Ford Sync USB Not Working: What Do You Do?

If your Ford car uses a Sync infotainment system, you may run into a few challenges relating to USB devices. We all know how important a USB connection can be, especially if you want t play music during car rides. But what can you do when faced with the challenge of Ford Sync USB not working?

If the Sync USB is not working, you may need to reset the USB connection. Unplug the USB device or cable and give it a few seconds, then plug it back in. After a moment, you should be good. If you still have issues, ‘force close’ the app and restart it.

Why Your Ford Sync USB Is Not Working

There are a few reasons that can lead to this problem. Let’s break down some of them. Understanding the possible cause makes it easy for you to solve the problem.

Possible Device Malfunction

It is possible that your phone or the USB device has a problem. If it is your phone, try switching it off and removing the battery. Switch it back on, and see if it will work. If it is a USB device, take it off, then insert it again.

At the same time, ensure you are using the right cable. Most USB cables that come with our phones will do. However, some are not original and may fail to connect your phone to your car. Try switching the cable and see if your car connects to the phone.

Lastly, check your phone’s active security settings, as they could be the reason your phone isn’t connecting to the car.

Your Files Are Corrupted

Another reason Sync is not working is that it does not recognize the music on your device. This can happen when your files don’t contain the right song title, artist, genre, or album information. If all song details are correct, your files are corrupted. Try replacing the corrupt files with something new and see if the music will play.

Another possible reason is that the music you want to play has copyright protection. Change your USB settings from mass storage to transfer media files or transfer protocol class. This should solve the problem.

Faulty USB Port

A faulty USB port could be another reason why your Ford Sync USB is not working, Some of the possible causes of a faulty port include

  • Moisture in the port: Remove any moisture in the port as it can damage the fuse, shutting down the whole system. A new USB port is not costly and is easy to install.
  • Dirt in the port: Since the port is often left open, dirt, like food, dust, and other particles can make their way inside it and cause the USB port to malfunction.
  • Wiring issues: If wires are loose or broken internally, the USB port will likely not work.
  • Issues with the Sync: Using a bad cable could result in a short circuit. This will shut down the computer and cause the USB port to stop working. In such a case, you will need to do a master reset and then use a new USB cable.

How Do You Reset Your Ford Sync System?

One of the go-to solutions when Ford Sync USB is not working is to try and reset the system. This can help restore functionality, and the system will not lose the data you had already stored. According to Ford, here is how you reset the system.

  • Press and hold the ‘audio unit’ and ‘seek up’ buttons simultaneously until the screen is blank.
  • Give the system at least 3 minutes to completely reset
  • Press the audio unit button to switch on the system
  • Connect your USB and see if it works

If the problem persists, you will have to do a master reset. Unfortunately, a master reset deletes all the information you had stored in the Sync system. That means it removes text messages, call history, phone book information, saved addresses, paired devices, and the navigation history on the Sync system.

Here are the steps to a master reset.

  • Start your Ford. Ensure it is running and in ‘park mode,’ not in ‘accessory mode.’
  • Find ‘settings’ on your Sync screen and press it.
  • Choose general settings
  • Scroll down, and you will see ‘master reset.’ When you press it, you will get a message confirming if you are sure you want to reset the system. The message also notifies you that everything will be erased, and you will be back to default settings.
  • Press continue and wait. The screen will go blank as the system shuts off. This may take a couple of minutes, but once the system is reset, it will resume normal operations.

Ford Sync USB Is Not Working With iPhone

If your Ford Sync isn’t working with your iPhone, try taking the following steps.

  • Restart your car and your device
  • Ensure you have unlocked your device and it’s on the home screen
  • If that doesn’t work, get another cable. You might also want to check the car manual and learn how to connect your phone to your car.
  • Check if the USB ports are damaged or have any debris. This could also be another reason. At the same time, ensure you are inserting the cable correctly into the USB port.
  • Update your device
  • Check if you can play the music from a different app. If you can’t, your phone may be the problem.

What to Do if Ford Sync Is Not Working at All

If the ford Sync isn’t working at all, here are some of the things you can do.

Reset the Connection

If the system has refused to work completely, the easiest thing you can do is reset the connection. Unplug the USB device or cable and then turn off the Sync system. If everything goes well, your car will detect the USB and allow you to continue enjoying your music. At the same time, you may want to ensure your Sync system is operating on the latest version. As much as you cannot upgrade Sync versions, you can ensure the one you have has been updated for easy use.

Restart Your Car

If the first method doesn’t work, restart your vehicle. Turn off the ford’s ignition and open the car doors to allow the computer to shut down. Give it like 30 seconds, then start your vehicle again. If the issue has been recurring, you may not have much luck with this step. This step usually helps if it is a one-time issue.

Reset the Phone

This step is simple and can also help address the issue. If the above steps have not worked, shut down your phone and give it a couple of minutes. Connect your phone to the vehicle again and see if it helps. If this doesn’t work, do a master reset.

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