9 Reasons For P0148 Cummins Code Issue


What does it mean when you see the P0148 Cummins? Basically, you see this trouble code because of the fuel delivery error. Now you may ask, why and how it happen?

Well, fuel delivery errors can occur for a number of reasons, including fuel leaks, high fuel pressure, weak lift pump, dirty air filter, damaged and blocked valves, and so on.

In this article, we are going to write down each and every reason about P0148 dodge Cummins trouble code. This article also contains several tricks and tips that will allow you to fix this trouble code on your own. So, read this from top to bottom before leaving.

P0148 Cummins: Reasons And Solutions

As mentioned earlier, P0148 refers to a fuel delivery error. The CP3 pump isn’t getting enough volume, which causes this.

One more thing is that there is no relationship between the P0148 and high pressure; it’s strictly low pressure related.

However, many factors may lead to a fuel delivery error. Below is a table showing possible reasons why the code P0148 might appear.

Reasons Behind P0148 Error ShowingEasiest Fixes
Fuel leaksRepair the leaks quickly
Fuel control actuator faultFuel injector pump needs to be replaced
Fuel pressure sensorIf the reading is higher or lower than 2000 rpm, it needs to be fixed
High fuel pressureCheck the fuel regulator
Weak lift pumpReplace the lift pump
Dirty air filterClean the air filter
Valve damaged or blockedReplace or clean the valve
Leaking fuel injectorsRepair the leaks
The presence of other dtc’sRepair the other dtc’s first

To learn more about the 9 reasons for showing the P0148 Cummins code, read the following part as well.

1. Fuel Leaks

With the scan tool, verify that fuel levels are above 15%. Look for any fuel leaks or damaged components on the low and high-pressure sides of the fuel system. The earliest possible repair of fuel leaks is essential to preventing the P0148 code from appearing.

2. Fuel Control Actuator

Fuel control actuators are electrically controlled solenoid valves that control fuel flow. So, if any issues happen there, it is very much possible to get P0148 trouble codes in your Cummins engine vehicle. You should inspect the fuel control actuator often by using the scan tool.

3. Fuel Pressure Sensor

Use your scan tool to monitor the fuel pressure. An idle and 2000 rpm reading from the fuel rail pressure sensor is generally considered reliable, and the rpm should not be higher or lower than 2000.

When it is too much lower than 2000 rpm, you should consider changing the fuel pressure sensor.

4. High Fuel Pressure

Comparing the setpoint fuel rail pressure with the actual fuel rail pressure should be done with a scan tool. It is often the result of either a clogged return line or a bad fuel regulator that causes this imbalance.

5. Weak Lift Pump

Fuel is supplied to the injection pump via the lift pump. Once it stopped working, fuel was not getting to the injection pump. It will then display the P0148 error code, indicating fuel delivery error. Whenever the lift pump appears to be weak, it is best to replace it.

6. Dirty Air Filter

You might have a dirty air filter to blame for displaying P0148 trouble codes. This can also result in a no-start issue. Clean your air filter regularly to avoid these problems.

7. Valve Damaged Or Blocked

The P0148 Cummins code is sometimes displayed in a vehicle due to damage or blockage in the valve. Ensure that the fuel drain line and the valve at the back of the cylinder head are not damaged, blocked, or clogged.

8. Leaking Fuel Injectors

High pressure of connectors or leaking fuel injectors can cause P0148 Cummins code to occur. The connectors and the fuel injectors should be checked together so that if any problems are found, you can make the necessary repairs.

9. Present Of Other DTC’s

Prior to trying to fix P0148, resolve any other errors found in diagnostic trouble code scanning. If you fix the other DTCs first, it will often automatically fix this problem as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Does Code P0148 Mean?

Fuel delivery error is signified by code P0148. The fuel pressure differs between the actual and desired fuel pressure as detected by the powertrain control module (PCM). This code indicates that fuel delivery has been hampered or compromised.

How Do I Fix Code P0148?

Replacement of fuel injectors and diesel injector pumps are the common solutions for fixing the P0148 code. But you should choose the fixes based on the finding issues.

How Much Fuel Pressure Does A 6.7 Cummins Have?

The injectors in a 6.7 Cummins can take about 4000 PSI rail pressure to deliver fuel to the engine for starting. Fuel Pressure Override Test identifies 210 ml as the maximum leakage possible for all injectors combined. With 1,200 rpm, the rail pressure reaches 26,107 psi under this test.

Last Few Words

After reading this, we hope you will know what to do when your vehicle displays the P0148 Cummins code. No need to panic. Just do the fixes that we described in our article. However, if you often see the code, then it is recommended to consult a professional mechanic.

If you like to know more about any specific error codes, please write to us. Our team is always available to help with any trouble codes you encounter.

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