[We Found 7 Causes] P0046 Cummins Code Meaning with Fixes!

Why does the P0046 Cummins code appear? This code indicates that the PCM detected an issue with the boost control solenoid. It is a diagnostic trouble code for turbocharger boost control.

Doesn’t it sound hard? No need to be worried. In this article, we will cover each and everything related to this trouble code.

After reading this article, you can identify the problems that are causing your vehicle to display the P0046 fault codes and will also be able to apply some easy fixes to resolve them.

P0046 Cummins: The Reasons With The Fixes

In the early 2000s, variable geometry turbochargers (VGT) became the norm on diesel engines. Cummins engines also used variable geometry turbocharging and a solenoid to control the turbocharger. For Cummins, the P0046 code usually indicates a problem affecting the turbo actuator that controls the turbo output.

However, here we point out some common reasons for showing P0046 codes on a Dodge Cummins:

Possible Reasons The Fixes
Failure of turbocharger position sensor/boost pressureReplace the turbo actuator
Failure of the VGT actuator or boost control solenoid Same solution applies, replace the turbo actuator
Turbocharger malfunctionReplace or repair the faulty unit
Problems with wiringInspect the whole wire connection and do necessary fixes
Damage to PCM/ECMReplace the PCM/ECM
The turbocharger and inlet pipe are loosely connectedTighten the connection
Dirty Air Filter Clean the air filter

The above table clears the reasons for facing the P0046 fault code. You are most likely experiencing this error due to a problem with your VGT turbo. Identifying the root cause of a failure is crucial to prevent a recurrence.

VGT Turbo Issue Is the Root Cause

There are a few common issues that you might encounter with your VGT turbo. For internal damage, you need to examine the sector gear. You can move the sector gear only after you remove the actuator.

If it doesn’t, there is likely a problem inside the turbo. Then it will need to be taken apart to see what’s going on. It is more likely that the actuator is at fault if you can easily move this gear.

In that case, you need to find a shop that has the program or tuning machine to replace the turbocharger actuator. Typically, your dealer has the program. You can also find the program at many independent truck shops. The actuator has to be programmed after you’ve changed it, so you can’t do it yourself without the tuner.

Turbocharger Malfunction

If your shroud plate is damaged, you might also have issues with your VGT. Turbocharger fins run through the shroud plate. It’s located in the exhaust housing. When the shroud plates are damaged and the fins are bent, they can no longer travel through the plate correctly. The problem may be a result of carbon debris in your EGR system or coolant contamination.

Dirty Air Filter Can Also Lead This Issue

There may be issues with your VGT causing your oil consumption to be higher than usual. Perhaps a bearing failed, resulting in hot shutdowns or contaminated oil. The turbo may be leaking oil due to excessive pressure from the block crankcase filter. You will see expensive problems once carbon gets into your VGT system.

You need to take the P00146 codes seriously to save your money and time. As we have already told you, the VGT and turbo issues are the main culprit for displaying the P0046 fault code. Hence, whenever you see any VGT or turbo-related problems, diagnose them properly and fix them as soon as possible.

Problems With Wiring Or ECM/PCM Damage Issue

Similarly, you must regularly inspect the wire connections, air filter, or PCM/ECM. Tighten the wire connections if they are losing, and clean the air filter after a certain period.

Don’t delay repairing or replacing the VGT, turbo, PCM/ECM if you find any issues. These will surely help you get rid of the P0046 Dodge Cummins fault code.

Anyway, while driving with the P0046 fault code, you may experience several symptoms like the check engine light on and poor engine performance. All of these will gradually shorten the life of your engine. Hence, you should take action as soon as you see this trouble code on your vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Does The P0046 Code Mean?

P0046 code indicates issue with the Boost Control unit A circuit performance. The PCM of your vehicle records this trouble code when it detects potential problems with the VGT actuator. It indicates that the ECU has detected an out of range in turbocharger boost control circuit.

How Do I Know If My Turbo Actuator Is Bad 6.7 Cummins?

It is possible to determine if your turbo actuator is bad by performing a simple test. Just hook the actuator up to the computer with it disconnected from the turbocharger; you can test the actuator to see what’s going on with it. The next thing is to take the lever sector gear on your turbocharger. Make sure it moves freely from stop to stop. If it doesn’t move freely, then there might be an issue.

How Do I Fix Code P0046?

Check for loose connections, cracks, or damaged hoses and lines in the turbo or supercharger system to fix the code P0046. You should also check the wiring for loose connections, damaged wiring, and faulty sensors. Also, check the boost sensor.

Final Verdict

There is no reason to ignore the P0046 Cummins code. It can cause severe problems for your Cummins engine. The engine warning light is usually illuminated before this happens, and it should be diagnosed in the right way to prevent further engine damage. You should also avoid driving in this situation until the problem is resolved.

Follow our tips and tricks to quickly fix the P0046 fault code. And don’t hesitate to write to us if you still have any queries or questions regarding this topic. We are always available to assist you.

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