Chevrolet 6.2 Liter Gas Mileage: How Much Fuel Efficient Is It?

What’s the fuss about the Chevy 6.2 liter gas mileage? Well, we heard the gas mileage depends on the type of road, but the magnitude of the value is quite stunning.

There are several factors to consider while determining the gas mileage of the Chevrolet 6.2L v8 engine. You need to know about the specification of the engine, the type of fuel it uses, the size of the engine, and most importantly, the fuel rating.

The above answers might puzzle you. Therefore, read the rest of the article to diminish your confusion.

All about Chevy 6.2 Liter Gas Mileage

There are many models of engines available in the automobile world, and somehow, 6.2-liter chevy engine gas mileage tends to remain a constant participant in the competition.

So, before buying a new truck, it’s wise to check out the most traditional engine everyone talks about. Start by knowing what a gas mileage actually is.

What is the Average Mileage of Chevy 6.2L?

Gas mileage is basically determined by the power of the engine. You can define the unit of gas mileage as MPG, which is Miles per Gallons of gas. Let’s consider that your Chevy has traveled for 30 miles to consume one gallon of gas. Then the gas mileage of your truck will be 30 MPG.

In short, it’s the miles traveled in one gallon of fuel. Automobile engineers have often tested the engine and calculated the 6.2 L v8 chevy fuel mileage, but, unfortunately, the value results differently every time.

Plus, the explanation is given based on the type of driving environment. There is a whole difference in the mileage value when you drive your truck on the highway than on the city street.

As there’s more traffic on the city roads, the truck needs a frequent response to red lights, decreasing the mileage. The opposite thing happens when that same 6.2 liter engine is on the highway.

Therefore, Chevrolet’s 6.2-liter gas mileage is 20 MPG on the highway, and 16 on the street side. You can attain the combined value at 17 MPG.

Factors To Determine Chevy 6.2L Gas Mileage

As you already know that the Chevrolet 8-cylinder gasoline engine is the top-notch model in the automobile market, you should also know the factors that act as a resistance behind this popularity.

Vehicle Type

Because of the weight of the vehicle, smaller engines provide greater mileage than bigger engines. As the Chevrolet engine is comparatively smaller than other engines, it accounts for less fuel burned in one mile of the drive.

Therefore, having greater mileage than other engine models.

Fuel Type

As a matter of fact, the fuel type should be a high class for an engine to have a greater mileage value. The fuel used in Chevrolet is pure octane that produces less friction inside the cylinders. So, 6.2 liter chevy engine gas mileage should be comparatively better.

Octane ratings

The manufacturer of the Chevrolet 6.2L gas engine is General Motors, GM. And, they have never compromised on the octane ratings of their engines. More octane ratings mean less fuel will burn per mile of a journey.

GM installed 93 Octane as fuel to the 6.2-liter v8 engine, which is way above the average, 87.

Traffic conditions

As mentioned above, driving on the highway results in more mileage than in the city, the combined mileage of the Chevy v8 is 17. What more do you need?

How to Determine the MPG of Chevy 6.2L v8 Engine?

The mileage of one engine is determined as miles traveled per gallon of fuel. Let us take an example to demonstrate this statement.

Suppose you have one gallon of 93 octanes filled inside your engine. All you need to drive endlessly for as long as you want. After several hours, measure the distance you traveled in miles and your fuel capacity.

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Following that, you have found to travel a distance of 3 miles having 0.8 gallons of octane left inside the engine. Now, calculate the mileage by diving the miles with gallon capacity, you will get your gas mileage which is 15 MPG.

Therefore, these are the measurements you need to take to determine the gas mileage of your Chevrolet engines.

Relation Between Fuel Economy and Gas Mileage

Fuel economy is termed as the amount of fuel burned to cover one mile of traveling distance. The unit used to determine the fuel economy or efficiency is given by GPM.

Suppose the 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 6.2L has a mileage of 15 MPG. On the other hand, a standard truck with mileage of 10 MPG comes. Both are using the same type of fuel, and drives were performed in the same road situation.

The first truck is more fuel-efficient as the same amount of fuel is burned to cover a greater distance.

Therefore, you can confirm that your 2021 Silverado 6.2 fuel economy is much greater than the second truck. Hence, you can trust the Chevrolet engine without a doubt!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does a 5.3 or 6.2 get better gas mileage?

For both cases of the engine, the city mileage is given by 16 MPG. But the high mileage of 5.3 is 2 MPG greater than 6.2, which is 22 MPG.

Is the Chevy 6.2 gas a good engine?

Chevy 6.2 has city and highway mileage of 16 and 20, respectively. This is a very above-average value in terms of mileage. So, I’d have to say, yes, it is providing its vest performance on the streets.

What is the MPG for a 6.2 L v8?

The city street mileage for a 6.2 L v8 is 16 MPG, and the highway mileage is 20 MPG.

Does the Chevy 6.2 L require premium gas?

Yes, Chevy 6.2L is recommended to use premium gas and that gas is known as 93 Octane.

What is the MPG of the Silverado 6.2 4WD?

The combined city and highway mileage of Silverado 6.2 4WD is given by 17 MPG.

How to improve 6.2 gas mileage?

You can follow the following procedures to improve the gas mileage:
*Easy pedaling
*Frequently check the pressure of the tire
*Keep an eye on the alignment


Checking your Chevy 6.2 liter gas mileage tells you about its condition. It gives you a notification that it soon may need some servicing.

Before that, having a good idea about your truck’s gas mileage is really important, and with all the information that we provided, you’ll have no problem figuring out the true potential of your Chevrolet engine.

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