P0533 Cummins- Let’s Fix The Signal Circuit As It’s High!

P0533 Cummins

Do you know what does the p0533 cummins mean? The p0533 is a generic diagnostic trouble code that expresses that the signal circuit in the vehicle is too high.

Too much high pressure on the air conditioning refrigerant in your vehicle prevents the A/C from functioning properly. And this situation mainly triggers the P0533 error code.

However, this article will elaborate on the p0533 OBD-II trouble code technical description. The mechanic needs to detect the exact reason before starting the diagnosis process. The sign & symptoms, along with the potential causes, are portrayed in this write-up.

So without any further talk, let’s get deeper into the details.

What Is P0533 Cummins

The p0533 in Cummins engine is a fault code that denotes the A/C Refrigerant Pressure Sensor Circuit A is High. The fault code indicates that the pressure sensor of the A/C refrigerator is too high to function safely and adequately.

Here the A/C or air conditioning refrigerant sensor works for the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC system). And this HVAC system controls the temperature in the interior of the vehicle according to the passengers’ demands.

However, the fault code is related to the air conditioning system, and it can be displayed in the winter season. Because the air conditioner works to defog the vehicle during the winter season.

On the other hand, the sensor is connected to two other modules named the body control module (BCM) & electronic climate control module ( ECC). 

However, we can get an idea from the table below about the potential causes and symptoms.

Inoperative cooling fansLimited use of HVAC
low/ overcharged refrigerant A/C systemAbnormal function of HVAC
Poor electrical connection sensorNon-engaging A/C compressor
Defective A/C refrigerant pressure sensorErratic temperature of cooling fan air
Shorted or open sensor circuitCheck engine light ON
BCM or ECC issuesCooling fans blowing warm air.
Damaged or poor connectionsA/C light flashing repeatedly.

Inoperative cooling fans

One of the main reasons behind the p0533 DTC code is inoperative cooling fans that blow out warm air, a symptom. Replace or fix the cooling fan in this case. And also check the wirings and connections.

Low / overcharged refrigerant A/C system

Notice the charging condition of the refrigerant system. Do not overcharge the A/C refrigerant system or leave it on low charge. Make sure the system is getting appropriately charged.

Poor electrical connection sensor

Visually inspect the electrical sensor connections. Replace or repair the damaged and poor electrical connection sensor.

Defective A/C refrigerant pressure sensor

You can observe the A/C refrigerant pressure sensor with an Onboard diagnostic scanner tool. Verify if the A/C sensor is working correctly or not while the system is operating.

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Similarly, you can monitor the pressure sensor with an A/C manifold gauge set if you have one. Then compare the values with the manufacturer’s distinctive desired value.

Tips: Don’t try the pressure sensor test yourself if you have no prior experience. Messing around the refrigerant can be hazardous. And use the appropriate multimeter and test pins when you test any connectors or pins for the DTC p0533.

Damaged or Poor Connections

Check or inspect the wires and connections visually. If there is any broken wire, bent or damaged connections, repair or replace them immediately.

Sometimes some moving parts or damaged connectors can cause severe damage to the refrigerant pressure system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the code p0533 mean?

The p0533 is a generic diagnostic trouble code that expresses the A/C Refrigerant Pressure Sensor Circuit A issue. The fault code indicates that the pressure sensor of the A/C refrigerator is too high to function appropriately and safely.

What are the symptoms of DTC P0533?

The symptoms are using restriction and abnormal function of HVAC, Non-engaging A/C compressor, and Check engine light ON. Besides, the Erratic temperature of cooling fan air and Cooling fans blowing warm air is also noticed.

What is the diagnostic cost of the p0533 code in Cummins?

The diagnostic or repair cost rate may differ by location, mechanic, car model, and engine type. The labor rate can be from $75 to $150 for an hour in the repair shop. And it may require one hour of labor work to diagnose the problem.

Final Words

So that was all about the p0533 cummins OBD-II diagnostic trouble code for the A/C refrigerant system issue. The air conditioner not working is not a life-risking issue. So, in this case, if the DTC pops up and shows the signs of this code, don’t panic.

It might take an hour to diagnose and fix the system. A common mistake often happens while diagnosing the code assumes the pressure sensor showing the code is correct. That’s why the technicians should examine the system before taking any decision.

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