P1564 Nissan Code: Everything You Should Know

If you’re the owner of a Nissan vehicle, then you’re likely aware that this manufacturer makes some high-quality vehicles. Despite being high quality, Nissan cars and trucks, just like other vehicles, will encounter mechanical failures from time to time. If your “check engine” has come on and your mechanic subsequently diagnosed an issue pertaining to the P1564 code, then you may be curious about what the specifics are regarding this code. Here is everything that you should know:

What Exactly is the P1564 Code?

The P1564 code isn’t as serious as many people believe it is. It’s not uncommon for Nissan owners to panic and fear that their entire engine is failing and must be replaced if the “check engine” light were to come on. Any mechanic will explain that when the “check engine” light comes on and the OBD checker displays the code P1564, it indicates that there is a problem pertaining to the ASCD system. “ASCD” is simply an official way of referring to the automatic steering system. However, this P1564 code could also indicate that your Nissan’s engine control module (ECM) is malfunctioning.

Electrical problems like these tend to be very tricky to diagnose accurately, because vibration from the vehicle could cause the problems to only occur intermittently. The specific problem that the code is indicating will vary, and here are the possible problems that could be going on:

  • There is a faulty ASCD steering switch
  • The ASCD steering switch harness is open or shorted
  • The ASCD steering switch circuit has a poor electrical connection
  • The engine control module is faulty

In order to determine the specific problem, your mechanic will need to further inspect your vehicle after the code P1564 is displayed on the on-board diagnostic checker (OBD). The mechanic will need to inspect the steering switch in order to determine if the switch itself needs replacing or if only the wiring or sensor is the culprit. If everything is fine with the ASCD, then the mechanic will need to check out the ECM. If this is faulty, then it could cause issues with how your car operates, or your vehicle may stop running altogether. Strangely, the more symptoms your vehicle exhibits, the easier it can be for the mechanic to properly diagnose and subsequently repair the vehicle. ASCD typically doesn’t cause any symptoms, except the cruise control function on your vehicle will not work.

What Symptoms is your Car Likely to Experience with P1564 Code Troubles?

In the beginning, you likely won’t experience any symptoms, especially if the issue involves your ASCD. However, if it involves your ECM, then as the problem worsens, you will likely start to experience the following:

  • Occasional misfiring and stalling
  • Difficulty with starting the vehicle
  • Complete failure to start

Can you Continue to Drive a Vehicle with a P1564 Code Issue?

If your “check engine” hasn’t been on long and you’ve just recently had your vehicle diagnosed by a reputable mechanic, you may need some time before you can have the vehicle repaired. Driving a vehicle with a P1564 code issue isn’t a big deal if the automatic steering system is the cause, because the only thing that it affects is your automatic cruise control function. However, if your ECM is affected and you’re experiencing symptoms, then you may need to have the car repaired as soon as possible, because you never know when it may stall or fail to start.

What Exactly Does the Engine Control Module Do?

The function of the engine control module is to enable the engine ‘s required components to create fuel, air and spark-all which are necessary for optimal performance. Without fuel, air and spark, your vehicle cannot start. The ECM can be compared to the motherboard of a computer system, because if the motherboard fails, then the computer cannot work properly, if at all.

Can the ECM Be Repaired or Must it Be Replaced?

Whenever a vehicle’s ECM begins to fail, it’s best to completely replace it. Although the part can be somewhat costly, it’s relatively quick and easy to replace. Repairing an ECM would entail taking the module apart and rewiring the entire system. Not only would this be time-consuming, but it would also be a great deal more expensive due to the immense amount of labor involved.

Can the Average Nissan Owner Replace Their Own ASCD Steering Switch?

It would probably be relatively simple for the average Nissan owner to replace this part if they were sure that this particular part was causing the P1564 code problem. However, whenever repairs involve anything electrical and a vehicle owner isn’t an experienced mechanic, anything could go wrong and then the amateur may not know how to react. Electrical problems on Nissan vehicles can confuse even the most experienced mechanics, so for someone without any experience, this could be a real problem. However, if a licensed mechanic replaces the part, he or she can easily determine the best way to handle any possible issues that could arise.

What is the Cost of Repairing a P1564 Code Issue?

The cost of repairing an engine problem pertaining to the automatic cruise control system is relatively inexpensive and will usually not exceed $300, which includes parts and labor. In fact, some mechanics might even repair the issue for less than $200. However, if you opt to have your Nissan repaired at the dealership, the cost could exceed $300, since dealerships usually charge more. The reason that Nissan and any other dealerships charge more for their services is because of the premium replacement parts that they use.

Alternately, if your ECM is bad, then the repair will cost substantially more. You can expect to spend anywhere from about $400 or $500 to as much as $1500 or even more. Of course, this will depend on what mechanic you choose, as well as whether or not you take the vehicle to a Nissan dealer.

As you can see, a P1564 code issue isn’t always a serious problem, especially if it involves the automatic steering system. If the engine control module is the issue, then it must be repaired as quickly as possible since it could affect the vehicle’s ability to function properly. In the end, as long as you have a reputable mechanic who is experienced with diagnosing and repairing electrical issues on Nissan cars and trucks, then the mechanic should have your car running like new in no time.

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