Why Chevy Truck won’t Start Just Clicks – Here’s How To Fix

Wondering why your chevy truck wont start just clicks? Well, the first thing that may come to your mind probably is a dead battery. But, this is one of many reasons.

Other things may also cause this clicking noise when your car doesn’t start. However, whenever you hear the noise again, you need to fix it real quick or call a mechanic to fix a problem. Otherwise, the situation can get worse over time.

We know hearing the clicking sound instead of starting the car is pretty upsetting. Hence, we are going to discuss what are the potential reasons behind this issue in this write-up. Not only that, we’ll let you know the possible solutions along with some safety hacks and common FAQs.

So, without wasting much time, let’s get started!

Why Chevy Truck won’t Start Just Clicks?

Here are the most probable reasons why your chevy silverado truck wont start just clicks and their solutions in the table below-

Common Reasons Possible Solutions
Drained batteryReplace or repair the battery
Dead batteryReplace or repair the battery
Damaged or faulty alternatorReplace the alternator
Loose cables or bad wiringFix the wirings
Starter motor damageReplace or repair the damaged motor
Dirty or contaminated terminalClean the terminal
Ignition switch failureRepair the switch
Locked-up engineFix the locked-up components
Insufficient engine oilTop up the engine with sufficient oil

You can try these fixes below as many have found them useful. So, let’s check out the details-

Drained battery

First thing first, visually inspect if your Chevy Silverado truck’s battery is drained or not. Leaving the headlights or something else that may drain the battery in your absence. And this drained battery cannot provide sufficient power to start your vehicle.

So, if it is like- when i go to start my truck it just clicks -is probably because of the slow parasitic power drain. As a solution, keep the interior lights, headlights, and other stuff off when the car is off.

Dead battery

One of the most common reasons why the 2017 chevy truck wont start just clicks is a dead battery. Check the battery voltage read of your Chevy truck.

If it is less than 12.45V, you need to replace or repair the battery by a mechanic. Use the voltmeter diagnostic tool to check the battery’s voltage output.

Another solution to this problem is recharging the electrolyte. Because the battery sometimes can’t transmit power due to low electrolyte levels.

A damaged alternator

A damaged alternator of your chevy truck can cause the chevy truck wont start just clicks once. The alternator’s job is to recharge the battery.

On the other hand, a defective alternator fails to recharge the battery. This leads to power loss and empties the battery after a start.

So if you hear the clicking noises while starting your chevy truck, check if the alternator is in good contrition or not. If not, then replacing the alternator will fix the problem.

Loose cables or bad wiring

Visually check if there are any loose wires or cables. Sometimes, the new chevy truck wont start just clicks because of a broken wire or a cable. If this is your case, remove or fix the broken wires and loose cable connections for a safe drive.

Starter motor damage

What if all the components mentioned above are all good but still, your chevy wont start just clicks? Perhaps there is a starter motor issue that is preventing your car from starting. The most common symptom of a defective starter motor is the click noise when you turn the car key on.

In this case, jumpstart your chevy truck and take it to the nearest repair shop or the mechanic. And, get it changed as soon as possible. 

Dirty or contaminated terminal

Visually check the battery terminals. If you found any contaminants or dirt and debris on it, clean the terminal.

Ignition switch failure

The battery and the alternator are good. But still you have the question- when i try to start my truck it just clicks once! Well, this can happen when the ignition switch is stuck in the ON position.

And the stuck switch allows providing continuous power to the ignition system and fuel pump. It leads to an overload of the sensor and causes starter issues. So, repair the faulty ignition switch to solve this problem.

Insufficient engine oil

Lack of engine oil can also lead to the starter problem and create noise. Top up the engine filter with sufficient oil to prevent this unwanted condition.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my truck just clicking and not starting?

There are several reasons behind a truck making clicking sounds and not starting, such as a dead and drained battery or a damaged alternator. Besides, faulty cable issues, damaged starter motor, and terminal corrosion can also cause the starter problem with clicking sound.

What does it mean when you turn the key, and it just clicks?

If it just clicks and doesn’t start when you turn your car key, it means there is an electrical problem in your vehicle. If the electrical parts like the battery, starter motor, alternator, ignition, etc are damaged, the vehicle starts to have the starter issue with clicks noise.

How do you tell if it’s your alternator or your battery?

You can tell by the symptoms if it’s the alternator or the battery which is damaged. The car will not start for a damaged alternator and make one loud clicking sound. While on the other hand, the car will not start and make repeatedly click noises when there is any battery issue.

Final Verdict

At the end of this discussion, hopefully, you have figured out why your chevy truck won’t start just clicks. Proper maintenance of the above-mentioned parts and components will keep your  Chevy Silverado in good condition for a long time.

However, while diagnosing or fixing your vehicle by yourself, maintain the safety measures to prevent danger. If you cant DIY, call a mechanic or take your vehicle to the nearest mechanical shop.

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