How Much Does It Cost to Change Gear Ratio Silverado?

What is the cost to change gear ratio Silverado? You will need about 750 to 1500 dollars to change the gear ratio per axle. If you cannot do it yourself, you just need to pay more for the service charge.

Whatsoever, this price range may vary in different cases. But what is the possible cost to change the gear ratio in your Silverado? Let’s find out the actual cost of changing the gear ratio.

Cost To Change Gear Ratio Silverado

Changing the gear to a shorter one can lead to more speed on the road. But it may consume more fuel for your truck. In addition, changing the gear means changing the rotation amount for the truck tire. So ultimately, you are accelerating your Silverado truck as well as enhancing the towing power by changing the gear ratio.

However, if you are looking to change your gears from 3.08 to 3.73, then $ 1800 is enough a reasonable price to meet your requirement. Yes, it is a pretty impressive price range. But your dealer may charge up to $ 5500, which can be too high for that service. It mostly depends on your area and the dealer shop’s service facility.

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The easiest way to expend efficiently is to go to several dealers to change gear ratio and find out the cheapest and most quality service for your Silverado.

But if you are familiar with the parts of your Silverado truck and have an experience with the wrench, you can save your pocket money more. Just put off the gear and set the pumpkin in within an hour. It will save you $300 as the service cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to change the gear ratio in a truck?

It will cost about $750 to $1500 on average to change Silverado’s gear ratio. However, you may get better service if you spend a little more.

Can you change gear ratios?

It is possible to change the gear ratios in trucks, including Silverado. It can help improve the acceleration speed and improve the truck’s performance. But try to stay at an average ratio to keep the vehicle’s performance efficient.

Does changing gear ratio add horsepower?

Basically, the gear ratio makes the change in the acceleration power but not in the horsepower. Even it can enhance the RPM range, which is another reason to increase the vehicle’s power.

Will a taller tire change the gear ratio?

A taller tire will provide a higher gear ratio. So, it will be adequate to set up a taller tire than before. But, moreover, you want the best performance, which you will not get by may not want too low performance in your truck by installing the smaller one.

Does changing gear ratio affect torque?

Obviously, if you change the gear ratio, it will affect the torque. As the engine’s power depends mainly on the torque, the swap to the gear ratio will also make a change to the vehicle’s power.


You can now predict the reasonable cost to change gear ratio Silverado. However, $1000 is enough to make an average range of gear ratio swap to your Silverado.

But it would be best if you kept in mind that changing gear ratios ultimately will not work for increasing the truck’s loading capacity or even towing abilities. So, whenever you need to change the gear, make sure you are spending for an effective result.

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