4 Most Common Ram eTorque Problems And Their Possible Solutions

Are you facing ram etorque problems on your truck? There may be showing incorrect voltage reading or auto shut down. But, most of these problems can be solved quickly without spending much money, while others may take longer to fix.

The eTorque is a hybrid system that captures braking energy and stores it. This stored energy provides support to the engine of the vehicle while operating the vehicle at low speeds. Ram eTorque is very popular to improve truck performance and offer efficiency without sacrificing power.

But you may face some problems with this device installed in your car.

In the following discussion, we’ll discuss 4 common problems of ram eTorque with their possible solutions. So read along to learn more.

What Are The Common Ram eTorque Problems?

Using an eTorque on your Ram truck provides three distinct improvements: battery fuel economy, additional towing capacity, and additional payload capacity. So no doubt why people love to install eTorque in their Ram trucks.

But unfortunately, after installing eTorque, you’ll face some ram truck eTorque problems that are unavoidable. Some issues can fix immediately, while a few issues may take up to two weeks to get fixed.

However, remember you may not be able to fix some problems that you’ll need to contact professionals where you have to invest more. Here’re some common eTorque problems and their quick solution:

eTorque ProblemsSolutions
Automatically shuts offTurn the engine off wait for 1/2 minute before starting the truck again
only works when the AC or ventilated seats are offContact your dealer
Stops Working SuddenlyReplace the battery
Read incorrect battery voltageSend the truck to dealers

1. Automatically Shuts Off

When you have eTorque in your Ram truck, you may notice that your engine will shut off abruptly and the ignition mode switched from run to ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) in the middle of driving.

However, this problem barely causes any major accidents, thanks to the auto turn-on of ACC. If you run your truck at high speed and the engine stalls abruptly, it’ll alert you that your engine has turned off and you’re in ACC mode so that you can park your truck somewhere safely.

Solution: After parking your truck, turn your engine off. Then you have to wait for a minute or two before you start your Ram truck again. However, even though the truck turns on, it may turn off again within a minute. So you may have to repeat the process 5 to 7 times before your truck starts again for a long run.

2. eTorque Only Works When The AC Or Ventilated Seats Are Off

This one is the most common issue among the other 2020 ram eTorque problems. If the eTourque is on, then the AC or ventilated seats won’t work and vice versa.

When one of these is on, you’ll see a message popping up on the computer screen saying the eTorque doesn’t function.

Solution: There could be some eternal problem with the AC. Thus, it can be tricky to fix this issue yourself since it involves your truck’s eternal system. That’s why you should contact a professional or dealer to fix the problem.

3. eTorque Stops Working Suddenly

This problem is most often seen with older eTorque models, sometimes even with newer ones. It may occur due to ram eTorque battery problems.

Sometimes your truck stays in the garage for a month with the new eTorque. So the battery can be damaged due to not using it for a long time and being attached to the truck.

After running the truck for a while, you may notice that the motor of eTorque dies promptly, even if you bring a fully charged eTorque battery.

Solution: Solving this problem is as simple as replacing the battery or charging the battery whenever you go out for a short-distance journey.

4. EVIC Read Incorrect Battery Voltage

Due to using the eTorque, the EVIC may display incorrect battery voltage. It may read lower voltage than the actual voltage you drive on.

Solution: As we mentioned above, some 2020 ram eTorque problems can’t be solved by yourself, and this problem is one of them.

If the EVIC in your Ram truck is reading incorrect battery voltage, then consider taking your car to the dealer straight instead of taking it to a mechanic shop.

Solving this problem might take a long time to fix since you’ll directly send it to the dealers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long will eTorque last?

Ram eTorque comes with some benefits that improve your truck’s performance. And this mild hybrid system that replaces the traditional alternator is pretty expensive, and it also lasts for a long time. It may last for 8 years or 80000 miles approximately.

Does eTorque make a difference?

Yes, eTorque makes a difference in your driving performance, especially when you’re driving in cities with frequent traffic. Despite the model of engines your Ram truck has, the eTorque hybrid motor helps to boost the acceleration and other performances.

Does eTorque add power?

Yes, it does, which is why eTorque works well. The upgraded models of eTorque have improved efficiency by a magnificent 1.8%. It replaces the general battery with a 48-volt powered battery that sends supplemental torque over 90lb.-ft to the engine crankshaft in order to fire and start the engine.


We shared the 4 common ram etorque problems and their possible solutions in the above discussion. If you’re planning to get one for your Ram truck, then don’t be afraid since it also has many benefits.

The 48-volt battery and motor-generator combination offers some great benefits, such as better hauling and towing capability, improved fuel economy, and smoother and quieter operation.

However, if you’re from pastoral areas where there isn’t much traffic, we would suggest you not go for ram eTorque as it’s mostly suitable for city drive.

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