What Is The Meaning Of The P2443 Toyota Tundra Code And How To Fix It?

What does the P2443 toyota tundra error code mean? It’s a trouble code for the secondary Air Injection System Switching Valve. When this component’s operation gets stuck at closed bank 2, you’re most likely to see the code in your vehicle.

There are some common symptoms of the P2443, such as sluggish acceleration, engine stalls, exhaust fume odor, and so on. Keep reading to learn more about the causes and their possible solutions.

P2443 Toyota Tundra Errors And Their Solutions

The error code p2443 Toyota tundra 2010 also features the same diagnostic trouble code. There are various reasons behind this trouble code appearing in your vehicle. You can also sense the reason behind the code through the symptoms your vehicle will show.

Defective vacuum switching valveSluggish acceleration
Defective PCMFail emission testing
Faulty pressure sensorIncreased fuel consumption
Malfunctioned air switching valveExhaust fume odor
Issues in electric connectionsIlluminated check engine light

Now, we’ll discuss all these issues with their possible solutions elaborately.

1. Defective Vacuum Switching Valve (VSV)

The purpose of vacuum switching valves is to detect the vacuum negative pressure and status and snap on or off a connection when it senses a change in the gas level of the vacuum.

The VSV technically operates to control the supply of vacuum to the actuator. And its working process keeps the intake manifold running effectively. So when your vehicle experiences a defective vacuum switching valve, it displays the p2443 error code toyota tundra.

This issue can reduce car performance and increase fuel consumption.

Solution: To fix this error code, you should replace the defective vacuum switching valve with a new one.

2. Defective PCM

Powertrain Control Module (PCM) is the brain of your car. Most of the major functions of vehicles are controlled by this brain, such as transmission, engine, and so on. Basically, PCM manages the functions that work through data and information from various sensors.

When your car has defective PCM, it can cause an engine stall or misfire, leading to bad engine performance. All the data transmitting sensors are given a specific range that makes sure a stable engine performance.

Solution: Consider replacing the bad PCM to improve the engine performance and get rid of the P2443 error code from your vehicle.

3. Faulty Pressure Sensor

The pressure sensor is a component of a car that measures the liquids or gases pressure. This function determines how much pressure should be applied and which components of information need to turn into output signals.

When your vehicle’s pressure goes wrong, the mix ratio results in sluggish acceleration.

Solutions: To improve the engine performance and remove the error code, you should find out first if any other connected component to the pressure sensor is malfunctioning or not. If not then consider replacing the pressure sensor.

4. Malfunctioned Air Switching Valve

An air switching valve can be found between the exhaust manifold and the secondary air pump. This secondary air injection system is controlled by a computer and it usually operates to manage the air injection in the engine’s exhaust system.

When your car operates with a malfunctioned air switch valve, it can create a bad exhaust fume odor. The odor may come from the leakage of exhaust or the valve house. It can also come from the check valve which is connected to the secondary air injection system.

Solutions: The odor will increase at idle speed when you can sense the odor mostly. In that case, you need to figure out first where the odor is coming from. Consider repairing the leakage or change the defective with a good one.

5. Issues In Electric Connection

All the functions of your vehicle are connected via electric wire. Also, the engine needs an electrical connection to start. The battery uses the ignition switch to deliver the spark in the engine to fuel and is ready to roll.

Issues with the electric connections stop the engine from starting and bring lots of malfunction in your vehicle. There can be corroded, damaged, or leaked wire that can be the reason behind the bad electrical connection.

Solutions: To fix this problem behind the error code P2443, you need to figure out first which electric wire is causing issues. After finding it, consider repairing or replacing the wires to get rid of the code.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the P2442 Toyota Tundra?

If you ever see the error code of P2442 Toyota Tundra, it indicates to you that your vehicle is having issues with the secondary air injection system stuck in a one-way check valve.

How do I fix code P2441?

You can fix the error code P2441by replacing the air control valve, exhaust pressure sensor, or repairing any damaged, corroded wiring connection. If these steps don’t fix the issue, you should run a thorough inspection of your vehicle’s function.

Can you drive without a secondary air pump?

Technically yes, you can drive without the air pump. But we don’t suggest you drive without it. This function operates to bubbles air by the tank. Plus, air pumps ensure adequate oxygen concentration and water movement. So it may cause some issues with the engine while driving.


So, the P2443 toyota tundra is actually an indication code for a bad secondary air injection system switching valve. If you can figure out the main reason behind the error code, then fixing this issue will become easier.

It’s not dangerous to drive with this code if the reason is a bad air switching valve. But you must fix this error before driving if the reason behind is a poor electrical connection, bad PCM, or defective vacuum switching valve.

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