P0420 Chevy Cruze: Everything You Need to Know

The Chevy Cruze is a compact car manufactured since 2008 by general motors. The car has been on the market for a long period, which means the availability of information to solve various issues. Do you know that issues with the catalytic converter cause a P0420 Chevy Cruze error? Here is an outline of everything you need to know about this error.

What Is the P0420 Chevy Cruze Code?

The P0420 Chevy Cruze code occurs when your vehicle has an issue with the catalytic converter. The error would be recorded to indicate that the catalytic converter efficiency is below the required threshold.

What Causes the P0420 Chevy Cruze Code?

  • A faulty catalytic converter: A catalytic converter is an emission control device that reduces the toxic gases released into the environment. It involves a reduction and oxidation reaction. The device can become clogged with time. When this happens, it begins to overheat, triggering the P0420 Chevy Cruze code error. While this device should last your vehicle’s lifetime, poor maintenance increases its chances of becoming faulty.
  • Faulty oxygen sensors: The oxygen sensors record the level of gases leaving the motor through the exhaust. The recorded information is sent to the engine control module (ECM). When the oxygen sensors become faulty due to low-quality fuel, they read the wrong levels of gases, which triggers the P0420 Chevy Cruze error code. The oxygen sensors might also be faulty due to poor wiring. According to Fixd, the wiring could also get damaged because they tend to overheat. They are located next to the host exhaust. The long wires entering the ECM are also prone to breakage.
  • Misfiring: This is another common cause of the P0420 Chevy Cruze error code. It occurs due to incomplete combustion inside the engine’s cylinders. When it happens, it affects the gases passing through oxygen sensors, thus triggering the error.
  • Faulty engine temperature sensor: Your vehicle should always know the engine’s temperature to operate effectively. When the temperature sensor becomes faulty, it will log the P0420 Chevy Cruze error code. If the computer is unaware of the engine’s temperature, it causes retainment of rich fuel mixture, and the oxygen sensors would record the wrong readings.
  • Exhaust leakage: When a noticeable leakage occurs in the exhaust pipe, it disrupts the oxygen sensors functioning. In this case, the devices would record the wrong readings, triggering the P0420 Chevy Cruze error code. If the leak is not noticeable, it’s less likely to trigger this error code.

Symptoms of P0420 Chevy Cruze Code

The main symptom of the P0420 Chevy Cruze error code is a check engine light. However, this signal would indicate various car issues. The best way to determine its cause is by taking the vehicle to a mechanic. Faulty catalytic convertors and engine temperature sensors affect the functioning of the oxygen sensors. In turn, they record the wrong readings, triggering the error.

Another symptom caused by misfiring is that the vehicle feels like it’s jumping. It’s one of the easiest ways to detect a P0420 Chevy Cruze code.

The symptom indicates a faulty catalytic convertor and would depend on the extent of clogging in this device. The sign is more noticeable when the vehicle is heavyweight than when it’s lightweight. Changes in mileage could also indicate that your vehicle has the P0420 Chevy Cruze code.

How to Fix the P0420 Chevy Cruze Code

The bottom line about fixing the P0420 Chevy Cruze error code is taking your vehicle to an auto repair shop. An experienced mechanic would inspect it to determine the error’s cause. If a clogged catalytic converter is the cause, the auto repair expert will scrub it off. Sometimes, you might need a replacement, especially when your vehicle has traveled long distances.

If a leak in the exhaust causes the issue, the expert will make the necessary repairs. An exhaust replacement will solve the problem if the leak is too much. Sometimes, getting a replacement is better because it would serve you longer without needing more repairs.

According to the Mechanic Base, the damage to the oxygen sensors would determine the best repairs. Sometimes, there could be broken wires that need repair to solve the P0420 Chevy Cruze code. In other cases, the oxygen sensors would need a replacement, especially if the vehicle has been on the road for many years. The same repairs apply to the engine temperature sensor since it plays an important role in facilitating the vehicle’s effectiveness.

Cost of Fixing P0420 Chevy Cruze Code

Various factors cause the P0420 Chevy Cruze code, so giving you a quote is nearly impossible. Your local mechanic is the right person to give you a cost estimate. They would diagnose the vehicle to determine the error’s cause and what needs to be repaired. If the vehicle needs replacement, you’ll pay more to cater for the cost of buying new parts.

Most mechanics would take no more than one hour to diagnose this error. Therefore, you should expect to pay approximately $75 to $100 for the diagnosing process. The cost isn’t inclusive of the amount charged to do the necessary repairs. The most important thing is taking your vehicle to an experienced and knowledgeable auto repair expert for quality services.

Can I Fix the P0420 Chevy Cruze Code?

Whether or not to fix the P0420 Chevy Cruze code at home is a common question many people ask. The answer is that you can repair it in your comfort. However, do you’ve sufficient knowledge about cars? What if you cause more damage? These are some reasons why correcting car errors at home is not advisable.

The P0420 Chevy Cruze code has various causes; therefore, you need to identify the exact cause. If you don’t know much about cars, it will be challenging to identify these causes. In this case, a mechanic is an ideal person to do the necessary repairs. You don’t want to further damage your car, an act that will cause more in the future.

The best part about auto repair mechanics is that they have all the tools to diagnose the issue. They also have a lot of experience dealing with different car models. Therefore, having an auto repair shop near you to work on the car seems the best option.

The Chevy Cruze has a manual code for repairing different errors. The P0420 Chevy Cruze code is one of the common issues likely to affect your Chevy Cruze. When it happens, have the car diagnosed to avoid further damage. The repairs would also enhance its lifespan and you will be able to enjoy your rides.

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