P0451 Ford F150: Error Code for EVAP Pressure Sensor Performance Issue

What does the P0451 Ford f150 mean? It means a malfunction in the pressure sensor circuit of the evaporative emissions (EVAP) system.

This diagnostic code indicates that your vehicle’s control unit has recognized a major technical problem. There are numerous reasons why your vehicle experiences this malfunction.

By reading our article, you’ll learn more about the code, including why it appears, and possible solutions. Let’s read it!

Causes and Solutions Behind the P0451 Ford f150 Error Code

The inconsistent code has several causes and symptoms. Some of the most relevant facts about it are shown in the following table.

A faulty fuel tank pressure sensorMIL (malfunction indicator lamp) illumination
A faulty canister vent valveSmell of gasoline from the vehicle’s engine.
Tight or missing fuel capDecreased fuel efficiency
Broken or collapsed EVAP hoses/linesOther codes will begin to appear
A faulty PCM (rare)Increased vehicle emissions

Now, let’s go through all of the explanations for P0451 for Ford F150 in detail and their solutions.

A Faulty Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor

You’ll notice a engine code P0451 ford f150 code when the PCM (powertrain control module) in your vehicle detects an erroneous voltage signal from the EVAP tank pressure sensor.

And also, the ‘Check engine light’ pops up. Consequently, a solution is required for the faulty sensor.


Now, it’s high time to examine the sensor signal of fuel tank pressure. A decent scanner will be required. After spotting the error, you must fix or replace a damaged fuel tank pressure sensor with a new one. It might be a viable option for you.

A Faulty Canister Vent Valve

The canister vent valve prevents them from being released into the atmosphere by retaining the fuel vapors formed in your fuel tank.

As a result, when your engine is running at a normal pace, the (EVAP) system progressively permits these vapors to enter your engine.

Consequently, the valve controls how much and when these gases enter your engine. The code can be displayed when a malfunctioning canister vent valve is present.


The canister vent valve is a vital feature of your EVAP system. But a faulty valve may influence your vehicle significantly with the unpredictable code.

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As a result, the difficulties with this equipment must be solved quickly. To resolve the erroneous code, you can replace the faulty valve with a new one.

Tight or Misplaced Fuel Cap

An obvious sign that there’s an issue with the fuel cap is if you’ve lately received a notification telling you to “tighten the fuel cap.” However, the fuel cap is frequently misdiagnosed as the source of the P0451 ford f150 Ecoboost.


There’s a rubber seal around the part of the cap that touches the fuel receiver. Look for signs of dry-rot or missing seals. A new gas cap may be all you need to repair the issue if this is the case. Replace the gas cap to see if it improves.

Broken or Collapsed EVAP Hoses/Lines

Your vehicle’s EVAP system relies heavily on hoses and lines. So these hoses and lines are the next areas to check for P0451 2013 ford f150 problems. A quick fix is required if the unpredictable code is being caused by ruptured or collapsed EVAP hoses or lines.


Pay attention to the points where the lines meet other items, like exhaust, or anything that could progressively cut them. The same logic would apply if you were to check the electrical harness.

There’s a good chance you’d be looking for signs of damage. Check out the location of the EVAP pressure sensor connector on the sensor. If the plug is loose or damaged, it’s time to get a new one.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does engine code P0456 Mean?

Ford code P0456 means a malfunction or a small leak detected in the Evaporative Emissions (EVAP) system. In addition, it’s a challenging trouble code to track down in your vehicle.

Where is the fuel tank pressure sensor on a 2015 f150?

The tank pressure sensor on a 2015 f150 is located on top of the tank in line with the fuel tube.

How do I fix code P0451?

You can fix code P0451 by repairing a faulty fuel tank pressure sensor or the faulty canister vent valve. Additionally, broken or collapsed EVAP lines or the fuel cap can also be replaced to fix the code.


Even for skilled technicians, repairing P0451 ford f150 errors can be challenging. Furthermore,  it becomes more difficult as the code has not any specific symptoms other than illuminating the check engine light.

So, we urge you to familiarize yourself with this error code before it costs you additional time and money in the future.

We hope that this article is helpful in keeping you informed about the trouble code and how to resolve it. Do forward to those who are at severe risk with their Ford automobiles.

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