P0420 Honda Odyssey: Everything You Need to Know

The Honda Odyssey is one of the minivans manufactured by a Japanese company and has been on the market since 1994. The vehicle is in the fifth generation, launched in 2018. Do you know that your Honda Odyssey can develop issues that make the vehicle’s computer log the P0420 error code? Here is everything you need to know about this error.

What Is the P0420 Honda Odyssey Error Code?

The P0420 Honda Odyssey is among the common troubles that face this vehicle. The code number represents the number displayed when you plug the Honda Odyssey into an OBDII scanner. It shows that the vehicle’s catalyst efficiency is below the necessary frequency. If not diagnosed soon, the error code can cause issues in other parts, such as the engine.

What Causes the P0420 Honda Odyssey Error Code?

Faulty oxygen sensors are among the main causes of the P0420 Honda Odyssey error code. A Honda Odyssey has two oxygen sensors that facilitate the smooth running of the engine. One of the oxygen sensors is located after the catalytic converter. The second oxygen sensor is located before the catalytic converter. The oxygen sensor measures the amount of emission coming from the converter. If the sensors are faulty, they will record the wrong readings. These readings indicate that the catalytic converter is no longer doing its expected work. Therefore, the vehicle’s computer would log the P0420 Hinda Odyssey error.

The wiring of the oxygen sensors is bound to be damaged due to its location near the hot exhaust. When the wiring becomes faulty, the oxygen sensors will not perform their role effectively. Therefore, your Honda Odyssey would log the P0420 error.

The catalytic converter can also be responsible for the P0420 Honda Odyssey error code. This part is important in eliminating pollutants from the vehicle’s exhaust. Given the number of gases that pass through this section, it can become clogged, thus reducing its efficiency in performing the intended purpose. The catalytic converter of the Honda Odyssey is designed to last the vehicle’s lifetime. Therefore, if a new or slightly used converter’s catalytic converter has issues, there could be another underlying issue.

When the Odyssey exhaust timing is off, or the vehicle is misfiring, it affects the gases going into the two oxygen sensors. In such a case, the computer would log the P0420 error code. A leak from type exhaust would also cause this error code.

The engine temp sensor will also likely cause a P0420 Honda Odyssey error code. When your vehicle’s computer is unaware of the engine’s temperature, it will keep a rich fuel mixture. A rich fuel mixture makes the oxygen sensors record the wrong readings, thus causing the P0420 error.

Symptoms of P0420 Honda Odyssey Error Code

The P0420 Honda Odyssey does not cause major issues that could hinder the car’s drivability. The initial symptom of this error is a check engine soon light. Various issues can cause the check engine soon light, and therefore, you need to have your vehicle checked to ensure the P0420 error code triggers the light.

Another symptom of the error is a change in mileage. The extent of this symptom depends on the damage to the catalytic converter. If the catalytic converter doesn’t have a lot of clogging, the error will not affect mileage.

Another symptom of a faulty catalytic converter is that the vehicle will feel like it’s running out of gas. However, this only happens when you carry a heavy load. The symptoms of a faulty catalytic converter are similar to those of a bad fuel filter.

How to Fix the P0420 Honda Odyssey Error Code

According to Drivetrain Resource, various issues cause the P0420 Honda Odyssey error code, so the diagnosis would require your mechanic to identify the problem. If a clogged catalytic converter causes the error, your auto repair expert will scrub off the clogging material. The process would enhance the catalytic converter’s efficiency, thus preventing the occurrence of the P0420 error code. The mechanic might recommend a replacement if the clogging is too much to remove. Given that the Honda Odyssey catalytic converter is made to last the car’s lifespan, a replacement is rarely needed. However, if your car has been on the road for years, expect to replace some parts.

If there is a faulty oxygen sensor, the auto repair will make the necessary repairs. For instance, they would replace the extremely damaged sensors and repair loose wiring. Repairing the engine temp sensor would also correct the error code.

What Is the Cost of Fixing the P0420 Honda Odyssey Error Code?

The cost of fixing the P0420 depends on the error’s cause. For instance, if the repair needs a replacement, it will cost you more than one that doesn’t need a replacement. Therefore, a mechanic would diagnose the vehicle’s problem before giving you a quote for the incurred expense. However, most mechanics would spend approximately one hour diagnosing the car to identify the error’s root cause. Therefore, they would charge you $75 to $100. The fee is not inclusive of any repairs they would do on your car.

According to FIXD, the cost of fixing the P0420 Honda Odyssey error code also varies from one location and mechanic to another. Before your car is repaired, consult with several auto repair shops to choose one that matches your budget. You could also ask for referrals from friends and family. The mechanic’s experience is a major consideration to prevent you from spending more money in the future on doing further repairs.

Can I Fix the P0420 Honda Odyssey at Home?

Many ask whether they can repair the P0420 Honda Odyssey error code at home. The answer to this question might not be as direct as you expect. A mechanic would know how to go about their car and, therefore, can fix it at home. If you do not know enough about fixing cars, you shouldn’t attempt fixing the error at home. When you do so, you might create more damage that will cost you money to repair. You will also waste time and resources doing something you’re not conversant with.

The best solution is to hire an experienced automobile repairer near you to diagnose and repair the car. These experts have the best knowledge of repairing different car models and, therefore, would guarantee you positive results. An experienced mechanic would identify and diagnose further car issues that might have caused you problems in the future.

The P0420 Honda Odyssey error code is correctable. However, you should not attempt to do so at home. If you want to fix the error yourself, you need to approach a competent mechanic or a car repair shop that provides this service. The auto repair experts would help you diagnose and correct your car’s issues, thus prolonging its lifespan.

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