XC12YC Vs RC12YC: Which Is The Perfect Spark Plug For Your Vehicle

What is the major difference between xc12yc and rc12yc spark plugs? Well, the critical distinction between these plugs is their design languages. The RC12YC plug appears to be with a gap of 0.035-0.040″, but the XC12YC plug has a design for the required 0.020″ spacing.

However, XC12YC and RC12YC are both excellent spark plugs from Champion. But, which is the more suitable option for you? If you are in a dilemma about which spark plug is the best one for you, then our xc12yc vs rc12yc guide is here to help you make the correct choice.

Hence, without wasting any more, lets us get straight into our comparison of both of these spark plugs from Champion.

Xc12yc Vs Rc12yc: What Are The Differences?

Champion spark plugs are well-known for their consistent performance, which includes enhanced conductivity and heat regulation for better overall life. There are, however, a few technical variations between champion spark plug xc12yc vs rc12yc, which we shall discuss more below.

Central electrodeCopper CoreCopper Core
Heat range712
Spark plug typeCopper Plus Small Engine 982 Spark PlugResistor
Available gap0.020 inches0.035-0.040 inches

Difference In Central Electrode

LIKE MOST SPARK PLUGS, the RC12YC electrode is a fat cylinder, but the XC12YC electrode has half the diameter compared to RC12YC.

However, each of their center electrodes includes a copper core that allows for precise control of the heat range, hence enhancing plug performance and lifetime.

Material Contrast

The Champion RC12YC is a Copper Plus series spark plug. A copper core and nickel alloy electrodes make up this traditional spark plug. Its shell is zinc-plated to prevent corrosion. For non-automotive small engines, the J-Gap spark plug is a fixed terminal type. Its solid construction makes it long-lasting and simple to use, with longer service life.

On the other hand, XC12YC is made from high-quality material using copper as core and nickel alloy electrodes.

XC12YC has a similar construction to the RC12YC, but the bore and gap are much smaller.

Spark Plug type

While talking about the difference between champion xc12yc and rc12yc, the most distinctive difference between these two spark plugs is the type of spark plug they are.

As suggested by the letter “R,” the RC12YC is a resistor-type spark plug. Resistor-type spark plugs have an inbuilt resistor to decrease the ignition noise produced during sparking. They “resist” part of the spark energy as well. As a result, a resistor plug is essential for proper vehicle operation in most automotive applications.

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The XC12YC is a Copper Plus Small Engine 982 Spark Plug. It operates on tiny engines such as lawnmowers, igniting the fuel-and-air combination inside the mower engine’s cylinder. High-voltage energy leaps the gap at the tip of each spark plug at precisely the exact instant to ignite the fuel.

Available Gap Differs The Most

The J-type gap in RC12YC is designed to be quite wide-ranging from 0.035 to 0.040 inches.

However, since the XC12YC has slightly different applications and is meant mostly for small engines,  the gap is smaller, which is around 0.002 inches.

Gap In Standards compliance

Since these spark plugs are from the same company, all standard compliance is maintained. Champion spark plugs are developed and manufactured with high-quality components to consistently satisfy all standard compliance criteria.

The spark plugs are also intended to retain rules like dependability at high voltage transmission, as well as strong insulation capabilities even at temperatures of 1000 degrees Celsius, and protection against arc flash and overheating.

Price Contrast

XC12Yc spark plugs are a bit more expensive than the RC12YC.

You will find Xc12YC plugs priced around $12-$13 and RC12YC around $7-$8.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the R mean on a Champion spark plug?

The R stands for the resistor-type spark plug. Resistor spark plugs prevent radio interference (RFI), inducing combustion malfunctions and radio noise.

Who manufactures Champion spark plugs?

Champion was acquired by Cooper Industries in 1989 and is currently a completely owned brand of Federal-Mogul Corporation. Its principal products are a series of spark plugs for various vehicles, including automobiles, trucks, SUVs, racing, and maritime uses.

Can spark plugs add horsepower?

Substituting your old spark plugs with new ones can give your vehicle the performance it deserves. Depending on engine class size and spark plug type, you can hope for horsepower improvements of some magnitude.

Is the RC12YC the same as the XC12YC spark plug?

Technically, they are not the same; even though the same company manufactures them, there are many technical differences between them, and both have different usages.

What is the difference between rc12yc and xc12yc?

The RC12YC plug comes with a gap of 0.035-0.040″, but the XC12YC plug has the standard 0.020″ spacing.

What Should Be Your Pick?

Today we discussed all the major differences between xc12yc and rc12yc. Both of these spark plugs provide users with excellent performance. But, their application and uses are different.

So it depends on whether you need a resistor spark plug or a tiny engine spark plug. Hence a direct comparison or stating one as better than the other is nearly impossible.

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