P0022 Ford F150: Everything You Need To Know!

What exactly does the P0022 ford f150 mean? This code actually concerns the Variable Valve Timing (VVT) or Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT).

This article will come up addressing the symptoms, causes and fixing methods for p0022. If you are frustrated with your Ford F150 with this P0022 code, consider reading this article till the end. In case you are working to fix this, this article exactly covers all your requirements.

P0022 Ford F150

Let’s start by adding a table to get a short yet crisp idea of the causes and symptoms. Later we will discuss it elaborately.

This table would help you get a gist of everything packed.

Engine light ONPower loss
Engine timing seems to be off for the camshaft to sync with the crank.Difficult to start to motor
Poor camshaft qualityRough engine
Continuous oil flowFails to provide sufficient gas mileage
Faulty actuator solenoidDecreased fuel economy
Dirty engine oil
Broken solenoid wire
VCT harness is short
Hard knocking sound coming from the engine

Engine Light On

Engine light refers to the Service Engine Soon Warning Light. This is basically a signal light that lets you know that there is something wrong with the engine or the motor. So if there is the engine light blinking, then you have to inspect the engine motor.

This is also useful when you hardly notice any symptoms, but it diagnoses and notifies you to take a look. Make sure to clear this light and inspect if it shows any code other than the p0022 ford f150 5.4 code.

Camshaft Fails To Sync With The Crank

When the engine timing chain jumps beyond its maximum limit, the camshaft no longer can sync with the crank. And sometimes you can get this p0022 ford f150 5.0 engine code.

This often happens due to a faulty camshaft. So you must check the camshaft and replace it if needed.

Poor Camshaft Quality

The quality of the camshaft could turn bad. As a result of which, the engine becomes idle and fails to operate effectively. Moreover, the speed also falls, which gets annoying later.

In that case, you need to replace it with a higher-quality one.

Continuous Oil Flow/Pressure

Another cause that results in p0022 is the continuous oil flow to the VCT chamber. If the oil flow or the oil pressure is continuous, it might affect the engine jumped timing, and then you gotta replace the engine sooner or later.

The flow should be moderate- neither too harsh, speedy, or slow. If the oil flow is slower, then a number of things could go faulty. It could be either the oil pump or the pressure regulator. The camshaft position, as well as the engine, might turn bad as well.

Faulty Actuator Solenoid

The actuator solenoid is also likely to turn bad often. In that case, you need to diagnose it and inspect if the problem persists. It might get tricky, so we consider taking it to a repair shop. However, if you are techie enough with this stuff, go for replacement.

Dirty Engine Oil

When the engine oil gets dirty, it hinders the operation of the actuator solenoid. Then again, if the engine oil comes in contact with the water, the viscosity falls off. As a result, it fails to prove adequate oil pressure to the actuators. Moreover, dirty engine oil results in the formation of tiny holes inside the VCT valve.

If you are coming across the above scenario, replace your oil with a new one. Also, replace the oil filter according to its recommended oil weight. Once you finish replacing, drive a test to check if the new oil is free from dirt.

Broken Solenoid Wire

Another common reason is that the solenoid wire could either be broken or damaged. This could happen due to extreme oil pressure. In that case, check the Bank 2 Intake Camshaft Oil Control Valve. Just apply power for one second or two. And ground to the solenoid. You can use some fused jumper wire.

The valve might click or move. And that would mean it is operating smoothly. If it fails to move or make a click sound, then it is faulty and needs replacement. Make sure to drive a test once you replace it with a new one.

VCT Harness is Short

The Variable Camshaft Timing becomes short, and thereby it shows up in thge code. To fix this, you need to check the wiring harness and look for any broken or damaged parts in it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What causes a p0022 code?

A p0022 code basically takes place when the camshaft timing of the intake camshaft valve 2 is less than its usual limit/value.

How do I fix my p0022 Ford f150?

You need to determine the causes. Inspect the most random causes that include dirty engine oil, oil pressure, solenoid wire is broken, etc. Take a look at all the wiring and connectors and check if anything is broken or damaged.

How much does it cost to fix p0022 code?

It might cost around $40-$50 to fix the p0022 code. That includes the oil change, filter change, road test, labor, and materials.


Hope you are all clear about the p0022 ford f150. We have added all the causes and symptoms you are likely to encounter regarding this code. Besides, we have added solutions that would help you to diagnose and understand the root cause of the problem. If you see things not working anyway, consider calling a professional and seeking his advice.

Good luck!

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