Are Rough Country Shocks Any Good: Is Rough Country Really Worth It?

Are rough country shocks any good? Rough Country shocks are a fantastic alternative if you want an OEM replacement with some lift since they have great performance and impressive handling and towing power.

Their shocks have traditionally been a low-cost option for lifting your truck, SUV, or Jeep. You can elevate your truck on a budget using lift kits for practically any make and model car.

So, today we are to talk about their shocks. If you want to know the answer to are rough country suspension is good, be sure to read it.

Are Rough Country Shocks Any Good?

Overall, Rough Country lift kits are a decent value for the money, especially if your budget is limited. It is likely the finest budget choice available. Rough Country shocks are highly cost-effective.

Even though their quality isn’t as good as some other manufacturers, they’re pretty economical and last long. They’ve always aimed to provide shocks that prioritize client pleasure and value, ensuring that their shocks are of the highest quality.

Rough Country shocks are an excellent choice for both street and off-road driving, lifting most pickups and street queen trucks. They are an incredible value and have excellent performance for the price.

Furthermore, the V2 performance monotube shock provides exceptional performance with a stunning aesthetic, and it has a vertex adjustable reservoir for adaptability and convenience. These shocks will guarantee that your car lasts a long time and is comfortable to drive.

Are Rough Country Shocks Better Than Stock?

We believe you already got the answer of is rough country suspension any good. But are they better than stock? Let us see.

On the high-speed rocky terrain, the compression set of the rough country shocks at level 1 is notably softer than stock, with slightly better bottoming resistance.

When we adjust the compression to the second level, the highway ride is as bumpy as the standard shocks but much more controllable. As can be seen, bottoming resistance is far better than stock here too.

What sets it apart from standard shocks is that the aluminum is CNC machined for a long-lasting experience, and the military-grade fluid within improves functionality and reliability.

How Long Do Rough Country Shocks Last?

When compared to other materials, it has an average material type. T6061 aluminum is a medium-strength, medium-mechanical-properties aluminum.

However, for the money, it performs admirably. The tensile strength comes next, and it’s crucial. It specifies a material’s ability to withstand failure.

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So, if you are still wondering are rough country shocks good, then yes, they are excellent as, according to Rough country, these shocks will last you for a lifetime which is backed up by their lifetime warranty.

Most Rough Country Suspension Systems suspension items come with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. If used according to the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and operation, all goods are assured to be free of defects in material and quality for the life of the vehicle.

Are Rough Country Shocks Good For Towing?

They seem a little mushy because they are twin-tube shocks, and there is no performance improvement like you would get with a monotube shock. On the other hand, these shocks are linear and have a pressure of 200 psi. This indicates that they have a maximum loading capacity.

We wouldn’t recommend using Rough Country shocks for towing because they aren’t as strong and feel soft. Towing requires the use of a stiff suspension shock, as we all know.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who makes shocks for Rough Country?

Heckethorn Products Inc, one of the first suppliers of aftermarket Jeep steering stabilizers, bought Rough Country in 1986. They are the current producer of shocks for Rough Country.

Which is better Skyjacker or rough country?

Rough Country is your go-to off-roading products provider if you want toughness and robustness. Meanwhile, Skyjacker’s goods are hard to beat if you want to drive off-road in luxury and enjoy smooth rides. We recommend Rough Country for shocks because of its extensive range of features.

Are Rough Country good shocks?

Rough Country shocks are extremely cost-effective. Despite the fact that their quality isn’t as good as some other manufacturers, they’re pretty economical and last a long time. They also provide a large selection of alternatives for various types of automobiles, such as body/suspension lifts and leveling kits.


If you have been searching for the answer of Are rough country shocks any good, then we are confident that we have been able to answer your query.

Rough Country shocks provide the most excellent possible quality at a reasonable price, allowing you to make your ride more stable and enjoyable. In comparison to the disadvantages, this product has a lot of advantages. As a result, in our opinion, this product is a must-try.

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