The Ultimate Guide On P2146 Cummins Engines

Do you know what does p2146 cummins code mean? This code is typically caused by a lack of oil or low oil pressure. There are a number of reasons why your car is displaying the code. The most common cause is a faulty fuel pressure regulator.

There are also other causes. Apparently, we will discuss it with symptoms in the next sections.

Furthermore, this article will discuss the reasons and solutions for the fault code p2146 Cummins engine. Well, let’s not squander our time and soon begin the conversation!

P2146 Cummins

Meanwhile, let’s figure out the causes and symptoms of p2146 cummins code and solve this issue.

Dirty or clogged air filterEngine misfires and dies at idle
Fuel injector clogged or injector failurerough running
Pump failureReduced engine power
Incorrect fuel pressureThe engine will not start or will stall when it’s running
Lack of oil or low oil pressureThe engine will not reach full power
Faulty camshaft head gasketEngine starts but dies soon

We’ll get into the causes of each symptom as well as potential solutions.

Dirty or clogged air filter

A dirty or clogged air filter can cause lost performance. The most common cause of this problem is that the engine has been running for a long time and the air intake system has accumulated a lot of dirt.

In order to clean this dirt, you should check if there is any dirt in the air filter. If there is dirt in it, we should clean it.

Fuel injector clogged or injector failure

Fuel injectors are responsible for injecting fuel into an internal combustion engine’s cylinders at high pressure. The 2007 cummins p2146 causes result from the fuel filter clogging up.

In order to clean, you should check if our fuel injection system is clogged by removing the fuel line from the engine and then spraying a small amount of gas into the pipe. If you see bubbles coming out from it, your fuel injection system is fine.

Pump failure

On the contrary, it is very hard to diagnose. The most common causes are excessive wear, where the pump impeller or vanes may be worn down to the point where it cannot effectively transfer coolant to the radiator.

Then, damaged impeller where the blades may be cracked or broken, which will make it difficult for them to push coolant through the system.

Moreover, if there is corrosion on any components that make up your cooling system, it will not function properly, and your pump could fail.

Incorrect fuel pressure

The main cause of incorrect fuel pressure is a faulty fuel level sensor. It maintains the required amount of pressure in the fuel system to ensure that the engine operates at peak performance.

To solve this, you can check for any loose hoses or clamps that might restrict airflow to the injectors simultaneously. Also, you can check for a faulty fuel level sensor.

p2146 cummins 5.9 symptoms are hard to detect because the engine will continue to run smoothly. The first sign that something is wrong is an increase in fuel consumption.

Lack of oil or low oil pressure

The most common cause of low oil pressure is a leak in the engine. Meanwhile, this can happen anywhere from the oil filter to the crankcase.

Thus, there are many other causes of low oil pressure, including worn engine bearings and faulty sensors. As a car owner, you should always check your vehicle with an expert if you notice any symptoms of low oil pressure.

Faulty camshaft head gasket

A blown head gasket is one of the most common causes of faulty 24v cummins p2146. It is a four-stroke engine that has an overhead camshaft. The fuel injection system of this engine uses a common rail injection system to inject fuel into the combustion chamber.

However, the best way to fix this problem is to replace the head gasket or change the oil.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I fix error code P2146?

In order to fix this error, you have to replace the ECM in the case of faulty injector drivers. Then, fixing a problem with the spark plug transmission lines or power adapter that’s causing an open or short. Next, substituting an inlet that has been shortened. Also, changing out the engine trolling motor.

What causes injector circuit open?

When ‘fuel pulse width too long’ is set, there might be an issue with gasoline pressure that could quickly prevent an adequate flow of fuel.


On the whole, no matter what kind of truck you have, you need to get to the bottom of the problem of fault code p2146 cummins. It is an engine that is used in a wide range of applications. It has several advanced features that make it ideal for heavy-duty applications. Also, the latest innovations in emissions reduction technology provide cleaner air while maximizing fuel efficiency.

Although we made every effort to compile as much detail as possible, we were unsuccessful. However, after reading the material, you will better understand the concepts.

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