P2440 Toyota Tundra- Fix Your Tundra Secondary Air injection Valve Now!

What does it mean P2440 Toyota Tundra? It indicates an error with the secondary air injection valve.

Don’t worry; this may not be a serious issue. Here, you will know the causes and symptoms to identify your problem easily. You will also get easy, simple, and quick solutions to get rid of this error.

What is P2440 Toyota Tundra?

P2440 is a trouble code for Toyota Tundra which indicates the secondary air injection system is stuck open. So the P2440 code is related to the problematic secondary air valve.

It is better to tell you about the function of the secondary air injection system, and then you can realize how important the valve is for your truck.

The main purpose of the secondary air valve is to provide fresh air into the Toyota Tundra exhaust. This air helps to dilute the toxic gases which emit from the Toyota Tundra.

How Serious Is The P2440 Code?

As the code is related to the secondary air injection system, the P2440 code is a seriously troubling issue.

If your vehicle’s secondary air valve has faults, the operation of the engine may slow down or even stop. Besides, if you drive your car under problematic conditions, it is quite dangerous.

So, the P2440 code is a serious problem connected with the secondary air injection system.

Now, we will present an easy table where we will present the meaning, causes, and symptoms of the Toyota Tundra error code P2440. After the table, you will also get the best solution to your problem.

Faulty air injection valveExhaling fume odor and the check engine light remain on
Pressure sensor issueThe engine may stall during idling as well as at the time of engine start
Faulty vacuum switching valve with open or shorted harnessThe increasing temperature of the engine, poor acceleration, and complications during starting
The electrical connection is not appropriateYou can observe firing and plunging circuit breaker frequently

Faulty Air Injection Valve

The most common cause of troublesome secondary air injection systems is the faulty air injection valve. It increases the fuel consumption compared to the need.

And you may face problems while accelerating the vehicle. Moreover, you will face problems when starting the truck.

Solution: The best treatment is to replace the air injection valve to solve the problem. Secondly, the clogged filter must be removed from the tube.

Pressure Sensor Issue

The pressure sensor balances the ratio of engine performance and amount of fuel. If the pressure sensor is at fault, the engine will stall both at idle and starting times.

Solution: Change the pressure sensor immediately if you observe any pressure sensor fault.

Otherwise, turn on the start key without starting the vehicle. Then press the reset button till the pressure light blinks three times in a row. After that, release the switch.

Note: The reset button is under the steering wheel.

Faulty Vacuum Switching Valve With Open or Shorted Harness

Unlike the air injection valve, the vacuum switching valve controls the entry of the vacuum, which is mandatory for the engine.

Open harnesses and shorted harnesses are also severe cases of secondary air injection systems.

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If you recognize increasing temperature on the engine, poor acceleration, and complications during starting, your vacuum switching valve is faulty.

Solution: Replace the shorted and open harness. After the firing between the wire, replace or repair melted or fired wire.

Electrical Connection Is Not Appropriate

A proper electrical connection is essential for the proper function of your engine. If it is hampered, fire will create between wires or fuel with a foul odor.

Solution: You can replace the bent pin connectors, pressure sensor connectors, etc.

So! We hope now you are clear about your problem, and the Toyota Tundra P2440 fix described above will help solve your issue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does a secondary air injection check valve do?

Secondary air injection check valves prevent exhaust air or fluid flow and protect secondary air injection systems from damage.

What is a vacuum switching valve?

A vacuum switching valve is a valve that controls the vacuum supply to the engine for balanced pressure.

How do I fix error code P2440?

You can fix error code P2440 easily by-
* Replacing faulty air valve.
* Replacing or repairing pressure sensor and pressure sensor connectors.
* Replacing vacuum switching valve.
For more details, you should read the whole article carefully till the end from the start


The P2440 Toyota Tundra is not an issue you need not be concerned about. So, we tried to present an entire overview of the code.

Now you know the meaning, causes, and symptoms with an easy and quick solution to the P2440 error code. Try our tips and tricks to make the procedure easier.

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