Ford F150 CarPlay Not Working: What Do You Do?

CarPlay allows you to access your phone’s app while driving by directing everything to your Ford’s infotainment system. And that is great until it stops working. What could be the reason for Ford CarPlay not working, and what can you do about it?

When CarPlay is not working, first ensure that Siri and Apple CarPlay are correctly enabled on your phone’s settings. If not, connect them well and see if CarPlay will work.

Possible Causes for Ford CarPlay Not Working.

There are multiple reasons why CarPlay would refuse to work. They include:

  • Incompatibility problems
  • iPhone not detected
  • Issues with an iOS update
  • Damaged USB cable
  • Your iPhone is having app integration problems

What to Do When Ford F150 CarPlay Is Not Working

Here are some of the possible solutions if your Ford CarPlay is not working.

Ensure Your iPhone’s Operating System Is Updated

Most of us are guilty of ignoring the notifications about updating the phone’s OS. But these updates aren’t just for security bugs. They also ensure your phone operates effectively. One of those functions is to allow your phone to connect to the CarPlay quickly. If you have been ignoring those updates, try this step. According to Apple, upgrading your phone’s OS is easy, but the process can take a while, depending on how big the update is. Connect your phone to a strong internet connection and update your software. Once you are done, try connecting it to your CarPlay again and see if it works.

Check if CarPlay is Enabled

Sometimes, the issue could be your phone connections preventing CarPlay from working. If this happens, you only need to re-enable the service. Here are the steps you will take:

  • Ensure your iPhone is linked to your Ford F150 via Bluetooth or a cable.
  • Tap on the settings app on your phone
  • Go to the general menu, then find and click on ‘Apple CarPlay’
  • On the list of available connections, check if you can find your car’s name and tap on it

Doing this will re-enable CarPlay, and you’ll be good to go.

Is Your USB Cable in Good Shape?

One of the ways to connect your phone to CarPlay is through a wired connection. If you are using this method, check if the cable is damaged or faulty. If it is, replace it and see if the problem is fixed. At the same time, ensure the cable fits well into the USB port. If it is loose, try another port or get a new cable.

Check if Your Phone Is in Airplane Mode

If you connect your phone wirelessly, check if the airplane mode is off. When enabled, it can prevent the phone from sending and receiving wireless signals to the car. Also, your WiFi and Bluetooth need to be on. Go to the phone settings and check if these two are enabled. While doing this, disconnect your phone from Bluetooth devices you are no longer using. Even though the possibility of old connections preventing CarPlay from working is low, it’s a good idea to check, just to eliminate the possibility.

Make Sure CarPlay Isn’t Restricted

If your Ford’s CarPlay is not detecting your iPhone, the service may have been restricted on your phone. Follow these steps to ensure Apple CarPlay isn’t restricted.

  • Click on your phone’s setting app and select ‘screen time’ from the listed options.
  • Go to ‘Content & Privacy Restrictions’ then choose the option named ‘Allowed Apps’
  • You will see CarPlay on the list. Ensure the toggle next to it is switched on.

This should allow you to connect your phone to connect to CarPlay.

Enable CarPlay When Phone Is Locked

Another reason for Ford CarPlay not working is that it gets disabled when your phone is locked. Rectify this by allowing CarPlay to remain connected to your phone when the screen times outs. Here is how you do that.

  • Go to your phone’s settings and click on general settings
  • Scroll until you see CarPlay on the listed options. Click on it.
  • A menu will appear with several connections
  • Find your Ford, then tap on it.
  • You will see the option of ‘Allow CarPlay While Locked.’ Activate it.

From there, even when your screen is off, you can still control Apple CarPlay

Restart Your Phone and Car

Another way to fix a CarPlay that is not working is by restarting both the phone and the car. Most electronics will resume normal function when restarted. The process removes crashed apps, corrupted data, or digital debris. It only takes a couple of minutes and resolves common problems. Try restarting your phone. If the phone is frozen, Business Insider suggests ‘force restarting’ it. Next, restart your car. This will fix whatever software glitch your infotainment system is experiencing.

Enable Siri if You Are Yet to

You will have to enable Siri for CarPlay to run. If you have yet to set this up, that’s probably why CarPlay isn’t working. Go to your phone and do the following:

  • Go to your phone’s setting and scroll down until you get to ‘Siri and Search’
  • Below ‘Ask Siri’, confirm that the feature, Listen for “Hey Siri’ is on.
  • You should also switch on the toggle for ‘Allow Siri When Locked’

If you are switching on the Siri feature for the first time, you will need to set up this voice assistance so that it recognizes your voice. If the feature has stopped listening to your voice commands, get it to work again by retraining it to recognize your voice.

Reset Your Phone’s Setting

If there have been changes in your phone’s system settings, your CarPlay may refuse to work. In such a case, you can rectify the issue by reconfiguring your phone’s settings. Unfortunately, there is a downside to this step. Your keyboard dictionary, home screen layout, privacy setting, Apple Pay cards, network settings, and location settings will all go back to default settings. But on the upside, this process does not delete your media files or your data. Once you have reconfigured your settings, give your phone a few minutes to restart automatically. When done, switch on Siri, WiFi, and Bluetooth to connect to your Ford’s CarPlay again.

Disconnect Then Reconnect CarPlay

While quite unusual, your CarPlay connection may have been corrupted. If that’s the case, you need to reconnect from scratch through the following steps:

  • Click on the settings app, then select general settings
  • You will see CarPlay on the list.
  • Tap on it, then select ‘Forget this Car’

Once you do that, start the setup again. Ensure that you have connected the car to your phone via USB before proceeding.

Update Your Ford’s CarPlay Firmware

If the methods mentioned above do not work, maybe your firmware is not okay. To keep CarPlay running as it should, it needs to use the recent firmware from Ford’s manufacturer. Update your firmware, then try connecting your phone to the car again. This should solve the issue.

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