Supertech DEF Vs Blue DEF| Which One to Pick

What is the basic difference between Supertech DEF and Blue DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid)? However, the main and the most acute difference here is the mileage. You can drive comparatively fewer Kilometres with Supertech compared to the blue DEF with per gallon fluid.

Therefore, you need to know some crucial factors regarding Supertech DEF Vs Blue DEF. We use  Diesel Exhaust Fluid to keep the environment safe. Nonetheless, if you have 2 alternatives before you now, so, you must choose one to get started.

However, our recommendation goes for Blue DEF- through a way too expensive, worth it for most.

Let’s explore the comparison between these two types of fluid right below.

Comparing Fluid Master- Supertech DEF Vs Blue DEF

FactorsSupertech DEFBlue DEF
PerformanceNoticeable performance with pretty good fluid efficiency.Impressive fuel economy with the best performance and better mileage.
ManufacturerWalmartOld World Industries
Certification StandardsFully certified by the responsible authority.Completely certified meeting ISO standards.
Componentsare Made with a smooth combination of essential ingredients.Made with synthetic urea and deionized water with minimal amount.
Price rangeAffordable priceExpensive than the Supertech DEF.

Here is a simple but most important column for you. Now, you can see the differences between both these fluids. Therefore, we would like to explain these differences a bit clearer to you so that you can easily interact.

Performance regarding Supertech DEF and Blue DEF

When you talk about the performance of engine exhaust fluid, the fact of differences genuinely comes into play. You may wonder how there can be a lot of differences when the activity of the DEF remains universal. Engine exhaust fluid helps the engine reduce the harmful emission into the air.

But, the performance varies based on the company that produces the DEF. If we talk about the Supertech DEF, you will possibly get pretty good fluid efficiency. Besides, if you have a stronger DEF, you will also help get a fluid economy. After analyzing several platforms, we notice people have positive feedback regarding this type of fluid.

You will probably go around 700 miles with 2.5 gallons of the Supertech DEF.

Now, if we analyze the performance facts regarding Blue DEF, you won’t feel frustrated at all. You have to pay a lot here; you will have comparatively better mileage. Besides, you will also get better engine power with the help of the Blue DEF.

So, if you have been wondering about the difference between Blue Def and SuperTech DEF, we hope you start getting the things here.

Manufacturer Supertech DEF and Blue DEF

We always go with the brand, don’t we? Yes, we have faith in the brand around us. So, whenever we tend to buy any products, we try to buy from the brand. The biggest brands have much reputation for their products.

Walmart is the brand of Supertech DEF fluid. They have been producing this type of fluid for a while, which is pretty eco-friendly. Though Walmart has some issues with the fluid, it won’t waste your money at all.

On the contrary, Old World Industries is the manufacturer of the Blue DEF fluid. Both these companies and the manufacturer are the most popular in producing quality fluid.

Certification Standards About  Supertech DEF and Blue DEF

We have come to one of the essential facts in our discussion. As the diesel engine exhaust fluid keeps the environment safe, you have to look for the certification while buying any. Let’s first discuss the Supertech DEF.

American Petroleum Institute is known for providing certifications in terms of the purity of the DEF. Therefore, Supertech DEF is certified by them. Besides, Supertech DEF has OEM approval on all SCR-equipped engines.

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On the other hand, the Blue DEF is also certified as well. It meets ISO standards which are highly essential to produce the diesel engine exhaust fluid. Besides, the Blue DEF is also certified by the American Petroleum Institute. So, there’s no issue with the certification for both fluid types.

You will find the date code of the gallons of both fluid kinds to know the expiration date quickly.

Components used to make  Supertech DEF and Blue DEF

The components used to make both types of fluid are enough to remove harmful nitrogen oxide from your emissions. Most of the Diesel Exhaust Fluid uses 32.5 percent urea and 67.5 percent deionized water.

NOx is pretty detrimental not only to the environment but also to human health. Therefore, urea and deionized water help the diesel reduce the amount of NOx. Besides, these elements are pretty much non-toxic.

Price Range Between Supertech DEF and Blue DEF

You can’t just deny the importance of pricing when you compare both these types of fluid for your vehicle. So, as we have shown in the column, you have to pay a lot if you intend to buy the Blue DEF for your vehicle. There are some valid reasons why this type of fluid is costly.

Besides, the price range will vary depending on the size of the gallon. Let’s say you want to buy a pack of Supertech BEF of 2.5 gallons. In this case, you have to pay around $10.

On the other hand, purchasing the same gallons for the Blue DEF fluid will cost you $15.

However, the prices also depend on the shops. Besides, there is a platinum pack out there in Blue BEF. If you want to buy that, you have to pay more. So, if you only have a lot of concern about the price, you should choose the cheaper one, Supertech DEF.

Some Key Notes!

Before diving into the result, we want you to notice quite a few things while buying the fluid. The central point is whether the fluid is certified or not. Besides, the fluid also needs to be verified by the responsible authority, as well.

Therefore, also consider the purity level while buying the Diesel Exhaust Fluid for your vehicle. If you have a diesel vehicle, you can’t simply deny the fact. It is run with a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Supertech DEF Any Good?

Why not. The Supertech DEF is pretty good for your diesel vehicle or truck. The DEF is certified by the responsible authority. Besides, it will provide you with the opportunity of saving a lot of fuel. You will find the Supertech DEF at an affordable price too. However, it meets the ISO 22241 standard.

Is There A Difference in the Quality of DEF Fluid?

Yes, there is. Though there are many DEF manufacturer companies and brands, not all of them will provide you with the best quality. Therefore, there’s all about the level of purity there too. Thus, we recommend you to buy from the best manufacturer.

Is It OK to Use Cheap DEF?

After all, you can buy. But, if you can afford it, you should go with the best brands. Therefore, when we talk about the best brand, you may need to pay a bit of money. However, it’s all about the best fluid, as purity is a big concern here.

Who Makes Supertech DEF Fluid?

Well, Walmart is the brand that makes the Supertech DEF fluid in the USA. They are all known for producing products like this. But some different brands make the Supertech fluid in other regions.

Final Words

Are you still wondering about Supertech DEF Vs Blue DEF? Instead, it’s high time for you to make a decision. We’ve covered practically all of the variables you need to consider while deciding. But, we do not prefer one after another here.

If you have some concerns over Walmart, you can go with the Blue DEF. Similarly, if you have a minimal budget, going with the Supertech DEF won’t be the wrong choice. However, both these types of fluid ensure quality and will be helpful for your engine and the environment.

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