P1693 Dodge Cummins: Why You See This Trouble Code?

Why are you seeing the P1693 Dodge Cummins trouble code? P1693 is known as a companion code. It simply informs you that there is at least one trouble code stored in the PCM or ECM.

Basically, P1693 indicates that you need a Cummins-compatible OBDII scanner to find out the real trouble code.

However, in this article, we are going to tell you the most common causes and the fixing of P1693 error codes. Therefore stay with us till the end.

P1693 Dodge Cummins: 4 Common Causes For Displaying This Code

Many people think that the P1693 code is displayed due to a problem with the turbocharger control circuit. On Dodge Cummins engines, this code is for completely different reasons.

There can be multiple reasons behind seeing this trouble code. Here are the most common reasons for displaying P1693 code Cummins:

Causes For P1693 Error Code What To Do
Hard start or no start of the engineCheck for fuel leaks
When idling or driving, the engine cuts offInspect the crankshaft position sensor, fuel pump, wires, and connections
Misfires in the engineFix the broken injectors or wires
Poor idling and performanceDo idle adjustment

Read the following part carefully to deeply understand why the P16493 code is shown on your Dodge Cummins and how you can fix it.

1. Hard Start Or No Start Of The Engine

You may see the P1693 code if your Dodge Cummins goes through the engines’ hard start or no start problem. You need to step up and fix P1693 Dodge Cummins no start or hard start as early as possible to prevent other trouble codes from displaying.

Generally, the hard or no start problem begins for the fuel leaks. In that case, you have to check all of the connections of your injection and fuel return lines. If you find there any issues, fix them instantly.

Clean all the lines and connectors properly. Also, make sure that everything is linked and tightened correctly. Anyway, if the problem is not solved, you may need to replace or repair a few parts of your engine. For that, you should consult with a Dodge Cummins technician.

2. When Idling Or Driving, The Engine Cuts Off

There is a high possibility that you might see the P1693 error code when your engine suddenly cuts out while idling or driving. A number of factors could cause this. Usually, faulty crankshaft position sensor, faulty fuel pump, damaged wires, or loose connection are the main reasons for the engine cuts off.

Therefore, if you face sudden engine cuts off while idling or driving in Cummins, don’t delay checking these parts mentioned above. Apply the proper fix to prevent P1693 code Cummins.

3. Misfires In The Engine

Your Cummins engine can misfire if it is suffering from injectors gummed up with stiction other debris. Striction needs to be treated with diesel extreme to clean out the fuel system. After this step has been taken and your vehicle continues to run rough, you’ll need to investigate electrical or more serious injector issues.

Regardless, this is not our cup of tea. We just want to let you know that your Dodge diesel has the P1693 code due to engine misfiring.

4. Poor Idling And Performance

Poor idling is another culprit for displaying p1693 code Cummins. However, by making a little idle adjustment. You just require a 10-millimeter wrench to get the job done.

We first need to start the engine and let it warm up to operating temperature. When the engine is warm, turn it off and look under the hood. The idle adjuster is a bolt that is threaded into a bracket with a lock nut. The fuel arm on the injector pump rests on the bolt when the engine is idling.

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If you move the bolt up in the bracket, it will raise the idle speed. Similarly, if you move the bolt down, the idle speed will drop as well. So, to adjust take your 10-millimeter wrench in the little paw and reach down underneath the master cylinder and the hard brake lines. There you will get the lock nut to adjust the idle.

In most cases, the P1693 error code is related to the ECM. The companion code has the simple purpose of just alerting you to the fact that there is a problem, and another code is stored in the vehicle.

The Cummins P1693 code can occur even if nothing is wrong with the engine. Temporarily faulty electrical connections or blown fuses can set off the trouble code even when the ECM does not contain any trouble codes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Since the 1980s, Rams have been the preferred truck for diesel drivers due to their powerful Cummins engine and reliability. Over the last 50 years, the truck has undergone many changes, and some years have been more successful than others. 2006-2007, 2010-2011, and 1996-1998 are the best years for Dodge Cummins vehicles.

Is The 5.9 Cummins A Straight 6?

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Last  Few Words

After reading our entire article, we hope you now understand why you can see the error code P1693 Dodge Cummins. As we told you, you often see this code as an alarm for another trouble code. That’s why you have to take quick steps to resolve the issues that lead your vehicle to display the P1693 trouble code.

Otherwise, there might be a high risk of facing other serious problems with your vehicle. Keep in mind that too. And write to us if you have any queries regarding this article. One of our representatives will contact you promptly.

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