[W/O Using Tools] How To Remove Stuck Spark Plug Boot!

How to remove stuck spark plug boot? You can use any spark plug boot remover tool and remove it easily. Also, there is another option to remove without using any tool.

We are here to tell you the simplest technique to solve this problem. After reading this article finely, you will be able to fix the stuck spark plug boot problem at home.

So continue reading to the end.

How To Remove Stuck Spark Plug Boot

A stuck plug boot can damage your car, so you should avoid the situation of sticking a stuck plug boot. At the end of this article, we will discuss this.

Now, let us narrate the method by which you can understand how to remove a spark plug that is stuck.

The essay has three portions. In the first part, we will discuss removing stuck boots with tools. In the second part, the method of removing it without any tool. And finally, in the last part, you will know how to prevent sticking spark plug boots.

1. Remove Stuck Spark Boot With Tools

There are some tools that you need to remove spark plug boots. They are;

  • A plus tool.
  • Silicon spray.
  • Spark plug boot remover

All the tools are easily available in the market. If you want, you can buy them online also. You can check the tool from here;


The technique is very easy and fast. You need only 5 to 10 minutes to complete the task. Here the steps are;

Removing The Boot From The Case

You can use a plus tool to remove the plug from the case. Just fix the plus around the head of the boot.

Then pull slowly. You can observe the boot is coming out. But you can’t remove spark plug boot.

Using Lubricant Inside The Boot

After removing the boot, take the silicone spray. It works as a lubricant that will help to remove the stuck spark plug boot. Spray the silicon Inside the boot for a few seconds.

There is no specific measurement for this. You can apply how much you need to remove the spark plug.

Removing The Spark Plug

In the beginning, we instructed you to buy spark plug boot remover. Now use the puller pliers to remove the spark plug.

At first use a straight puller to move the plug. Then use a hook puller to bring the plug out. In between, you can apply some silicon spray. Repeat the process twice, then the plug will come out.

That’s how you can remove the spark plug boot. You have learned how to remove boot from spark plug with the spark plug boot puller pliers.

2. Remove Stuck Spark Boot Without Tools

Now you will discover how to remove the stuck spark boot without tools. We will tell you two methods in which you do not need the stuck spark plug boot puller pliers.

Using Heating Pad

When you use the heating pad on the boot, the leather will expand, which will help you to bring out the spark plug.

In this process, you need a heating pad. Place it inside the boot for some time. When you notice that the leather is increasing in diameter, pull out the heating pad.

Use your hand to remove the spark plug from the boot.

Using Rubber Gloves

Using rubber gloves is also a great idea. The mechanism is the friction of the rubber gloves will enable you to remove the plug.

You can find rubber gloves in the market. In fact, it is also available in our home generally. Wear it before removing the stuck spark boot.

Then you feel the force of friction between the gloves and the stuck spark plug boot. This force will bring the plug boot easily.

Twisting The Spark Plug Boot

Experts say twisting the spark plug boot is also helpful to remove it from the plug. How to remove stuck spark plug wires!

Just rotate the boot or twist the boot; it will work for removing the wire from the plug. Then you can remove the spark plug boot easily.

So, now you know how to remove a spark plug if it is stuck.

3. How To Prevent Sticking Spark Plug Boot

You have already learned how you can remove the stuck boot. Here we will give you some suggestions that will assist you in avoiding the situation.

As sticking spark plug boots can defect your car, it is very important to reduce the sticking. Follow these two unique tips to avoid the problem.

Using Silicon Grease

You can apply silicone grease before setting the spark plug boot in the case. It will work against the sticking spark plug boot.

There is no specific measurement, but you need the grease in a small amount.

Changing The Spark Plug Boot In A Year

You know how harmful a stuck plug boot is! If you change it in a year. After aging, the possibility of sticking a spark plug boot is high.

The boot will not stick easily when you change it in a year. So, you also can apply this technique to prevent sticking the spark plug boot.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you remove a stubborn spark plug boot?

You can use spark plug boot remover to remove a stubborn spark plug boot. Also, there is another way without using a tool.

How do you get a rubber boot off a spark plug?

A heating pad will help you to rubber boot the spark plug off. Apply a heating pad inside the rubber boot, it will expand the rubber, then bring it out.

How tight is a spark plug supposed to be?

You can tighten a spark plug about ½ – ⅔ turn. Make sure the gasket reaches the cylinder head, then stop tightening. Do not over cross it.


If you have a car, you may search on how to remove stuck spark plug boot? We try to tell all the significant and effective processes to solve the problem by yourself at your home.

And the prevention tips will help you avoid sticking spark plug boots in the future. You can follow all our techniques to solve your problem. Stay tuned with us for an easy solution to your technical problems.

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