Range AFM Disabler Problems- Find Out And Solve in The Easiest Way

Are range AFM disabler problems pretty common? If you’re having trouble starting your vehicle engine or the vehicle’s computer is losing communication with the drive train after installing the AFM disabler, then this device is most likely to be responsible for these problems.

Many people find the sound of four-cylinders annoying if their vehicle includes louder aftermarket exhaust. Plus, some people enjoy V8 power under their foot than the V4. In that case, AFM disabler can be a good choice.

But unfortunately, even if using this device can be useful, it causes some terrible problems in your vehicle that can be unavoidable sometimes. Now you may wonder what is the possible solution to fix these AFM disabler issues?

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Range AFM Disabler Problems: Are They Myth or Real?

Although the Range AFM disabler helps the driver or vehicle owner solve some issues related to the AFM, the disabler itself creates some problems for your vehicle.

However, range AFM disabler issues aren’t common for every user. Few users found this device really useful and didn’t face any problem with it.

Below are some common problems you may face while using the device on your vehicle:

Range AFM Disablers IssuesSolution
1. Vehicle’s computer loses communication with the drive train

2. Vehicle turns off automatically

3. Creates CEL errors

4. Creates issues in ECM

5. Transmission problems

6. Produce extra heat in the engine
Unplug the AFM disabler and wait for at least 30 mins before plugging it back

Let’s Check Out the Issues in Details

  1. The computer in your vehicle may lose communication with the transmission, body control module, transfer case, and everything related to the drive train.
  2. Your vehicle may shut off automatically and start showing power steering error; consequently, your vehicle’s engine won’t restart.
  3. This device may create CEL (Check Engine Lights) errors and stuck in 4th gear on start-up.
  4. The device may interrupt the electronic control module and create issues with the system being read and emissions readiness for using the range AFM disabler.
  5. You may often face range AFM disabler transmission problems like it may cause downshift hard while slowing down the car.
  6. Using the range AFM disabler device, you may experience extra heat coming from the engine after opening the hood.

One Solution to All Problems

Unfortunately, there’s no specific solution for each AFM disabler problem. You can contact any mechanics and ask them for a solution indeed, but most users complain that manufacturers are unable to provide any solution.

But you can fix the problem by unplugging the device and waiting for 30 to 40 minutes before plugging the disabler back. If it doesn’t fix your problem, consider calling an auto mechanic.

And suppose unplugging this electronic device fixes the problem you faced with the engine. In that case, we suggest you not use the range AFM disabler device to avoid further problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will disabling AFM save lifters?

Yes, if you disable the AFM, you can save lifters from failure. After disabling, the lifter will be barely used while running the vehicle, which means the lifter will have less wear and tear. Thus, you save the lifters.

Should I use an AFM disabler?

It really depends on how your vehicle reacts after connecting the AFM disabler device. If you experience some unusual problems right after plugging the device, then we would suggest you not use an AFM disabler. But if your car runs smoothly with the disabler, then you’re good to go.

Should I disable AFM on Silverado?

If you’re facing AFM-related problems in your Silverado, then the best choice would be to disable the AFM using an AFM delete kit or AFM disabler. These are more affordable options than repairing the problem. So yes, you can disable AFM on Silverdo if needed.

Does range AFM disabler drain battery?

Sometimes we forget to unplug the disabler and leave the vehicle with it. So it’s necessary to know how much the range AFM disabler battery drain if you left it plugged in. Thankfully this device draws a minor battery life when the vehicle is in sleep mode or off. This minor draw isn’t enough to adversely drain the battery.


Some vehicles with AFM function aren’t suitable for using with the disabler, and that’s when you face the range AFM disabler problems the most. AFM disabler reduces lifter failure, stops excessive oil pump, reduces louder exhaust notes, and V8 power is always on in the disabler mode.

But the problems you may face aren’t worth it. Suppose you went to travel somewhere and due to the disabler device, your car just refused to move forward, must be a nightmare!

That’s why it’s preferable to disable the AFM lifter in another way than using a range AFM disabler. You can contact an expert and discuss with them what can be done to remove the AFM lifter completely.

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