Ford Lane Keeping System Not Working: What do you Do?

Ford has been manufacturing some of the most dependable and dynamic cars, trucks, and SUVs over the years. With the intention of remaining on the cutting edge when it comes to putting the most popular technological advances in their vehicles, Ford also ensures that its newest vehicles are constantly updated with the latest and the best advancements.

These advancements are almost always intended to increase safety among drivers. One of these technologies that has been coming on certain Ford F-150 vehicles since 2012 is their lane keeping system, which minimizes the chances of a driver causing an accident by weaving out of their lane. The Ford lane keeping system not working all of a sudden can be perplexing as well as frustrating. Here’s what you should do if your lane assist isn’t working.

Why is the Ford Lane Keeping System Not Working?

Ford drivers can become very reliant on their Ford lane keeping system, and when it stops working, they can feel lost. There are a number of reasons why this feature could fail to work, and one of the first things that you need to check when you start troubleshooting is the Sync 4 Infotainment System. The feature could have been accidentally disabled without your knowledge. To check if this is the cause of your Ford lane keeping system not working, do the following:

  • Tap the “Features” selection on the touchscreen.
  • Choose “Driver Assistance” and then “Cruise Control.”
  • Switch Lane Centering on or off. Lane Centering can be turned on by pressing the control button that is on the steering wheel.

Weather Conditions Causing your System to Become Non-Operational

Most people would never think that weather could cause their Ford lane keeping system not to work, but in certain instances, it can. One way that weather can stop the system from working is if the sun is shining directly on the camera. The lane assist feature works via a camera that keeps constant surveillance on your driving and lane changing, and depending on the specific mode that you choose, it will alert you when you’re drifting into another lane.

Another way that weather can affect the operation of your camera is if there is a buildup of dirt, snow, or other debris on the camera lens, because the camera needs to be clear of any debris in order to be able to monitor your driving and lane changing. If there’s standing water on the road, your lane keeping system may also fail to work, and also if there are very high winds.

Certain Road Conditions Could Be Problematic

Again, your lane keeping system is very delicate, and there are several instances in which road conditions could cause it not to work. First of all, a rapid but intentional lane change may have been made, so the system didn’t have time to respond. Secondly, if you continually drive close to lane markings, or you’re driving through construction zones where lane markings could be confusing, the lane assist system may not work. Obscure lane markings could also pose a problem for your system.

If you’re driving on unusually irregular roads, shoulder drop-offs, or similar road conditions, then the system will likely fail to work. Driving on very narrow roads, or following the vehicle in front of you too closely could cause the system not to work.

Additional Reasons Why Your Lane Assist May Not Be Working

If none of the above reasons appear to be the cause of your Ford lane keeping system not working, then there could be other reasons. If your windshield has recently been replaced and the camera hasn’t been calibrated, your lane assist feature may be non-functional. Furthermore, if your tires have been changed or are improperly inflated, or your suspension has been restructured, then these issues could cause problems.

If the system has recently sent you an alert, it may not work again until a few minutes have passed. It is not expected that you will continually drive outside your lane. If there is a swift transition from light to dark, or vice versa, your system may be unable to respond in such a short amount of time. If your Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) or AdvanceTrac system is active, then your lane keeping system may not function.

Speed as a Probable Cause

Your truck’s lane keeping system is delicate, and any condition out of the ordinary could cause it to temporarily stop working. For instance, there is an “operational” range” in which this lane keeping feature works, and if you are going slower than 40 mph, then lane assist will not work. Another example of how there are system limitations in the presence of speed is that lane assist will not work if you’re driving around curves at high speeds, even if you’re going above 40 mph.

The Three Modes of Your Lane Keeping System

In case you’re not aware, there are three modes that your lane keeping system can be operated in. There is “Alert mode,” “Aid mode,” and “Aid & Alert mode,” and all three work somewhat differently. The “Aid mode” that comes on F-150’s can provide temporary steering towards the center of the lane, if needed. This mode prevents you from accidentally weaving into other lanes. “Alert mode,” will send a vibration to the steering wheel if accidental lane weaving is detected. The intensity of the vibration can be controlled in “settings.” “Aide & Alert mode” is a combination of both modes, to prevent lane weaving, for maximum safety.

You can experiment with all three modes to see which one you like best, if any. It’s not required for you to use the lane keeping system, but it is a very helpful safety feature that most F-150 users take advantage of.

As you can see, there are many possible reasons that your Ford lane keeping system may stop working, and some of them are totally out of your control. Usually, if the weather or the manner in which you are driving is causing the system not to work, as soon as conditions normalize, it should work again. However, if your system completely stops working and you’ve conducted thorough troubleshooting, then you may want to have the vehicle checked out.

Perhaps there is another issue going on that only a professional can fix. It’s best to take your truck to a Ford dealership, as they will have expertise in all aspects of your vehicle, including the lane-keeping system. Regardless of the problem, hopefully, your system will start working again soon, so you can resume enjoying this awesome safety feature.

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