P0354 Ford F150 Error Code: Symptoms & Solutions

What is the P0354 Ford F150 error code? It is a signal for primary or secondary circuit malfunction in ignition coil D. This code is only for issues in cylinder 4 of the engine. Though this code means the same, the diagnosis and solutions are pretty different in different vehicle models.

P0354 code is simple and mainly shows problems in coil packs and wiring harness. The problems are associated only with cylinder 4 in the engine. If you want to know the solutions to these problems, let’s dig deep into this article.

Reasons & Fixes of P0354 Ford F150

The shorted circuit in ignition coil DIdle rough engine Engine misfire
Defective coil pack DIdle rough engine Loud noise Raw fuel smell
Loose connection in coil DHard start engine Lack in acceleration
Faulty PCM in cylinder 4Idle rough engine Engine misfire

Shorted or Open Wiring

If the wiring harness of the primary circuit of cylinder 4 is open or shorted, then the engine will misfire and have an idle run. The system will show the P0354 04 Ford F150 signal.


When you find that the engine misfire is caused only for the cylinder 4 issues, check if it transfers from cylinder 4 to another cylinder. If not, check where the wiring harness plugs are situated in the coil packs. If there are any damaged wires or open wires, you have to replace them.

Defective Coil Pack

When the ignition coil D is defective, the engine will misfire. With misfire, you will get engine hesitation and lack of power. The engine will not get enough energy and spark for the bad coil pack. So, you may contact the smell of raw fuel.

Again, the engine will be idle rough. There will also be loud noise. The system will show OBD code P0354 Ford F150.


When you get the P0354 Ford F150 5.4, check ignition coil D. If the ignition coil D is defective, then you should replace it as soon as possible.

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Using the voltmeter test, you can be sure if the coil is wrong or not. If one coil pack is faulty, it can damage other packs. Repairing coil packs is not suggested as it can damage the entire engine cylinder D.

Loose Connection in Coil D

When there are loose connections in ignition coil D, the engine will misfire from cylinder 4, and you will get the P0354 Ford F150 5.4 code. If the engine jumps for engine misfire, then you can be sure that the problem is within the coil. It can damage the entire coil. For the loose connections in coil, the engine will provide a hard start and lack acceleration.


First, reset the trouble code P0354 Ford F150 and then swap the ignition coil D. Now try to start the engine. If the engine misfires and moves, you have to replace the loose wire or connectors.

Faulty PCM

If the problem is with PCM, then the engine will misfire consistently or during accelerating. The engine can rough idle for low voltage situations. The system will show the P0354 Ford F150 5.0 error code.


Faulty PCM is rare. When you find that the powertrain control module is defective, reset it first. If the PCM is damaged or resetting does not solve the issue, replace it. It can be expensive but faulty PCM can damage the entire engine.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I fix code P0354?

If the vehicle system shows P0354 Ford F150 4.6 code, diagnose the issues with cylinder 4 of the engine. According to the reasons, replace faulty ignition coil driver circuit or coil pack. If the spark plugs are defective, change them. Replace the malfunctioning PCM module. The problem can be in the wiring harness. Then replace the faulty wiring harness.

How long do F150 coil packs last?

Generally, ignition coils are meant for lifetime service. But it is rare. Ignition coils can be bad for high voltage or high heating conditions. Ignition coil packs do not wear out quickly. F150 coil packs easily last for 100000 miles or more.

What is coil D’s primary secondary circuit?

Ignition coils are the system to create the necessary voltage spark for the engine. It has two winding parts-primary and secondary winding. Secondary winding provides enough high voltage power to the fuel to power the engine. The job of a primary winding is to trigger the device by switching to start the job of the secondary winding.

What is ignition coil B secondary circuit?

The ignition coil B is located above cylinder 2. The primary circuit is inside the ignition coil pack, and the secondary circuit is in the primary circuit. The secondary circuit works as the high voltage generator from the low voltage supplied from the primary circuit. This high voltage spark is necessary to ignite the fuel.


The P0354 Ford F150 code is the powertrain trouble code showing the malfunction in cylinder 4 circuits in the engine. As it is only for cylinder 4, you can check only this cylinder. As you know the symptoms for specific reasons, you can reduce the checking hassle. You can perform diagnosing steps only in those parts according to symptoms.

The engine misfire is the primary symptom, and it is serious. Continuous engine misfires can damage the entire circuit. So, solve the issues immediately; you got the error code.

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