GMT800 Vs GMT900- Which One Will You Choose?

GMT800 Vs GMT900

What is the difference between gmt800 and gmt900? They are certainly different in the engine. It can be a tricky decision to make between them. But there lie some considerations on price and performance, too.

However, there are many differences between GMT-800 and GMT-900. These include engines, features, style, and more. This article will elaborately discuss all the differences between gmt800 Vs gmt900. So, without wasting any more, let’s start the main discussion.

GMT800 Vs GMT900

Key PointsGMT-800GMT-900
EngineLS engineAFM engine or 4L60 engine
Technology FeaturesFewerMore
StyleLess stylishMore stylish
Towing Capacity25,000 pounds31,500 pounds

Check the below guide to find the apparent differences between gmt800 Vs gmt900 suburban, which are two famous truck platforms.

Engine Differences Between GMT-800 and GMT-900

The GMT-800 platform used LS engines in their truck models. At first, these trucks had some cold knock problems, but those problems got solved rapidly—all the lorries from then until before the GMT-900 had the most refined engines GM ever built. You can’t defeat a GMT-800 LS engine for sturdiness. It is freaking bulletproof.

On the other hand, The GMT-800 platform used AFM engines or 4L60 engines in their trucks models. You might get irritated with the AFM engine as it requires switching back and forth between 4 cylinders and 8 cylinders. The slightest incline would push it back into eight cylinders.

Again, among several differences, one of the biggest is power efficiency.

The GMT900 operates on a newer engine that has reduced drag on the drivetrain and offers more excellent fuel economy. It also has an improved direct injection system that makes working at a lower rpm easier, which helps reduce wear on other components.

Features Comparison

The GMT-800 platform comes with natural paint and real steel. It comes with the torsion bars front suspension. The GMT-800 platform’s trucks’ built quality is far better than the GMT-900 platform’s trucks. GMT-800 models are a little more heavy-duty compared to the GMT-900 models. The GMT-800 models seem more challenging than the GMT-900 models.

In GMT-900, you will get more power and towing capacity than GMT-800. The coil spring front suspension on the GMT-900 is better than the GMT-800 platform’s front suspension. The GMT-900 platforms have coated brake lines and an entirely boxed frame. The new rack-and-pinion is notably better in GMT-900.

Contrarily, in GMT-900 models, brake feel is enhanced compared to GMT-800 models, and fuel economy is up than GMT-800 models. The 6-speed on GMT-900 models is an excellent upgrade over the old four-speed on GMT-800 models. The noise, vibration, and harshness of GMT-900 models are less than GMT-800 models.

Style Differences

GMT-800 platform trucks are not as stylish as GMT-900 platform trucks. If you want to have truck experience, then GMT-800 models are suitable. The GMT-800 models will feel somewhat outdated than the GMT-900 models, notably the steering.

You will be required to work and guide the steering down the street. In other words, GMT-800 models drive like a truck. With more enhanced technology, GMT-900 models are more stylish than GMT-800 models. GMT-900 models have been truly dependable even at higher mileage.

Towing Capacity Between GMT800 And GMT900

The gmt800 and the gmt900 are both a type of trucks that are popular choices for towing. The difference between the gmt800 and gmt900 is their maximum towing capacity. The gmt800 has a maximum towing capacity of 25,000 pounds, while the gmt900 has 31,500 pounds.

However, both can handle trailers with a gross weight rating (GWR). The gmt800 is the smaller of the two trucks, but it has a higher towing capacity (up to 8 tonnes). The gmt900 truck is more prominent and can tow up to 18 tonnes.

Price Difference

Several more trucking companies prefer the GMT-800. The vehicle is available in varying configurations to meet the driver’s requirements. This model has a starting price of $50,000 and a maximum price of $90,000.

There are several truck options available to drivers, and the GMT-900 is one of them. Additionally, this model offers an array of choices to suit the vehicle’s preferences. Prices for this vehicle begin at $48,000 and can rise to $80,000, depending on the options chosen.

Meanwhile, both trucks have a lot of the same features and cost a lot of the same money. When determining which vehicle to buy, it all boils down to your needs and your money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a chevy GMT900?

The Chevy GMT900 is considered the most dependable Chevrolet Silverado model ever built. This claim is supported by these trucks being the most famous and broadly used commercial trucks for companies with employees that drive long miles and rack up more than thousands of driving miles each year. The first chevy GMT-900 car launched was the next-generation Chevrolet Tahoe.

What is a GMT800 truck?

A GMT-800 truck is a General Motors complete-size truck platform. This platform was utilized between the 1999-2006 model years. The GMT-800 era of Chevy and GMC trucks and SUVs is equally famous nowadays as years ago when these trucks were sold new. In the years after these trucks ended manufacturing, they have established a name for themselves for being rather dependable.

Is the Avalanche a GMT800?

The Avalanche was released in September 2001 as a 2002 GMT-800 truck. The Avalanche was a pickup truck category of the Suburban complete size sport utility vehicle, joining the Chevrolet lineup as an extremely exceptional value. The Chevrolet Avalanche has regrettably been stopped, but its legacy continues nowadays.


Before choosing between GMT800 Vs GMT900 Duramax, you need to read this article thoroughly. Here, you will find a clear differentiation between Gmt800 Vs Gmt900, which will help you to choose one between them. GMT-800 models use LS engines better than GMT-900 models AFM engines, particularly in sturdiness.

While GMT-800 models are cheaper than GMT-900 models, GMT-900 models have more features and are more stylish than GMT-800 models.

So, if you are just worried about functionality and price, get a GMT-800 and if the beautiful ride and comforts are crucial to you, go for GMT-900.

After reading this article, we are hopeful that you have now known all the differences between these two famous truck platforms.

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