Why Is My Driver Information Center Buttons Not Working?

Talking about it, are your Driver information center buttons not working? There could be a number of reasons. Mainly, This could be due to the cluster issue or faulty switch. And might need replacement.

DIC is right in the instrument panel of your car, just below the tachometer. It provides access to trip, fuel, and system information with the slight touch of a button. Thereby it depicts the functionality of your vehicle.

Follow this content to check why this happens and what the solutions are.

Reasons Why Driver Information Center Buttons Not Working

Let’s check out the possible reasons for the issue and short solutions before we dive into the details.

Possible ReasonsProbable Solutions
Cluster issueUse a GM scan tool
The steering wheel fails to complyRemove the airbag and use a jumper wire
Faulty switchPump the gas pedal three times
Blank DIC screenAdjust the backlight knob
Ground connection problemTake apart the DIC connector and check the black wire

Cluster Issue

The problem persists if a cluster of the wires inside the switch buttons or clockspring remains. Now, this could lead to ground interference as each button gets into the cluster itself.

In this case, you can pull out the DIC using your hands and check the signal wires. You can also use a GM scan tool to inspect the cluster.

That monitors and shows the codes of the cluster, leading to solutions. If you can’t fix this, consider taking it to some technician for either replacement or repair.

Not Compatible With the Steering Wheel

Sometimes the steering wheel malfunctions, so you replace them. Now it fails to operate with the buttons, so the Driver Information Center not working. That is because the wiring harness of the steering wheel fails to comply with the buttons. As a result, they fail to work.

In that case, you can remove the airbag and use a jumper wire to inspect the DIC. Check if the problem comes from the harness or deep down into the steering column. Now change the clockspring and check if everything works.

Faulty Switch

A customer came in complaining that his 2007 Chevy Tahoe information center not working. The problem was in the switch, and this is the most common problem. Especially when the warranty expires. In that case, a replacement can be the only option.

However, you could try this in case that works.

  • Turn off your engine but keep in the run motion.
  • In the meantime, try pumping the gas pedal at least thrice within five seconds.
  • Now check if everything is working smoothly. If it still doesn’t solve your problem, remove the battery for at least ten minutes. Check again if that works.

DIC Screen Blank

If your DIC screen turns dim or even blank, then the problem lies in the internal area of the cluster. Then you can try adjusting the backlight knob. If you don’t succeed, call the service center.

Ground Connection Problem

If you end up with a bad ground connection, then your DIC buttons would fail to work. In that case, remove the connector and look for the black wire. Inspect if it is faulty or not.

Another option that worked was when the 2015 Chevy Dic not working. Turn the ignition off and remove the IPC fuse for at least 20 seconds. After around 20 seconds, reinstall it while turning the ignition on. Now check if the buttons start operating.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I reset my Chevy instrument cluster?

To reset the Chevy instrument cluster, press the SEL/Reset button and then release it. Simultaneously, Turn the headlights On and Off. You must do it very quickly and both at the same time.

How do you fix instrument clusters?

The first step is to remove the instrument cluster from the vehicle. Disassemble the cluster and inspect for any broken or faulty gauge. They need to be repaired or replaced. And then reinstall the instrumental cluster again and check.

Where is the instrument cluster fuse located?

Right in the instrument panel is where you will get the cluster fuse. It is always on the driver’s side of the vehicle.


So this is all about driver information center buttons not working. Hope the list of these problems leads to possible solutions in your case. And if not, there’s always a service center where professionals are ready to respond and help you.

Usually, replacement remains to be the only option. However, do not forget to try out the solutions yourself. They might work, so all the very best!

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