DTC Code P0480 Cummins- Fix The Problems With Your Cooling Fan

p0480 Cummins

Do you know what does the p0480 cummins means? The p0480 is an onboard diagnostic trouble code that denotes there is a problem within the cooling fan control circuit.       

When the PCM detects any malfunction in the electric cooling fan of the engine, this generic OBD-II code pops up. There are many potential causes and reasons for the p0480 fault code. You can easily detect the code by observing the signs and symptoms cited in this writeup.

So if you are stuck with this p0480 trouble code, don’t panic at all. We have got your back. The characteristics of this error code are quite similar to the p0481 and p0482 trouble codes.

However, we will be discussing what this code signifies, how to diagnose it, and what repairs can fix this trouble code in this article. Scroll down to get some basic and important information about the p0480 DTC.

P0480 Cummins- Causes, Symptoms & Right Fixes

The p0480 fault code means the cooling fan 1 control circuit is malfunctioning. This DTC is registered when the powertrain control module can’t receive proper voltage from the cooling fan control circuit.

The computer system of your vehicle controls and monitors the engine cooling fan system with the help of various sensors. The coolant temperature sensor helps the powertrain control module (PCM) to detect the temperature gradient.

When the temperature of your vehicle’s engine reaches a particular value the PCM will activate the cooling fan. The cooling fan control circuit mainly works to express if the cooling fan is properly working or not. It works by sending a specific amount of voltage to the PCM.

So when the computer system fails to operate the cooling fan 1 control circuit, it triggers the check engine light to show the code.

Now let’s have a quick view of the potential causes and symptoms of this p0480 diagnostic trouble code from the table below.

Potential causesSign and symptoms
Defective cooling fan 1.Engine overheating.
Damaged AC pressure switch.Emission test failure.
Poor electrical connections.Check engine light ON.
Defective coolant temperature sensor.Poor performance
Inoperative VSS.Decreasing fuel economy.
Faulty fan control relay.Pinging on acceleration.

Defective cooling fan 1

Visually inspect the cooling fan 1. If you found it damages or faulty, causing the p0480 cummins no start with this trouble code, replace it.

A defective cooling fan 1 is one of the most common potential reasons behind the cooling fan control circuit malfunctioning. So replacing the defective cooling fan can fix this issue.

Damaged AC pressure switch

Checkout if the AC pressure switch is operating properly or not. If the switch is damaged it won’t read within its specification.  Replace the damaged or faulty AC pressure witch to resolve this problem.

Poor electrical connections

Search for damaged, broken pushed-out connectors. Also visually inspect if there are any related damaged wirings or connections. Fix or repair the poor electrical wirings and connections.

Defective coolant temperature sensor

A faulty sensor of coolant temperature is another common cause triggering the cited DTC. perform a visual inspection for the coolant temperature sensor is reading accurately or not. replace the sensor if it is defective.

Inoperative VSS

Checkout if the VSS sensor is giving a proper reading or not using a scan tool. An inoperative VSS can lead to a p0480 dodge charger problem.

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Look at the downstream to confirm its proper functioning. If it is not operating properly, replacing the VSS can resolve this trouble code.

Faulty fan control relay

Test the fan control relay using a relay tester. If the control relay is tested faulty, replace the fan control relay with a good one.

Diagnosing Cost of p0480

The diagnosing cost may vary according to the vehicle model, labor shop, or the seriousness of the problem.

However, the repair charge may start from $75 to $150.

The diagnosis process may take up to one hour of labor work. The time and cost may vary on the mechanic as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the p0480 dodge code mean?

The p0480 fault code means the cooling fan 1 control circuit is malfunctioning. When the PCM can’t receive proper voltage from the cooling fan control circuit and detects any malfunction in the electric cooling fan of the engine, this generic OBD-II code pops up.

How do I fix code p0480?

To fix the code p0480, you need to figure out what is triggering the fault code. Replacing some damaged sensors like the VSS sensor, coolant temperature sensor, AC pressure switch can fix the code. Besides, replacing some damaged components like cooling fan 1, fan control relay, poor connections and wirings can resolve the issue.

What are the symptoms of the p0480 code fault code?

The most common symptoms of the p0480 code are checking engine light or warning light ON and engine getting overheated. Poor engine performance, emission test failure, and pinging on acceleration also appear as a sign of this fault code. Sometimes the fuel economy may also decrease because of the p0480 DTC.


That was all about the p0480 Cummins. the fault code may get triggered by various reasons mentioned above. It does not come out with just one solution to all potential causes.

So be careful while you are going for fixing the code. Find out the exact cause before starting the diagnosis. Stop driving the car while the p0480 error code is displayed and the symptoms start to appear.

 And take your vehicle to a good repair shop. You can also DIY to clear the code if you have enough automotive diagnosing skills. However, handing over the problem to a mechanic or professional is always a better decision.

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