P0720 Ford F150 Error Pops Up! Fixing IS Not That Tough!

When your multimeter shows the code p0720 ford f150, then it means that your vehicle is facing an issue with its Output Shaft Speed Sensor (OSS). There could be a wiring problem, or the OSS might turn defective itself.

This article is going to cover the symptoms that help you identify the root cause of this problem. Additionally, we will add solutions that will resolve this issue instantly. So if you are facing problems with this code and looking for a way to solve them, this article got it all covered!

P0720 Ford F150

We will begin with a table that gives you a brief idea about the symptoms that might show up for the p0720 code 2003 ford f150. This table will also include probable reasons and possible solutions for this code. And then comes the detailed information.

Defective OSSGets difficult to shift gears
Faulty GearsIt might fail to synchronize between the speedometer and the actual engine.
Wiring ProblemPoor fuel economy
Faulty TFT SensorSpeed efficiency is reduced to a greater extent.
Failed PCMGets rough while operating/misfiring
Contaminated Transmission FluidEngine may stall
Engine Drivability Sensor 

Defective OSS

The most common cause of the p0720 ford f150 5.0 is a faulty OSS. It can either wear off as it also relies on the vehicle’s longevity. To determine whether it is bad or not, you will need a multimeter. There are plenty of videos on youtube that teaches you to diagnose a faulty OSS.

Faulty Gears

Then again, some models use plastic gears to spin OSS, which often gets faulty. In that case, the OSS as well as the gear, would need replacement.

Wiring Problem

It is also another reason for the p0720 ford f150 code showing up. This also tends to happen randomly as the OSS is shorter to the ground. Then again, it has to cover a longer distance to reach the ECM. As a result, it is more prone to facing short or being damaged.

If there is any wiring problem, check the harness connection as it is more likely to loosen up. Check whether it is securely connected to the OSS. Also, make sure it is free from rust or corrosion. It is also likely to get burnt, frayed, and thereby damaged. If it happens, replace it with a new one asap.

Faulty TFT Sensor

For some p0720 ford trucks, you’d notice the OSS connected to the TFT Sensor. Somehow if the TFT Sensor gets defective, it starts leaking voltage. As a result, the OSS gets tricky, and this code shows up.

Failed PCM

The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) is mainly responsible for carrying a signal from the OSS. When this PCM fails or gets faulty, the OSS fails to transmit the signal. And thereby, this code shows up. Unlike other reasons, this is a very rare one.

Low/Contaminated Transmission Fluid

The transmission fluid gets contaminated. Thereby the OSS fails to operate smoothly. As a result of which, this code pops up in the trouble code scanner. This also leads to a decrease in fuel efficiency. If you find out that your vehicle’s transmission fluid is contaminated or it is flowing low, replace it with new oil and check whether the oil flowing condition is smooth.

Engine Drivability Sensor

Due to a defective engine drivability sensor, the engine fails to shift smoothly. It may also lead to misfiring and a faulty speedometer. In such cases, replacing the engine drivability sensor would fix this problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I fix code P0720?

To fix the p0720 code, you need to replace both the output and input sensor. You also need to check the gears and wiring and replace them if any of these turn faulty. Besides, you also need to check whether the transmission fluid gets contaminated/polluted or not.

Where is the output speed sensor located on a 2012 Ford f150?

In most cases, you’d find the output speed sensor on a 2012 Ford f150 on the rear section of the transmission’s output shaft.

Where is the output shaft speed sensor located on the 2013 f150?

For the 2013 f150, the output shaft speed sensor is located at the right, where the drive shaft exits the transmission. In other words, it is just inside the lead frame on the trans body.


We hope that you will be able to diagnose the po720 Ford f150. And this article tells you the meaning, symptoms, causes, and solutions. So once you diagnose it, we believe you’d be able to fix this issue yourself.

Just carefully inspect the several parts that we explained above and go for replacement once you discover a defective one. And yes! Make sure to drive a test once you replace any faulty parts. This is to check whether the engine is running smoothly after the replacement.

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