Can You Mix Zerex G 05 With Green? Know The Truth

Can you mix zerex g 05 with green? Undoubtedly, the answer is yes, you can. But there are some specifications to do that. Just mixing without proper knowledge can be dangerous for your car engine.

Zerex G 05 & green coolant both are antifreeze used to prevent overheating of car engines. By experimenting, we have gathered all the information for your questions.

In this article, we will discuss from the experience of others & the zerex g 05 compatibility chart in an easy way.

Read the whole article before mixing your zerex G 05 with green coolant.

Can You Mix Zerex G 05 With Green?

People ask a lot, can you mix zerex g-05 with green coolant? As you know we can mix it with green coolant. There are some benefits and drawbacks too.

However, many people also ask can I mix Prestone with Zerex? Of course, you can. Zerex G 05 has 5 years of protection to the engine. Whereas, green coolant can only provide 2 years of protection to the engine.

Neither mixing green coolant can give 150K miles nor 5 years prevention of overheating the engine. Many old model car users want to use only green coolants or mix them because of their car. Green coolants are good for old cars, but there are some ways to do that.

Don’t simply mix water with Zerex G 05. But think about all the drawbacks of mixing zerex G 05 with green coolant first.

Car coolants or antifreeze needs to be well checked before applying to your car. The wrong mixture can not prevent your engine from overheating. Green color coolant is made from the old “Inorganic Additive Technology” formula. This is a standard coolant for preventing overheating of car engines. However, now most new cars don’t use the old formula green coolant. As green antifreeze is good mainly for used older cars. New cars should avoid mixing two coolants. But it is used in some second-hand cars.

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Make sure to check your antifreeze if the green coolant was used beforehand or not. If not I won’t recommend you to use Zerex G 05 with any other coolants.

However, if you still want to mix it with green, do it carefully. It’s best to mix zerex G 05 with green coolant 50/50. But ensure not to mix any water with it as they are premixed.

You have to use at least 50% to 70% Zerex G 05 with green coolant.

Zerex G 05 Compatibility

Zerex G 05 is compatible with worldwide applications. By DaimlerChrysler Zerex G 05 got approval for application as a worldwide coolant. They are approved by most big brands like Mercedes, Isuzu, Yanmar diesel & Navistar, etc.

Moreover, they got approval & recommendation for ford’s new car models. I have mentioned some important brands that have recommended using Zerex G 05 as an antifreeze. Such as:

  • Ford WSS-M97B51-A1
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Detroit Diesel 7SE298
  •  DaimlerChrysler MS 9769
  • Cummins 14603
  • ASTM D6210
  • Perkins Diesel
  • GM 1825M / GM 1899M
  • Deere & Company
  • TMC of the ATA RP 329
  • CAT
  • GE Wind Turbines

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I mix Prestone with other coolants?

Yes, you can mix prestone with other coolants. But mixing coolants without checking compatibility can cause huge damage to car engines. Presetone is safe to mix because it’s a universal coolant.

Are all green coolants the same?

Yes, all green coolants are the same. In the past, people used to use only green coolants for their car engines. Green coolants are cheaper compared to new coolants. 50% water & 50% green coolant is used as a mixture to maintain a smooth engine.

Is zerex G 05 green?

No, Zerex G 05 is not green. They are light yellowish colors. Mostly it is like a honey color. There are other types of premixed Zerex color antifreeze. Zerex G 05 is compatible with any color coolant. It can be made green by mixing green coolant with it. “Zerex Original” antifreeze is green in color.

What color is zerex go5 antifreeze?

The color of Zerex G 05 antifreeze is honey-colored. This antifreeze is a coolant that has been used for over a decade. Zerex G 05 antifreeze uses a formula to prevent corrosion. It is proved that Zerex G 05 antifreeze helps in maximizing engine life.


We hope all your confusion about the question can I mix zerex G 05 with green coolant is clear. We recommend you not mix two coolants unless you are experienced with coolants. There will be no danger of explosion but they can cause damage to your car engineers.

Wisely decide before thinking to mix two coolants.

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