Who Makes Mopar Spark Plugs: Manufacturers Revealed!

Want to know who makes Mopar spark plugs? None other than the Champion brand makes Mopar spark plugs. However, there are 2 to 3 kinds of spark plugs that Mopar uses. Today, we will reveal all of these things at a glance.

Mopar is the original equipment manufacturer brand for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram.

Well, Mopar spark plugs are created by certain manufacturers. The Mopar spark plugs give you the surety of better materials and better performance. Using those selected Mopar spark plugs keeps your vehicle more healthy and strong.

Know About Mopar Spark Plugs

Before moving to the detailed answer to this question, let’s have a tour of the details and background of Mopar.

What Is Mopar?

The word ‘Mopar’ is the merged form of ‘motor’ and ‘parts’. The name itself indicates the purpose. Mopar is a brand that supplies and manufactures OEM parts for vehicles.

It was previously owned by the Chrysler Corporation. Now it is the part of multinational automobile manufacturer company Stellaris.

Mopar Spark Plugs Manufacturer

Using OEM accessories for your vehicle is always the best idea. That keeps you tense free and also you can get help from your dealer as long as your vehicle parts are original.

Mopar spark plugs initiate the perfect combustions that ensure better performance, better driving experience, and low fuel usage and emissions.

So, who makes Moar spark plugs?

Mopar spark plugs are mostly manufactured by the Champion brand. But some other brands such as the NGK and Denso are also found to be the Mopar spark plugs manufacturer in some models.


Champion spark plugs are one of the oldest spark plug brands. They used to be the one and only Mopar spark plugs manufacturer. But with time, other brands made their place in Mopar.

Still, 3.6L engine vehicles come with Champion iridium spark plugs.

Champion spark plugs are reliable and affordable. Their long years of experience and excellent performance is enough to make you rely on them.

Champion manufactures spark plugs mainly from 3 materials: Iridium spark plugs, platinum spark plugs, and copper spark plugs. Champion spark plugs offer maximum life, better ignitability, and increased performance.


NGK is another member of the most popular spark plug brands. Their 80 years long experience has turned them to be the most consistent and standard spark plugs producers.

NGK spark plugs are made of iridium which increases the overall performance by giving extra mileage to your vehicle. There are also platinum and copper-made spark plugs available from this brand. They come with a variety and reasonable pricing.

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NGK can be used as an ideal alternative to Mopar spark plugs for 6.4 HEMI. 6.4 HEMI engines require 16 spark plugs. Each cylinder needs 2 spark plugs. And NGK provides suitable and durable spark plugs for different types of vehicles.


We cannot mention the best spark plugs brands without Denso. Denso has been creating top-quality spark plugs with their advanced technology and experience since 1949.

Denso spark plugs have a reputation for a long lifespan and consistency. Their high-quality control makes their OEM spark plugs more reliable.

Like other spark plugs, Denso also comes in copper, iridium, platinum, and titanium. Research shows that the installation of Denso spark plugs gives a smoother driving experience. Also, the vehicle performance increases with better mileage.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where to buy Mopar spark plugs?

Mopar spark plugs are supposed to be available at your nearby local auto parts store. You can shop for Mopar parts at Walmart, Mopar Store, All Mopar Parts, etc. If you want to shop online, you can look into Amazon, eBay, Mopar Factory Parts, and many other websites.

What kind of spark plugs does Chrysler use?

Chrysler originally uses Mopar spark plugs. Mopar spark plugs are the OEM accessories for Chrysler.

What spark plug brand does Mopar use?

Mopar generally uses Champion brand spark plugs. But it is foolish to expect only one brand of spark plugs considering the increasing number of vehicle models. Some models are available with NGK and Denso spark plugs in recent times.

Are Mopar spark plugs good?

Mopar spark plugs ensure quality and originality. These provide OEM accessories for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram vehicles. So, using Mopar spark plugs gives you better performance, a better driving experience, and low fuel usage and emissions.

Is Mopar spark plugs made by Champion?

Yes. Champion is one of the chief Mopar spark plugs manufacturers. 3.6L engine vehicles had originally had Champion Iridium spark plugs. NGK and Denso also manufacture Mopar spark plugs.

Wrap up

There you have your answer to who makes Mopar spark plugs. Champion, NGK, and Denso are the chief manufacturer of Mopar spark plugs.

The spark plugs are the basic parts that help the engine keep running. While creating explosions and arranging for the power production of the engine, the spark plugs slowly wear out approximately after reaching 60000 miles.

Replacing your damaged spark plugs with OEM Mopar spark plugs will boost your vehicle’s mileage and engine performance. You can enjoy the premium service of quality spark plugs with long durability.

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