket wrench to simply take out the panel.

There are 8 nuts that you need to remove for reaching inside the tailgate panel.

It would be better if you hop into the truck cargo bed when taking out the panel. Then, pull out the panel from the tailgate. You will need to find the latch in the center of the tailgate.

Once you have found the latch assembly, tug the rod from the latch. The rod is actually fitted to the latch using locks. So, remove them gently. It will cause the tailgate to release.

Carry the tailgate using your left hand. And, push back the rod since it is retracted. Now, let the tailgate to set a little bit lower. After doing that, you can freely replace the handle without taking out the tailgate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What year did the F150 tailgate get a backup camera?

The Ford F150 trucks added tailgates with a backup camera in 2007. Before that, there was not an F150 tailgate available with a camera option. And, Ford brand has been creating F150 tailgates with a backup camera option for drivers to see the rearview for safe driving.

Back in 2007, the backup camera was placed in the edge of the rearview mirror. This way people used to view the camera and mirror for reversing well.

How does the Ford tailgate step work?

Some Ford trucks add tailgates with a step to enter or exit the cargo bed. The step is near to the ground which helps users to simply step down or up for reaching to the bed. Most F150 tailgates have a step that can be pulled down to use it well.

Also, the step of the Ford tailgate helps to sit on the tailgate for watching outside scenarios. It is easy to adjust and position to use well.

What’s different about the F-150 tailgate?

The F150 tailgate is a special board that closes the open space of the cargo bed. In fact, people use it for storing items while driving a long distance. Also, the tailgate on the F150 truck increased holding good loads for productive work.

Apart from that, it creates good transportation efficiency without ruining truck life. The F150 tailgate as well distributes weight equally for the truck to ride stable. Besides, Ford offered better capabilities such as pockets to the tailgate for extra space.

How much weight can a Ford F150 tailgate hold?

In most types of terrain, the Ford F150 tailgate can hold up to 600 lbs weight. But, there are some F150 tailgates that have 300-400 lbs weight capacity. It doesn’t impact ground clearance or friction due to max load.

On the face of it, the F150 tailgate solves the hassle of spill or leakage for extreme bulk. Also, it stops causing trucks to spend more fuel when carrying big loads. 

Is it legal to use an F150 tailgate with the camera?

Yes, using the F150 tailgate with a camera is totally legal. But, you have to carry a good load to use it legally. In fact, if your F150 tailgate with a camera is hiding the nameplate in your truck, then it would be illegal.

Also, using unsecured trash or debris on your cargo bed that causing mess over the highway will cause traffic stops by Law Enforcement Officers.

Wrapping Up

Also, using unsecured trash or debris on your cargo bed that causing mess over the highway will cause traffic stops by Law Enforcement Officers.

Now that you know how to remove F150 tailgate with camera, we hope it works for you. The given method will not take much time. But you need to be patient to do the steps rightly. Ford F150 trucks are designed with a removable tailgate.

But, taking out the tailgate with the camera feels harder, especially when doing alone. So maybe ask a friend or someone to help you out while following the method. Have A Nice day!

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