Kryptonite Ball Joints Vs Moog- Which One to Go with?

What is the difference between Kryptonite and Moog ball joints? The more specific difference between these types of ball joints is longevity. To be more precise, the expected longevity of Moog ball joints is around 100k miles. On the other hand, the Kryptonite ball joints have comparatively less longevity.

Therefore, this different factor is the only thing regarding Kryptonite ball joints vs Moog. Here’s where the rubbers meet the roads. Anyone who tends to choose one for his vehicle has to know the other different factors to make a good choice.

Let’s dive deeper!

Kryptonite Ball Joints vs Moog

Major PointsKryptoniteMoog
SizeComes in different sizes and dimensionsHave several sizes
ConstructionGood construction with the superb build qualitySatisfying build quality with synthetic grease
PerformancePerfect for heavy-duty useImproved performance with 100% quality control
LongevityLess longevityFar better longevity
PriceA bit expensiveCheaper

So, how do you feel about the above table that you have just seen? There are some separations that you may start noticing. Both these manufacturers or brands ( Kryptonite and Moog) Try to ensure the quality of their suspension products. Ball joints, in this case, are no exception.

Whatever, you will now discuss the factors on the table about Moog ball joints vs Kryptonite in a more detailed manner.

Size Differences of Kryptonite and Moog

Both two types of manufacturers produce different sizes of ball joints for the vehicles. Therefore, these ball joints also come in several sizes. You should choose the ball joints based on the suspension system of your cars.

However, if you look for the dimension size, it will depend on the model you intend to buy. Therefore, you will get ‎6.69 x 5.24 x 2.83 inches dimension of Kryptonite 2001-2020 Chevy Silverado ball joints. On the other side, if you want to buy ball joints weighing 1.6 pounds, you will get the dimension  ‎5.4 x 3.3 x 2.8 inches.

However, if you are want to buy the big ball stud, you have to go with the Kryptonite ball joints. A giant ball stud will provide you with the best capabilities while connecting the steering knuckles and the arms bracket.

Construction Comparison of Kryptonite and Moog Ball Joints

The construction of any component is always vital. When it comes to the ball joints that play a decent role in providing a safe ride, you should be extra careful about the construction level. If we move forward to compare these two ball joints, the Moog ball joints have comparatively sturdy construction.

Another crucial thing about the Moog ball joints is that the manufacturer makes the ball joints suitable for different 4WD platforms. Even though the MOOG K80026 only has one ball joint, it is adequate. Besides, the type of ball joint gusher bearing technology will ensure smooth steering movement. Furthermore, these ball joints are made from a strong metal composition.

On the other hand, Kryptonite also comes with highly essential components. You will get a blade oxide finish with the kryptonite ball joints. It is always necessary to resist corrosion, and the construction system ensures that.

However, if you want to make a choice depending on the construction or build quality, the Moog ball joints will win the race. But, it doesn’t mean Kryptonite is the worst.

Performance of Moog vs Kryptonite

Performance should be your top priority no matter what type of component you purchase. Let’s first talk about the Moog ball joints. You will probably have the best performance with the Moog compared to the same series of ball joints.

Moog ensures quality by using the best components to make the ball joints the best possible, both upper and lower ball joints. Besides, the Moog ball joints come with a high off-road tolerance, ensuring better driving.

 Nearly the same factors go with Kryptonite when it comes to performance. You will get the most durable black oxide finish with the Kryptonite that provides better strength.

However, kryptonite ball joints are heavy-duty products. Besides, the kryptonite ball joints also have standard grease for better performance.

Longevity Comparison of Moog & Kryptonite

This comparison point regarding longevity will make a lot of sense. You will indeed have satisfying longevity with the Moog ball joints. This means you may not need to change the ball joints repeatedly. However, ideal ball joints should last for around 100–150K miles, and you will get exactly that with the Moog ball joints.

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 On the other hand, the Kryptonite is also good enough and beats most of the ball joints manufactured. However, the Kryptonite’s longevity is not as good as the Moog’s ball joints.

Meanwhile, you will get a lifetime warranty on both ball joint products. Make sure you purchase from the authorized dealers.

Moog Ball Joints Vs Kryptonite Price

Among the most prominent ball joints on the market, you will be able to get the Moog ball joint for less money. This is yet another reason why people prefer Moog. However, if you want to buy the Moog, the price range will start at only $29.

On the other hand, you have to pay a comparatively greater amount of money to buy Kryptonite ball joints Duramax. Though the price range will depend on the model and the shops you intend to buy from,

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Do Moog Ball Joints last?

The Moog’s ball joints are pretty impressive in terms of durability. However, the Moog ball joints usually last around 100K miles. You may need to replace them after traveling around 100k miles with the Moog ball joints. Furthermore, the longevity also depends on the types of roads and the vehicle’s weight. But the average longevity will remain almost the same.

Are Moog Ball Joints Worth the Money?

If you plan to buy the Moog Ball joints, you can make your money worth it. Moog ball joints are of high quality and have the best performance. The ball joints of Moog create a smoother connection between the steering knuckles and the arm connectors of a vehicle. Besides, the Moog’s ball joints are much more comfortable and comparatively safe to use with your car.

Are Kryptonite Ball Joints Good?

It doesn’t matter what type of off-road tires you have. The ball joints of Kryptonite are fully metal-designed, which ensures better longevity. Furthermore, the manufacturer made the ball joints of tear/wear-resistant silicon. Well, you will get what you expect from ball joints for your vehicle.

Does Moog Make Good Ball Joints?

Yes, they do. After conducting deep research about the usability of the Moog ball joints, we found some positive views among the users. The essential thing about the Moog ball joints is that they have double stud strength. Besides, the ball joints on the Moog are readable. However, better performance and higher durability make the ball joints the best.

Final Verdict

After having a serious discussion, we have come to a point where you may make a choice. Nevertheless, these two brands do not suit all. Once you have known the factors related to Kryptonite ball joints vs Moog, you might have known which one to choose.

But, if you ask us to make things simpler for you here too, going with the Moog if you have concerns over the budget will be the right choice. Furthermore, if you’re looking for much stronger ballpoints for off-road driving, Kryptonite is a good option.

However, the option is up to you now.

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