P0868 Nissan Code: Everything You Need to Know

Nissan has a very respectable reputation, as they have been making some of the most popular and dependable vehicles for many years now. Regardless of the high quality construction of Nissan’s vehicles, there are always going to be times when Nissan owners must contend with mechanical issues that will arise from time to time. If you have been experiencing issues with your Nissan, and you have noticed that the “check engine” light has come on, you likely have taken it to the mechanic to be checked out. Your mechanic may have told you that the P0868 Nissan code was displayed on the screen after hooking it up for diagnostics. What exactly is the P0868 Nissan code? Here is an overview of everything you need to know:

What is the P0868 Nissan Code?

When a car experiences a mechanical breakdown, the “check engine” light will come on if the issue in any way involves the engine. The “check engine” light could come on for an issue as minor as the vehicle being in need of an oil change, something as major as the entire engine needing replacement, as well as various engine-related problems in-between. In order to find out what’s causing a vehicle’s engine-related issue, a car owner or mechanic will use a device called an OBD reader to diagnose the problem. If the P0868 Nissan code is displayed on the device, then this could signify a number of problems. Here is a full list of problems that this code could signify.

  • There is an issue with the harness or connectors
  • The solenoid circuit is open or shorted.
  • There is a problem with the pressure control solenoid valve B (secondary pressure solenoid valve) system
  • The transmission fluid pressure sensor A needs replacing (secondary pressure sensor)
  • The line pressure control system is malfunctioning
  • Your transmission fluid level is low

What Symptoms will My Car Have with a P0868 Nissan Code Problem?

If your Nissan has a problem with a P0868 code, then one of the following symptoms is probably what prompted you to have your vehicle diagnosed in the first place. Here are some symptoms that a Nissan vehicle might exhibit if there is a P0868 code problem:

  • “Check engine” light turned on (this may or may not be the very first symptom)
  • The leakage of transmission fluid
  • “Slippage,” which describes what happens when you’re pressing on the accelerator and the RPM increases, but the acceleration that you expect does not occur
  • No symptoms at all (not all Nissan owners will notice any symptoms at all

The Cost of Repairing a P0868 Nissan Code Problem

The cost of fixing a P0868 Nissan code problem will vary, since this is a generic code that can signify one or more of many mechanical issues. Once you or your mechanic discover a P0868 Nissan code problem, it will be necessary for your mechanic to determine the precise cause of the transmission-related issue.

The problem could be as simple as the car being in need of a transmission flush and fill. Nissan transmissions are very temperamental, and they don’t perform well with burned or old fluids. In fact, no vehicle does. A transmission flush and fill could cost anywhere from as little as $125 to as much as $250, or even more if you take the vehicle to a Nissan dealership to be serviced.

If your problem is that a sensor needs to be replaced, then your cost could be less than $100 in many cases. However, other problems could be a lot more costly. Your mechanic must provide you with a quote, and each mechanic will charge different costs for the repairs and labor. Nissan dealerships will charge more, in most cases, due to their use of premium OEM parts as well as their expertise in repairing Nissan vehicles.

Can a Nissan Still Be Driven with a P0868 Problem?

It is best to get your vehicle repaired as quickly as possible when you have a P0869 Nissan code problem. Even if the vehicle simply needs to be topped off with transmission fluid, and it’s not immediately taken care of, what might start out as a minor problem could quickly become astronomical. Transmission fluid is extremely important, nearly as important as the transmission itself. Transmission fluid keeps gears running smoothly, as it prevents the buildup of debris. Excess debris buildup could result in the breakdown of certain parts within the transmission, eventually resulting in complete failure if not addressed in a reasonable period of time.

How Long Do Repairs Take for P0868 Nissan Code Problems?

No vehicle owner wants to be without their car or truck for long, because it can cause a great inconvenience. Rental cars aren’t always covered by insurance plans or warranties, and the cost can add up the longer you need one. The time to make the necessary repairs that this Nissan code includes is about one hour, although it could take longer. However, if you ignore the problem and your transmission eventually fails, then it could take several days to even a week for the replacement or rebuild to be taken care of. Most Nissan owners typically take care of minor problems well before the transmission ends up failing.

It is Better to Have a Nissan Vehicle with the Code P0868 Repaired at the Dealership?

Many Nissan owners swear by going to the dealership for everything, even their regular oil changes, while other owners feel that going to the dealership is unnecessary and that any certified auto mechanic will suffice. Transmission issues and anything affecting the engine can sometimes be complicated when it comes to identifying the precise issue. This may cause mechanics who aren’t experienced with working on Nissan vehicles to struggle. Luckily, most reputable mechanics are able to successfully diagnose the problem, making taking the vehicle to the dealership unnecessary.

As you can see, the N0868 Nissan code signifies problems with your vehicle that aren’t usually very serious and can be fixed quickly and easily. It’s only if a Nissan owner were to ignore the issue and things progressed to the point that the transmission itself begins to fail that things could become more costly and serious. Then, it will be a very expensive repair that may cost several thousands of dollars. Luckily, most Nissan owners get their problems pertaining to this code repaired as soon as possible, so in most cases, the transmission itself remains functional. So, if your Nissan vehicle starts to experience problems and the P0868 code comes up, as long as you ensure that you fix the problem immediately, you shouldn’t have any serious or long-term problems.

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